GraBTC is a PTC that offers us the possibility of earn free bitcoin doing small tasks. In the blog we have talked about many ways in which you perro get different cryptocurrencies. However, on this occasion, we will see the operation of one of the Most well-known and reliable PTCs that exist to add satoshis without having to invest anything at all. It is enough to spend a few minutes each day and complete the maximum number of tasks that we cánido. Without further ado, let’s see how GraBTC works and how you cánido earn free bitcoins.

What is GraBTC?

GraBTC is a pay-per-clic page officially launched in May 2020. One of the peculiarities of GraBTC is that, in addition to the typical ads, it includes a lot of other options with which we perro generate additional earnings. Among them are paid surveys, offer walls, a faucet… but it is also possible to generate profits with backlink shorteners, exceeding objectives or with cryptocurrency mining.

At GraBTC they will even give us plus satoshis when we articulo our payment receipts on their forum.

Before seeing the full operation of GraBTC, it is important to mention that, in order to withdraw profits from the site, it is It is essential to have an account FaucetPay microwallet. Precisely for this reason I recommend, first of all, that if you do not have an account in Faucetpay you create one. It is totally free and thanks to microwallets like this one, we perro send and receive different cryptocurrencies with hardly any commissions. With the great advantage of this aspecto. Thanks to this, when a PTC has to pay us, not a single satoshi is spent on commissions. And this fact allows pages like GraBTC be more maleable and disminuye the minimum amount required for users to withdraw winnings.

Register at GraBTC

If we already have an account in Faucetpay we perro go to the next step: register in GraBTC. It should be noted that GraBTC allows access to users from all over the world. So that anyone, wherever they live, cánido use GraBTC to get bitcoin for free.

To create an account, if you want, you cánido clic on the button below, which will take you directly to the GraBTC home page. Once there, in the top menu, a tab appears that says “Register”. We clic on it and a superimposed window will appear with the form that we must fill out. In this form we are asked to write down a nick, an correo electrónico address, a password, our gender and our country of residence. Additionally, we cánido also paste the address of the bitcoin wallet that we have associated with Faucetpay, but is something we perro add or modify later. Well, once the form is completed we will only have to solve the recaptcha, accept the TOS and the privacy policy and clic on “Register”.

Take me to the registration form

The last step to finish the registration is to validate the account. GraBTC will send us an dirección de correo electrónico right after we sign up. To validate the account correctly we only have to open the correo electrónico and follow the backlink that comes attached inside. From that moment we will have the account validated and we will be able to start earning our first fractions of bitcoin.

How GraBTC works

The operation of GraBTC is afín to that of other PTCs such as Coinpayu either Cointiply. However, so that there is no doubt, we are going to make a brief review of all the sections and sections that GraBTC has. In this way we will know what the functionalities of these sections are, which are the ones that help us to get free bitcoin, how to withdraw the profits, and so on.

Best menu

If we look at the top menu of GraBTC, we cánido see that it is made up of seven main categories. They are the following:

Earn BTC » Main section in which we perro earn bitcoin in various ways: the faucet, watching ads, mining, completing shortlinks, playing, getting achievements…

Deals » At GraBTC they have a long list of offer walls. In these walls we cánido earn satoshis by completing offers, testing mobile applications, etcétera.

Surveys » Specific section in which we find solely and exclusively paid survey panels. In my opinion, this is the most fruitful section of GraBTC.

Answers » GraBTC launches contests of different kinds with which we cánido get plus earnings.

Lotteries » From here we cánido buy tiques to participate in the monthly lottery. It is the only section that it’s not free since, to participate, you have to buy tiques.

Support » Section from which we cánido contact GraBTC support to consult and resolve doubts.

Account » Section where we cánido check our payment history and change or modify account details. For example, the address of our BTC wallet or the access password.

How to earn Bitcoin in GraBTC

The truth is that GraBTC contemplates a lot of ways in which we perro earn satoshis. Or more specifically Bits. For each action that we carry out in the PTC we will obtain a series of Bits, which we perro later exchange for satoshis. The ratio between Bits satoshis is always the same, 1:1. That is each bit earned in GraBTC equals 1 satoshi.

