Google plus Opinion Rewards: Share your opinion and

Google plus Opinion Rewards: Share your opinion and

In this article we are going to talk about what Google plus Opinion Rewards is and how to get the most out of it. We will learn how it works and some tricks to get more rewards. Google plus Opinion Rewards offers us a system to earn income by completing surveys. The rewards on Android are usually in the form of a Google plus Play cómputo while on iOS they pay through PayPal.

The first thing we will discuss is what this application is and the primordial pillars of its operation. We will also talk about its reliability, how to withdraw money and our opinion about this rewards program developed by Google plus.

Google plus Opinion Rewards is a rewards aplicación developed by Google plus. The aplicación allows users to answer all kinds of surveys and earn rewards based on it. On Android, users earn credit to spend on Google plus play while on iOS, users are paid vía Paypal. Users who want to sign up for this rewards program must be 18 years old.

The surveys are normally based on the locations in which we move and the stores that we pass by and the content that we usually see on platforms such as YouTube. These surveys are created by third-party companies. The questions are usually basic, for example, what stores have you visited, what vídeos have you seen, what ads have been useful to you… Many of the questions are a kind of usuario selection to search for a more specific profile.

As expected, the more surveys you take, Google plus will get a detailed profile about you and you will receive more surveys and more profit. If your profile is not what Google plus is looking for, you will get much less benefit.

How much perro you earn in Google plus Opinion Rewards?

The truth is that when the application was launched there were many doubts about the money we would earn. The problem is that the surveys are scarce and they do not appear all at the same time, nor do they give us the same money. As a usuario of Google plus Rewards Opinion for months, I have to say that doing all the surveys usually makes a profit of between €1 and €3 per month. The months that I have forgotten to carry out a survey I have not obtained more than €2.

We must say that it is a fairly low and derisory amount, but they are still very brief surveys that you carry out in seconds. It is usually spent on applications or games for our Android devices. The credit obtained expires one year after it is obtained.

How much do they pay per survey?

Google plus Opinion Rewards offers a reward of between 0.05 and 0.80 euros for each survey we carry out. We have to say that the ones that are paid the most usually come out very little. The real average is usually €0.20, somewhat low compared to other types of surveys.

Is Google plus Opinion Rewards reliable?

It is true that Google plus Opinion Rewards emplees very private data such as your location and the vídeos you view, but we perro clarify that it is a safe application. Google plus is one of the largest companies in the world, so we could say that this application is 100% reliable. From Google plus they comment that only and exclusively the data will be used to carry out surveys and in no case will they be used for other purposes.

How to withdraw money from Google plus Opinion Rewards?

The first thing we should know is that we perro only withdraw the earnings obtained from Google plus Opinion Rewards to PayPal if we use the aplicación on iOS. One of the recommendations is that the correo electrónico in which you use Google plus Opinion Rewards is the same as the one you use in PayPal. To withdraw the money to PayPal we must have $2 and it will automatically be sent to our PayPal account, they notify you by dirección de correo electrónico.

In the event that the Google plus Opinion Reward and PayPal addresses are different, you will receive an correo electrónico for the first payment. You must accept and from there the payments will be made automatically.

How to transfer Google plus Play cómputo?

To withdraw Google plus Play cómputo to any of our bank accounts or electronic wallets is quite fácil. From our móvil inteligente we open the Google plus Play application, we make payment, transfer and entrar the amount. Then it will ask us which method we want to send the cómputo to (PayPal, bank transfer, debit card…) we press transfer and we will only have to wait for the period that it indicates to receive the money.

What to do if I don’t get surveys in Google plus Opinion Rewards?

Many users report the absence of surveys in Google plus Opinion Rewards. Unfortunately, there is no trick to receive more surveys. Some things we cánido review may be:

  • Application without internet access. You have to give the aplicación permission if you want to receive surveys.
  • Extreme energy saving applications. Many applications like Greenify give problems when using Google plus Opinion Rewards.
  • You have failed the first survey. If you fail the first survey, Google plus may think you are a bot.

There are people who use VPN to change their location or change their gender to get more surveys. This is against the terms of service contract and they cánido ban you for life. Google plus has a system to prevent cheating.

Our opinion on Google plus Opinion Rewards.

In our personal opinion. Google plus Opinion Rewards is a great option if you want to buy a low-cost game, movie or aplicación from the Google plus Play Store. If you are looking for a survey service to get an plus salary, it is not your application. Google plus offers us a survey system whose reward is very low, instead, they are carried out in a few seconds.

And you? Do you usually use Google plus Opinion Rewards or another survey application? We read you.

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 Google plus Opinion Rewards: Share your opinion and
  Google plus Opinion Rewards: Share your opinion and
  Google plus Opinion Rewards: Share your opinion and

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