GPTPlanet [Estrategia Nueva] Earn money with

GPTPlanet [Estrategia Nueva] Earn money with

At CGD we like to review those pages with which we cánido earn a little money at the end of the month from home.

But what we really love is doing reviews of those pages that have survived over the years and that seem to be indestructible.

This is the case of GPTPlanet, a GPT page with which you cánido earn money by viewing ads and doing paid tasks.

Do you want to earn money en línea from your home? Keep reading, this may interest you.

There are a thousand ways, today I will talk about one of the oldest and most reputable PTC (pay per clic) platforms on the web: GPTPlanet.

How GPTPlanet works

During the last quarter of 2010, the Greek Dimitrios Kornelatos, owner of numerous PTC websites, presented his new bet to the web world: GPTPlanet.

This new platform allows its users to earn profits in various ways:

  • Earn money for completing small tasks, like watching ads.
  • Increase referral earnings.
  • Increase referral rental income.
  • Promote your website.

The first thing you need is to subscribe to the platform.

It is very fácil, follow these steps:

Clic on the “Register” box located in the upper right corner of your computer screen.

You perro also clic directly on the “Register Now” of the main banner of the home of the page.

Once inside, you will find a registration form that you must complete to have your account on the platform.

In principle, it will not be necessary to indicate which payment method you are going to use.

Although, obviously, it will be necessary to configure it so that you cánido get your profits.

After creating the account, you clic on “Login”.

Once you correctly entrar your nombre de usuario and password, the system will ask you to configure a security question and answer.

We recommend not skipping this step, as it could be very useful in the future and increase your security on the platform.

Doing it is very fácil.

In the first box you type your question.

You place the answer in the second space.

Press “Send” and you will complete this step.

Once the security question is configured, you will go to the system dashboard.

From it you will see everything related to your activity, earnings, referrals, among other data.

You will see the same data in a bar that is constantly displayed at the bottom of your web browser.

Now yes: to win money!

How do you earn money?

After completing the necessary steps to register with GPTPlanet, it is time to start working to earn money.

There are two ways to earn money:

  1. Direct: Carrying out the mini-jobs or tasks that the platform offers you.
  2. Hint: Earn money for the activity of your referrals on GPTPlanet.

The most basic way, as in most platforms to earn money on the Internet, is the display of advertising.

To access this form of earnings, you must clic on “VIEW ADS” from the main menu.

Immediately, the system will take you to the available ads section.

At the bottom of each ad, they indicate the amount of money you will earn if you see the ad.

In this way, you perro earn up to $0.10 per ad.

Clicking on the name of one of the ads will open a new window in the browser with the page you should see.

At the top, you will find a progress bar that measures the minimum time spent on the page.

This bar will be filled according to the time contracted by the advertiser.

The viewing time also influences the payment, that is, the ads with a longer time will also have a higher payment.

When the entire bar is filled, GPTPlanet will espectáculo you a captcha that you must answer correctly.

By answering correctly, the display will be validated and the money earned will be reflected in your wallet.

Don’t cheat! You will surely be attracted by the iniciativa of ​​opening multiple windows with all the ads and performing all the tasks in one go.

Bad news.

If you do this, the system will detect it and will not validate the visualization.

Each ad seen will be displayed on the page with slightly lighter colors, so that you know the progress you are getting.

How to do mini jobs and offers

So far everything habitual, but they are not all the advantages of belonging to GPTPlanet.

Now, you cánido clic on “Earn more” in the main menu so that you cánido see the other options that the platform offers to earn money.

Let’s see it one by one:

PTC Walhe

This option to earn money from GPTPlanet allows you to make money while you benefit from offers on different products and services.

Likewise, you cánido earn by viewing ads using the same methodology described above, but with a lower profit.

Even though the platform indicates that you cánido increase your income by various methods in PTCWall, the reality is that what you will get the most are ads.


In this section you will earn money for using or installing applications and games on your mobile or PC (computer).

You cánido also earn money by answering surveys.

To increase the amount for answering surveys, you must complete a fácil form with which a profile of yours will be generated.

Immediately, GPTPlanet will take you to the personal survey that you must complete.


More announcements!

Under the modality described, here you have another equipo of ads that will give you money for just viewing them.


Without big differences from the previous modalities, with Kiwiwall you will earn money by watching ads, vídeos and downloading applications.

AdPacks in GPTPlanet: Earn Money and Advertising

This last option has caught my attention a lot.