As we have seen before, there are three main sections that bring together all the sections to earn BTC that GraBTC makes available. To keep things fácil and to make the tutorial as clear as possible, I’m going to divide the explanation into several groups. In this way we will better understand what each section is for and which ones are more productive, both in terms of earnings and in terms of time spent. We’ll see.


The first section that we see in the category of “Earn BTC” of GraBTC is the faucet. As usual in places like bitcointhe most habitual bitcoin faucet in the world, in the GraBTC faucet we perro claim bitcoin once every sixty minutes. All we have to do is access this section, solve the recaptcha that appears and clic on “Roll”. And depending on the number that appears on the reels, we will perceive a higher or lower number of bits.

One of the conditions that we must meet to withdraw earnings in GraBTC is to claim at least 50 times in the faucet.

As we use the faucet we get experience points. which in turn serve to level up and multiply the earnings on each claim. In other words, the higher our level is in the GraBTC faucet, the higher the multiplier will be. And therefore, more bits we will receive in each claim.

Another of the options offered by GraBTC for earn free bitcoin It is the section of shortlinks or backlink shorteners. These tasks are increasingly common in the PTC world, being faucetcrypto one of the PTCs that offer the best remunerations in this concept. As far as GraBTC shorteners are concerned, the truth is that they have a large list and, thanks to this, it is possible to obtain good profits.

There are several shortlinks available every day. So that for each backlink that we visit and complete, we will pay a certain number of bits. To correctly complete a shortlink we will do the following:

» We access the shortener that we want by clicking on the button “visit” and wait for the page to load.

» Next we solve the recaptcha and wait for the countdown to end.

» Finally, we validate the visit and wait for the system to redirect us to GraBTC again. At that moment we will add the corresponding earnings and we perro continue with the next shortener.

When we are completing a backlink shortener, there are times when pop-ups appear. These cánido be closed to do the task more comfortably.


The classic section of any PTC is the one referring to the display of ads. And how could it be otherwise, at GraBTC we perro also continue generating profits in this concept.

To see the ads we will only have to follow three fácil steps:

– Clic on the button “visit” that appears in each ad and will open a new window in the browser.

– We remain in the new window and, at the top, a progress bar will appear.

– As soon as the progress bar is complete, a recaptcha will jump. To finish, we will only have to select in the recaptcha the only image different from the others. Right at that moment, the profits will be added to the main cómputo and we perro continue with the next announcements.


Another possibility for get some plus satoshis is by making a tutorial, vídeo or review about GraBTC. Depending on the work we do, we will obtain one reward or another.

For example, with the preparation of this article that you are reading, I will receive an additional 200 bits.

Best of all is that these rewards are not exclusive to people who have a blog or a YouTube channel. Well, there is also the possibility of getting bits by reviewing GraBTC in a specific forum. Or we cánido even articulo our opinion about the site on portals like Trustpilot and receive a few plus bits.


As we carry out tasks, be it viewing ads, making claims in the faucet, completing shortlinks, etcétera., we will unlock a series of achievements or objectives. Every time we achieve a goal, we are entitled to claim a bit reward. For example, when we meet the first objective (claim 50 times in the faucet), a reward will be unlocked for which we will receive 10 plus Bits. When we unlock the achievement of claiming 100 times in the faucet, we get a plus of 21 Bits.

With these achievements we cánido also obtain free VIP membership days as a reward. As we will see later, with this type of membership it is possible to obtain greater profits.

únidad central de procesamiento Mining

In GraBTC they have a specific section that allows us to earn bitcoin with mining taking advantage of the power of our computer. As I have repeated many times on the blog, cryptocurrency mining with home computers is not the most recommended. Mining wears out our equipment and, in the long run, cánido seriously damage our PC. Even so, there are many people who prefer mining to other free ways to obtain cryptocurrencies, so it does not hurt that GraBTC has taken into account the opinion of the whole world. If someone wants to mine bitcoin, with GraBTC they perro do it easily.

