Google plus Opinion Rewards: how it works, tricks

Google plus Opinion Rewards: how it works, tricks

Google plus Opinion Rewards is considered one of the The most useful money making aplicaciones available on the Play Store. through it you perro get money giving your opinionthat is, you must answer certain questions through surveys on different topics and you will be able to receive the rewards, which perro be received by Paypal or through the Google plus store itself.

If this topic interests you, in the following article we will explain how Google plus Opinion Rewards works and some tricks to take advantage of it.

Also, we will provide you with some consejos to have a greater number of surveys and make more money.

What is Google plus Opinion Rewards?

It is an application designed by Google plus for those who wish to get money in a different way than usualwith paid surveys.

It is very easy to use and consists in the fact that from time to time the aplicación will offer you different surveys and by answering them you will get money.

It is important to keep in mind that the more surveys you answer, the greater your chances will be.

However, the surveys are related to locations through which you move or the stores where you usually go, since they were created by third-party companies.

Generally, they ask what you usually do, what is the store you frequent the most what are your tastes on a certain topic.

In case your profile is the one sought by the pollster you will get more questions and the economic compensation will be greater.

The rewards they pay are different depending on the zone and the currency, but to give you an iniciativa, pay between $0.10 and $1 per completed survey.

How is the money you earn redeemed?

Google plus Opinion Rewards offers 2 ways (always depending on the location):

  • Ask for the rewards by Paypal.
  • Redeem rewards in the form of google plus play cards and store cómputo.

Credits expire one year from when they are added to the account and the minimum to withdraw is $2.

Tricks and ways to earn more money in Google plus Opinion Rewards

There’s a lot ways to get money in Opinion RewardsHowever, below we will point out some ways in which you perro get the most out of it:

  • Keep the geolocation of your device active, once done you must go to the application settings and entrar the Google plus location history and select this option.

    This will allow you to obtain a greater number of surveys.

  • Visit shopping areas or the city center where you live It will increase the chances of getting more surveys.
  • Vary the daily routine and increases the chances of being tracked temporarily.
  • Answer new surveys quickly since, you cánido lose the possibility of answering and earning money.
  • Save the purchase receipts you make in stores and attach them when requested, so the reward will be much greater.
  • Keep Google plus Opinion Rewards always up to date because, when you make changes, it is likely that your previous versions will not work.
  • Watch the vídeos Google plus sent you.

    They are usually YouTube clips and the platform emplees them to measure your interest.

  • Review the surveys and pay attention to the questions: On certain occasions the application cánido test you.

    To do this, it places surveys on fictitious sites or premises that you allegedly visited.

    Do not fall into their trap easily and pay close attention to each of the questions they ask you.

  • Use your credit on time. It is important that you keep in mind that the cómputo has a period of 1 year to obtain the minimum amount, and if you do not use it, it will expire.
  • Answer the questions on time. The surveys have a time limit to be able to answer them and it is 24 hours.

    Therefore, once you receive the notification from the application, entrar and complete the questions.

  • Answer the surveys honestly and correctly.

    This action will give you the opportunity to be much more involved.

    Remember that the more surveys you take, the better the payments will be.

  • Don’t use a VPN.

    This violates the policies of the platform, and if you do it you run the risk of being permanently expelled.

  • don’t change your sexby doing so after registering, it will allow you to access only surveys aimed at the public of that genre, in addition, it is an action penalized by the aplicación.

How to start earning money with Google plus Opinion Rewards

To get started, you only need to download the aplicación, fill in the information that is requested and in a few minutes you will already be answering the surveys that are available.

Opinions: Is Google plus Opinion Rewards legit and safe?

Millions of users have downloaded and have coupled with Google plus Opinion Rewards, and that confirm its reliability and safety.

This is because the information provided will be used solely for market research purposes.

For this, they established data protection rules and do not allow it to be shared with third parties.

Likewise, the registration and participation of users in the application is completely free and the terms and conditions are available for review at any time.

Regarding payments, Google plus Opinion Rewards allows its users get a minimum amount per survey answeredalthough it should be noted that the best paid are rare.

In conclusion, if you want get a little money through the internet without investing much effort, this aplicación is for you.

Since, you will get fácil, fast surveys, and best of all, with the money you collect you cánido buy your favorite movies and games available in the store.

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 Google plus Opinion Rewards: how it works, tricks
  Google plus Opinion Rewards: how it works, tricks
  Google plus Opinion Rewards: how it works, tricks

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