By using the GPTPlanet advertising system you will receive: The promised promotion and 120% of the investment.

Incredible right? Well it works!

In addition, the return is greater if you subscribe to any of the membership levels that the page offers you.

What is the GTPGrid?

This is another of the new ways to earn money on GPTPlanet.

To complete this mini-task you must clic (up to 10 times) on one of the squares superimposed on the image that will appear on the screen.

After each clic, a new window will open with the same ad system.

Here you must stay in said window for 5 seconds.

After that time, you will know how much you have earned with that clic.

If you are loaded with luck, you perro win up to $1000 with one clic!

How does the GPTPlanet membership work?

When you sign up for GPTPlanet, by default, a free profile will be created for you.

You perro change this to improve your performance on the platform and increase profits.

By clicking on “Upgrade Account” in the main menu that appears on the left side of your usuario’s main screen, you will entrar the membership section.

You will see that there are three levels (Silver, Gold and Gold Agregado) for monthly and annual memberships.

Payouts range from $5 to $300.

With each level you will have the opportunity to obtain more earnings from your referrals, increase the number of referrals you cánido rent, increase the money you receive for each referral upgrade, among other benefits.

You perro see everything in detail in the following table:

Referrals in GPTPlanet

One of the ways to increase earnings on these types of pages is the referral system.

GPTPlanet allows you to do it in two ways: direct and rented.

direct referrals

As with other platforms, we cánido invite our family, friends and acquaintances to join this initiative.

As you saw in the table above, you will get benefits for the activity of each referral.

rented referrals

This new option allows you to rent/rent referrals.

By creating a small army, you will see your earnings grow at a faster rate.

How to deposit money in GPTPlanet

From the dashboard, you must clic on “Add founds”.

will take you to a section where you select the payment method, the amount of money you want to transfer to your account, clic “Send” and that’s it.

The platform currently accepts cómputo transfers from AirTM, Skrill, Dash, Lite Coin, Bitcoin, Neteller, Payeer, Perfect Money, and SolidTrustPay.

collections in GPTPlanet

Withdrawing your earnings from GPTPlanet takes a maximum of 7 business days.

For the first withdrawal, you must have a minimum of $1 in account.

From the second withdrawal, you need to have at least $2.

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On the dashboard, you will see the “Whitdraw” option.

From there you will withdraw your money.

Regarding payment platforms, since July 20, 2019, due to the high commissions that they had to pay in some payment gateways, GPTPlanet announced that it will only make payments through AirTM, Neteller, Skrill and SolidTrustPay.

They advise and promote the use of AirTM, from where you perro transfer to other wallets and even buy cryptocurrencies.

Tricks and recommendations

As in all PTC pages, it is essential to have a lot of patience and focus with the objective.

Here you will not make millions of dollars passively.

You must work and establish a strategy that allows you to achieve the objective in the most expeditious way possible.

You cánido do this through referrals, whether direct or rented.

That is why it is important that you always keep an eye on what your referrals are doing.

Before any deviation or inactivity, you must act.

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Also, remember that in order to collect earnings from the activity of your referral network, you must complete -at least- four ad views per day.

If you leave the platform, you will lose the winnings.

GPTPlanet strategy

There are two ways to create a strategy in GPTPlanet: with and without investment.

without investment

Without investment, the only way is to carry out the tasks and get as many direct referrals as possible.

You have no roof on the platform.

You cánido invite everyone you cánido, but always explaining the particularity of the business.

The iniciativa is that they are active so that everyone wins.

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With investment

The other way, with investment, consists of the income of the largest number of referrals that your budget allows.

In our case: We started by consolidating a vast network of direct referrals.

When the expected earnings began to be generated, we began investing in referral income.

That is, the platform is self-managed.

We do not invest a penny of our money.

Final conclusion about GPTPlanet

GPTPlanet has been on the market for 10 years.

It currently has more than 560,000 users worldwide.

According to official figures, more than 1.2 million dollars have been distributed through the platform.

If you trust the figures and the permanence in the market, we perro assure that we are facing one of the hardest in the business.

You will not waste time, although it is necessary to draw up a clear strategy to ensure an income commensurate with the hours of work that you must use to get the dough.

We hope you liked our article GPTPlanet [Estrategia Nueva] Earn money with
and everything related to earning money, getting a job, and the economy of our house.

 GPTPlanet [Estrategia Nueva] Earn money with
  GPTPlanet [Estrategia Nueva] Earn money with
  GPTPlanet [Estrategia Nueva] Earn money with

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