GPTPlanet: Veteran and stable Ptc

GPTPlanet: Veteran and stable Ptc

Today we are going to talk about GPTPlanetone of the most reliable ptcs that we perro find today. And this fantastic page is managed by Dimitros Korneliatos, the same one who brilliantly manages scarlet-clicks since nothing less than 2009.

The truth is that I have been using this website for some time now, in fact I have received quite a few payments, but for one reason or another I had not had the opportunity to include it in our list of reliable blog pages.

Be that as it may, today is the day, we are going to give a little review for those clueless who at this point do not know this ptc. I will espectáculo you how it works and some payments that I have received from it.

Main features of GPTPlanet

– Completely free.– Accepts users from all over the world.– Minimum payment of only $2.– Payment methods are payer, perfect moneyBitcoin and Litecoin.– Payment is made 7 days from the moment it is requested.– Possibility of renting and buying referrals.– Earnings for referrals ranging from 10% per clic as estándar to 100% with higher memberships.


How to register in GPTPlanet

Registering in GPTPlanet is free, you perro do it by accessing the web from herethen we just have to clic on Register and fill in the form.

We’re just going to need a namea nombre de usuarioa correo electrónico and one password. The rest of the options cánido be completed on the web once registered.

When we have completed the registration we will only have to log in with our data and entrar the web to start earning money.

Options to earn money in GPTPlanet

GPTPlanet is a ptc and logically the main option we have to earn money is by watching advertisements, but not the only one, since it is a page with many interesting details and features.

The first option to earn money on GPTPlanet is with paid ads. To access them we have to go to the main menu of the web and clic on VIEW ADDS.

There we will find about thirty paid ads daily, we just have to clic on each one of them, wait for it to load and fill in a validation captcha.

The ads will vary in value depending on their duration and the membership we have at that time.

Other options to earn money (earn more)

In this section we are going to find several different options to earn more money within GPTPlanet, options that we are going to review one by one.

· GPTgrid: It is the typical game of discovering squares, a game that made it very habitual ClixSense in his time. We will have 10 daily options, with each selected box an ad will open, when the ad ends we will see if we are awarded a prize or not.

Uncover boxes and win prizes

The maximum prize that we perro win with each open box is $1, although there are several smaller prizes.

· PTCWall: This is one of the most habitual walls, we cánido find it in a large number of pages as a complement to the already existing methods in them.

It is a series of ads that work in the same way as in a ptc. We have to visualize each one of them and in exchange we will receive an economic remuneration.

· offers4all: Another of the most habitual walls. Within this wall we have 3 different options to earn money.

One of them are ptcs ads, the others are for completing offers, such as mini-jobs, registering on other websites, etcétera.

· PLEWall: Perhaps it is not a wall as famous as the previous two, but it is equally interesting. It gives us the option of earning money with ptc ads, completing offers or filling out surveys.

· adpacks: This option is quite new on the web. It involves the purchase of advertising packages (shares), in exchange for a percentage of profit at the end of them.

The price of each share is $10, and we will end up receiving 12, so their return will be 120%. What will vary depending on the membership, will be the number of packages that we perro buy or have assets and the percentage of daily return. Each day we will have to see 4 ads to receive the corresponding percentage of daily commission.

Money for registering on other pages (PTSU)

in option PTSU From the GPTPlanet menu, we have access to a series of offers for registering on other pages.

Register on other websites and earn money

In general, they are websites of the same theme, and in some cases, in addition to completing the registration, we will be required to carry out some type of action, such as seeing a certain number of advertisements or carrying out a certain number of surveys.

GPTPlanet Memberships

Although it is not necessary to invest to earn money on GPTPlanet, the truth is that as a estándar usuario unless you invest in shares, we are not going to earn much.

In addition to the free membership, there are 6 more paid ones, three monthly and another three annually. From my own experience I tell you that unless you have a good number of referrals, it is not usually very profitable, unless we put the shares at stake, then things cánido get interesting.

Memberships along with their corresponding prices are as follows:

silver monthly $5monthly gold $10Monthly Gold Agregado $30silver annual $50annual gold $100Gold agregado annual $300.

The biggest difference between each of them lies in the value of the ads, the clicks per referral or the waiting time to receive payments.

But, GPTPlanet pays or is a scam

Well, of course, it pays, and it won’t take you long to see for yourself, since the minimum payment is only 2 dollars.

I myself have already charged several times, and that without spending a lot of time and effort.

Some of the payments received from GPTPlanet

For estándar members, payments will be processed within 7 business days from the moment the payment is requested, regardless of the processor.


When we equipo out to earn money on the Internet, the first thing we look for are reliable pages, websites that pay and do not leave us in the lurch. There is nothing more discouraging than working hard on a website and when you want to get paid, they slam the door in your face.

At least with GPTPlanet we know that we are not going to have this problem, since it is a veteran website and it has not caused a single problem so far, and it is that, nevertheless, it has already paid almost 1 million dollars to its users 😎

We hope you liked our article GPTPlanet: Veteran and stable Ptc
and everything related to earning money, getting a job, and the economy of our house.

 GPTPlanet: Veteran and stable Ptc
  GPTPlanet: Veteran and stable Ptc
  GPTPlanet: Veteran and stable Ptc

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