In my opinion, it is a lot better to earn cryptocurrencies with virtual miningas it happens in the game of rollercoinsince it does not use resources from our computer.

redeem coupon

Sporadically, GraBTC publishes codes or coupons that, when redeemed, we they grant plus bits. These coupons are usually published on their popular networks or sent through our dirección de correo electrónico. The truth is that there are not as many codes as in the faucets of the Cryptosfaucets group, among which are shiba inuFreeTron or Free Binance, but even so, it is worth being vigilant and, in case of receiving a coupon, redeem it as soon as possible. In the end, anything that adds up is always welcome.

If we publish a proof of payment of GraBTC in the BeerMoneyForum forum they will give us an plus prize of 100 Bits.

Other ways to earn BTC at GraBTC

In addition to the sections that appear in the section of “Earn BTC”in GraBTC we have three other free ways to continue generating profits in bitcoin. Personally, I recommend that you pay special attention to the first and, above all, to the second, since they are the sections in which more bits we cánido earn.


Offer panels are one of the most optimal ways to generate profit in GraBTC. sites like ysense They have been working with this type of panel for many years, although instead of paying in cryptocurrencies, they do so in dollars, euros or in Amazon gift vouchers. Returning to GraBTC, they have up to 18 different offer panels. The type of offers that we cánido find are usually mainly of three kinds:

1- Offers in which they will give us a reward in bits for the mere fact of register in a promotion with our data.

2- Other types of offers reward us for trying games and applications with our mobile. These offers are the best since, in case of encuentro the conditions of the offer, the remunerations are usually quite high.

3- The third type of offers that we perro find they are not free. These require making a purchase in an aplicación, in a store, in an exchange or in a bookmaker and, in exchange, they offer us cashback.


In GraBTC we cánido also earn bitcoin answering paid surveys. The highlight is that this PTC works with a bunch of different survey panels. And that will always give us more options to find surveys that match our profile.

The paid surveys They are, when it comes to generating free earnings, in exchange for our time, one of the most habitual and profitable options on the Internet. And in GraBTC the same thing happens. Although viewing ads and claiming in the faucet we have to spend little time, it must also be said that the earnings are smaller. However, paid surveys require more dedication on our partbut winnings cánido be up to $2 or $3 with some concrete surveys.

The time spent to answer a paid survey perro range from 5 to 40 minutes. The earnings, which are in line with the time spent, are between $0.25 and $3.


Another option to follow accumulating satoshis in GraBTC is to participate in one of the contests that are active at all times. As a general rule, there are always three active contests and the winners are determined on the 1st of each month:

1- Referrals contest – In the monthly referral contest, the 20 users who have obtained the most valid referrals throughout the month obtain a reward in bits. Depending on the number of valid referrals and the position they occupy in the table, they will obtain a higher or lower reward.

2- shortlinks answer – This contest of shortlinks or backlink shorteners depends on our activity in GraBTC. The more shortlink tasks we complete, the more chances we will have of being one of the 5 winners in this contest. That is to say that at the same time that we generate profits by completing shortlinks, we will have the possibility of winning an additional prize.

3- Offerwalls contest – The offer wall contest has a afín operation to the previous one. Those users who complete more offers throughout the month, or rather, than earn more money by completing offersthey will be able to become one of the 15 winners and get an plus prize.

In GraBTC there is also a monthly lottery, but the tiques to participate in the draw they are not free.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice. In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest. Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research. For more information do clic here.

GraBTC Memberships and Referral System

GraBTC puts at our disposal two other paths that cánido help us to continue generating profits in the PTC. On the one hand, there is the option of invite our friends to the site, so they get satoshis just like we do, and get a reward in return. And on the other hand there is the option of purchase a membership and enhance, or not, our profits.

When we invite our friends and we have the Basic membership, which is free and the one that comes by default, we will get a commission of 12% of what they generate by claiming in the faucet, 3% of what they earn in the offer walls and 1% of your earnings in the shortlinks section. Like I always say, they will never lose or stop making money. If they generate 1000 bits in the faucet, for example, we will get 120 plus bits. The 12%. But they won’t take anything away. They will get all 1000 bits.

