Google plus My Business: How does it work and

Google plus My Business: How does it work and

Do you know Google plus My Business? No? So we better change that as soon as possible if you really want to have a presence on the Internet and improve your SEO exponentially. If you don’t know how or where to start, don’t worry!

Our guest today Emanuel Olivier Peralta founder and director ejecutivo of Genwords, will teach you what Google plus My business is, how it works and of course, how local SEO benefits.

Every day people make routine decisions such as: Where will I eat today? What pants on sale perro I buy? What is the best agency to go on a trip?, among others.

The point is that these decisions perro start with a question on Google plus, and this giant is going to give options to these business people or companies that are close to them.

However, a long time ago it was thought that just by having a web presence people would find your brand, but the truth is that nowadays just being has begun to be insufficient to be found by consumers, so you must have tools to get their attention.

These tools are varied and a Digital Marketing agency cánido offer you more detailed information about it, however, quite a lot is based on sharing content and disseminate it to advertise what a brand offers.

Google plus My Business allows localization of your business on Google plus Maps, give phone numbers, hours, rating (with little stars), reviews, comments, backlink to Google plus+ and related publications, which is obviously very beneficial.

That is why the keyword becomes the name of the place and therefore, is the local SEO keyword that you will see yourself at an advantage with this powerful tool that allows you to stand out from other products.

On the other hand, robots are currently giving more priority to local or geolocated content, since obviously a usuario will not want to travel kilometers just to go for a burger; at least not speaking in routine terms.

Therefore, Google plus My Business works in a very specific way And if you want to benefit your local SEO, you better get down to work.

whatAs works?

The Google plus My Business tool was created after detecting the need to merge functions of Google plus+ and Google plus Places, so for free your business You perro say present both in the search engine and in Google plus Maps.

This is the most efficient way to do managing your relationship with your leads local with the publication of promotions, events, offers and the possibility of sharing reviews that are the best publicity (know the opinion of other users).

In addition, you will be able to extract statistics to be able to adjust your strategies; It also allows you to add photos so that consumers cánido have a preview of your business and they will be able to take a virtual tour.

For start dabbling in your business With Google plus My Business you must have an correo electrónico account in Gmail.

Then, you must entrar the My Business site and clic on the “Start Now” button, once there you must entrar the name of your company and all your location data, but there is the option of delivering products and services to your customers.

Then you will be asked questions according to the delivery area and You must also answer what you do your business with the selected categories.

Although the connections section is optional, it is recommended that you place your website and phone if you have them The iniciativa is that you leave no doubt to your customers.

Finally, Google plus My Business will take a few days to verify that your business has a physical copia de seguridad, but when you get the verification card to your Gmail account, You must accept it to provide greater confidence to your future clients.

After this you cánido place your schedules, photos and vídeos of your business, products or services, etcétera.

One of the most recent features of this tool is that it allows you to create a website from scratch if you don’t have one; but obviously it will be a fairly fácil site.

As benefits SEO local?

Being in the first search places is essential for businesses today, and if what you offer is locally oriented, Google plus My Business will collaborate with your SEO.

Thanks to the possibility of locating where the mobile phones are, Google plus manages to find the businesses closest to the usuario, and if your My Business is well optimized, the benefit will be to appear first.


With the use of geolocation From Google plus My Business, local SEO is profiled more and much better, since Google plus controls the IP from where the search was made and will be able to monitor the usuario thanks to the GPS of their device, favoring your business if you use this tool.

By positioning very specifically, Google plus MyBusiness it makes local SEO possible even when the person does not place in the search what area they are in.


Thanks to the reviews, your local SEO benefits, because Google plus knows how to reward them since it understands that they are opinions of people who have recently visited your business.

Google plus perro know the level of consumer satisfaction when visiting a business by the stars that have been awarded; so One star is a very bad rating and five is an excellent one.

Having good reviews makes your business generate more trust, so pay attention to this section and provide you with a phenomenal shopping experience your customers is and should be a priority.


If we speak visually, what Google plus My Business does is create a archivo for your business, because there is data such as hours, reviews, locations, but you perro also make publications, which greatly benefits local SEO.

This happens because the posts of offers, events, promotions, new releases, etcétera., create calls to action free in the Google plus search engine, which makes it much faster to locate you locally.

When making your content strategy, you should take into account that Google plus My Business publications are automatically deleted after seven days, except for events lasting posted until it ends.

Take into account that the publications come out carousel type, so you must take this into account also in your strategy, because each articulo will be seen one after another.

In conclusion, Google plus My Business benefits your local SEO through its publications, geolocation and the agregado It gives you good reviews from your consumers.

As a final recommendation, keep up to date with the news of Google plus My Business so that you cánido take advantage of all its tools and always place excellent quality images as well as a description in each one so that your clients have no doubt that your business is trustworthy. , and once they visit it, treat them like royalty!

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 Google plus My Business: How does it work and
  Google plus My Business: How does it work and
  Google plus My Business: How does it work and

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