GPTPlanet Pay: Earn money with this PTC | $1

GPTPlanet Pay: Earn money with this PTC | $1

Does GPTPlanet pay or is it a scam? If you were looking for a company to earn money by watching ads, I recommend GPTPlanet, a PTC platform that pays and with which you cánido also generate income by doing different tasks en línea.

This website has been en línea since 2010, working and paying all its users, it is a reliable platform, its administrator is known as Dimitrios Kornelatos.

If you have worked with platforms like Scarlet Clicks and OptimaBuxwebsites afín to GPTPlanet, I tell you that the owner is the same person, you perro start without investing money since it is free, and it also has membership updates in case you are one of those who go for more.

GPTPlanet Details

  • Assessment: Good.
  • Activity: Viewing ads and completing tasks en línea.
  • running time: Since the year 2010.
  • Payment Methods: Payeer, Bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill, AirTM, LiteCoin, Dash and FaucetPay.
  • withdrawal minimum: $1 dollar.
  • Languages: English.
  • referral system: Yes, direct and rented.
  • membership: Yes, 7 Levels.
  • accepted countries: Everyone, including Spain, México, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, the United States, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba.

How to earn money with GPTPlanet

The first thing you have to do, of course, is go to the GPTPlanet official page and make your registration, you will have to entrar the information that is requested and add your payment method at once if you wish, once registered you perro entrar to generate income.

You cánido register in the following backlink.

How GPTPlanet works

If you are used to working with this type of PTC pagesit will be very easy for you to start using this website, since it emplees the famous Evolution script, which has an interfaz that is practically the same in all of them, you will see the different ways to earn money with the platform.

display ads

In this menu you will see the “View Ads”here you will find various advertisements that you will have to clic and view to receive a small money reward.

These ads last approximately 5-10 seconds and the remuneration for each of them is around $0.002 for each ad seen, you also get 1 point, once you have earned 1,000 points you cánido exchange it for real money that is equivalent to $1 dollar .

offer walls

in the tab “Earn More” We are going to find 7 offer walls where you perro get money in different ways, either by downloading applications, registering on other pages, watching vídeos, among others.

Payments per registration (PTSU)

In this tab you will see that it is different from the others, since here you will have to register on other pages following certain instructions from the usuario who offers the reward, here you cánido have good remunerations.


Almost all PTCs have a section like this, it is a game in which you have to uncover boxes and watch short ads of 5 seconds, each day has 10 opportunities and you perro win a prize of up to $1 dollar.

Direct and rented referrals from GPTPlanet

GPTPlanet has the possibility of increasing your earnings thanks to two referral systems, the direct ones and the rented ones.

The rented ones are those users who register on the platform with your invitation backlink which you will see in the section of “Banners”.

Rented referrals as the name says, you cánido rent them, you perro rent up to 100 referrals for an amount of $15 dollars, keep in mind that they are not real people, but bots, so it is possible that the purchase of these is not always profitable.

GPTPlanet Membership Types

The platform has a free membership, it is the one that most people usually use, but it also has other 7 paid membershipswith which you will obtain better profits.

How to request a payment in GPTPlanet?

It is very easy to request payment on this platform, once you have reached the minimum withdrawal which is $1 dollar, then you go to the menu Withdraw and there you just have to choose your preferred payment processor.

Remember that the available payment methods are Payeer, Bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill, AirTM, LiteCoin, Dash and FaucetPay.

This website does not have PayPal to withdraw our winnings.

GPTPlanet Pay, payment vouchers

As you have already seen, it is to be expected that GPTPlanet pays all its members without problems, in fact the same page has a section where you will see all the proofs of payments that you will find in the lower left part that says “Proof of Payments”.

GPTPlanet Vídeo tutorial

GPTPlanet Opinions and recommendations

GPTPlanet is a PTC that I recommend, but it has its cons, and that is that the earnings are very low, so if you want to earn something profitable, you will have to have many referrals, either direct or rented.

Register in the following backlink.

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 GPTPlanet Pay: Earn money with this PTC |  $1
  GPTPlanet Pay: Earn money with this PTC |  $1
  GPTPlanet Pay: Earn money with this PTC |  $1

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