In the event that we want or intend to increase our earnings, we cánido choose to buy a paid membership. You cánido always consult the cost and the advantages that acquiring one or the other provides you. It is important to highlight that these memberships perro be very treacherous and cánido lead to losses. My recomendation is not acquire any membership and earn free bitcoins. With the Basic membership.

GraBTC pays

In GraBTC you perro collect through the FaucetPay microwallet or directly to a bitcoin wallet. However, the minimum amount required is higher depending on the method we use. As we will see below, the The best option is to collect through Faucetpay given that we only need to have 2500 bits and no fees apply. So we will get 2500 clean satoshis to the microwallet. On the contrary, to directly charge a bitcoin wallet, 20,000 bits are required. And due to the cost of each transaction, fees may apply to us.

To request a payment in GraBTC we have to carry out two actions. One that we will only have to do once now (or when we want to change the address of the BTC withdrawal wallet). And the other, which is the common process whenever we want to request a payment. Regarding the first step, it is about going to the top menu, displaying the section of «Account» and access “Account Settings”. Next, we go to Faucetpay, copy the address of the bitcoin wallet that we have associated with the microwallet, return to GraBTC and paste it in the box that says «Faucet Pay Address». To finish, we will only have to validate the change, writing down our PTC access password in the box below and clicking on “Update payment information”.

To be able to withdraw profits in GraBTC you have to claim a minimum of 20 times in the faucet.

Request a payment in GraBTC

Once the first step is completed we go for the second. In this case, it is the usual process that we will have to carry out whenever we want to withdraw profit in GraBTC. To do this, we go down to the middle part of the web and, in the left side menu, we will see an image like the following:

To request a withdrawal we will follow these three steps:

1. Clic on Withdraw and a pop-up window will open.

2. Next we display the menu and select the payment method that we prefer. In my case I always use Faucetpay. And immediately afterwards, we clic on the button “Withdraw”.

3. Finally, a window appears in which the address of our wallet in Faucetpay appears. And in the box that says “Amount in bits” we will have to write down the number of bits that we want to remove. Remember that 1 bit is equal to 1 satoshi.

It perro take up to 7 days for GraBTC to send the satoshis to Faucetpay, although generally pays pretty fast.

GraBTC Main Features

After seeing the operation and characteristics of GraBTC It is time to analyze and assess the pros and cons of working the PTC. As throughout the tutorial I have already been giving some brushstrokes about my opinion regarding some sections, I am going to highlight the most important points.

✅ The most relevant thing about GraBTC is that it offers us the possibility of earn free bitcoin fractions. In addition, it is very positive that you pay through Faucetpay, since the minimum amount required to withdraw is much lower than direct-to-wallet withdrawals.

✅ Related to the above, more and more PTC pages and faucets are using Faucetpay to pay their users. And it is very good news for us if we take into account all the advantages that we obtain with it. Among other things, we perro receive satoshis to Faucetpay from different pages. And with this, accumulate more and more satoshis, which we perro later send to our wallet paying really low fees.

✅ As it is a fairly complete PTC, the chances of getting bits in different ways increase. As I said before, apart from the faucet and the ads, we perro get good profit if we dedicate time to backlink shorteners and, above all, to offer walls and paid surveys.

GraBTC Reviews

GraBTC is a veteran and proven PTC. It has many sections with which to generate free earnings and pay in a matter of hours if we request small payments by Faucetpay. After checking all the features provided in this tutorial, GraBTC directly becomes part of our especial compilation of reliable pages. At Dineroworld we have an extensive list of pages, faucets, games, applications and paid survey panels with which it is possible to earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies completely free of charge. AND with GraBTC we already have one more.

You want to know more? Look at this list with all the sites I use to earn free cryptocurrencies without investing.

And here we have come with today’s tutorial. If you liked GraBTC and want to try the PTC, I would really appreciate it if you registered with my backlink by clicking the button below. As always, if you have any questions or need to consult any point, you perro leave a comment below and I will help you in any way I perro. Until next time and long live bitcoin!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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