Gopinion: Aplicación to earn money with Surveys

Gopinion: Aplicación to earn money with Surveys

We are happy to be able to help you get platforms to do surveys, this time we bring you one of the platforms that has the easiest registration, Gopinion.

We believe that there is no aplicación that will allow us to register so quickly, even if we do not complete our profile, until we begin to interact with the surveys.

Learn everything about this survey platform: reliability, how it works, withdrawals and more here.

What is Gopinion?

Gopinion is an innovative application which gives users the opportunity to earn money and gift cards for free through survey participation, just like Monosurveys does.

It stands out for its simplicity and ease of use, with just a few touches on your mobile screen you perro register, browse the available surveys, complete them and receive your compensation.

Also, the aplicación allows you to earn rewards for installing other applications and also if you refer people.

There is no doubt that it is another of those aplicaciones that is worth using to generate income on the Internet, yes, you must know how to register well.

Get started on Gopinion

The registration is afín to that of AttaPoll, which you perro do through the website or mobile aplicaciónwhich is available for Android and also for iOS, so you don’t have any problems, we explain how to do it:

  1. First go to Gopinion official site and clic on «Login».
  • Clic on the option with which you want to create your account, you perro Google plus or Apple or with a referral code.

    Speaking of Google plus, remember that there is a platform from this company called Google plus Opinion Rewards, which allows you to generate money with surveys.

  • Once you have registered, you cánido already use the web platform, do not forget that you perro also use the aplicación.

TO difference from other platforms As We Are Testers, Gopinion does not give you rewards for signing up, that is a negative point in our opinion.

But that does not make it a bad platform at all, it also has its good things, so that you perro take advantage of them you must understand how it works, which we explain below.

How does Gopinion work?

After you register, on the right side of the platform you will see a menu of various options that you perro use to take advantage of all that Gopinion has to offer:

  • surveys: There is not much to say, it is where you will do your surveys, there you perro get the ones that the platform assigns you.

    For each payment you get points, there are surveys that cánido give you from 300 points to 5000 points.

    Keep in mind that to take a survey you must meet a profile: when you try to complete a survey they will ask you a question, if you do, they will let you ask it.

    In this section (on mobile) you get, in addition to surveys, another option to earn money en línea, it is about installing other aplicaciones.

  • Redeem: It is the option to exchange your points for real money.

    Depending on the platform, you perro exchange 16,000 points for $15, which is the minimum withdrawal.

    The withdrawal is made to different payment platforms, but they depend on your country, keep in mind that if you want to use PayPal, you must pay 1000 more points.

  • Invitation: It is the option that allows you to invite friends, it is obvious, but the interesting thing is that it has a reward.

    For you 15% of your next survey and for your referral 250 points.

Is Gopinion legal and trustworthy?

Just like Survey Junkie Gopinion is a legal and trustworthy aplicación backed by BitBurst GmbH, the same company that owns other afín applications such as Poll Pay, which has proven to be reliable and secure on multiple occasions.

This certainly provides you with a solid foundation to trust these aplicaciones, however, remember that you should always take your forecasts before trusting any platform.

According to the opinions that we have been able to read, this aplicación does pay, we have not yet made the first withdrawal.

But, if you use Gopinion and make a withdrawaldo not forget to inform us in the comments, in case you have reached the minimum first than us, of course.

Pros and cons

Pros of Gopinion Cons of Gopinion
Opportunity to earn money and rewards limited earnings
Easy to use, the aplicación is designed to provide a pleasant usuario experience. Limited survey quotas
Privacy and data security Not available in all countries
Referral Commissions It does not give a reward for registration.
Variety of payment options Few surveys.


In our opinion, Gopinion seems like another one of the money earning aplicaciones, which is legit and reliable for earning money and rewards through surveys.

Apparently, the platform is backed by BitBurst GmbH, a company that has already released other afín applications and has proven to be safe and reliable in the past.

We must also say that it is another of the alternatives to earn money and has interesting features, such as an easy-to-use interfaz, various payment options and even a referral system that, although it is common in this type of aplicación, not all platforms to generate income give us this option.

It is important to note that it does not offer many surveys, therefore there are better options to try, where you do not spend as much time waiting for a new survey.

We hope our articulo has helped you and you earn a little money with this aplicación that is easy to use and registration is fast.

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 Gopinion: Aplicación to earn money with Surveys
  Gopinion: Aplicación to earn money with Surveys
  Gopinion: Aplicación to earn money with Surveys

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