Golden Voice English Review – Work

Golden Voice English Review – Work

If you are interested in making money en línea, mentoring is a great way to do it while helping others. But is Golden Voice English legit? I will answer that question and others in this full review.

What is Golden Voice English?

Golden Voice English is an en línea ESL platform that teaches English to students in China (grades one through nine).

Based in Toronto, Canada, they also provide ESL tutors with the resources, as well as a network of students, with the opportunity to earn a decent wage from home.

Like other en línea tutoring platforms like QKids and VIPKid, Golden Voice English (GVE) connects tutors with students vía live vídeo chat, both one-on-one and in groups of up to seven.

However, more than a vídeo conferencing platform, they also provide you with teaching materials like pre-made PowerPoints and games that include recurring characters and stories.

Is Golden Voice English a scam?

Although more and more people are making money en línea today, it is still one of those mysterious activities that many are skeptical about. And, with all the scams out there,who cánido blame them?

Many of the so-called legitimate programs and companies are even using deceptive tactics to scam people. Fortunately, Golden Voice English is not one of those companies.

Their en línea tutors have some legitimate complaints, which I’ll get into in a bit… but nothing to suggest that Golden Voice is a scam.

How does it work?

Becoming a Golden Voice tutor is afín to a traditional recruitment process. They are not an en línea marketplace where anyone cánido join and sell their services.

Once your en línea application is complete and reviewed, a recruiter will contact you for a phone interview.

If you get the nod up…your next step will be an en línea interview with one of your Academic Operations Managers.

Selected candidates are offered a mentoring contract.

Golden Voice Tutoring Requirements

It should be mentioned up front that Golden Voice prefers tutors who have a bachelor’s degree as well as an ESL Teachers certificate.

However, they do consider applicants with experience.

To meet the official Golden Voice requirements, you must…

  • Have native English speaking fluency.
  • Be able to commit to a minimum of 8 hours per week, from 6pm to 10pm China Estándar Time.
  • Have a quiet, distraction-free home office.
  • Possess strong communication skills and the ability to interact with their students.
  • Have a minimum of six months of experience teaching ESL.
  • Be able to pass a background and criminal record check.

Of course, they also expect punctuality and a passion for teaching and working with students.

Technical requirements

Nothing crazy here… most modern computers should meet Golden Voice’s minimum specs… But it should be noted that a computer is required. Tabletas and Chromebooks are not accepted.

If you have a PC, they are looking for…

  • Windows 7 or later (32/64 bit) with an Intel Core Series processor (i3, i5, i7)
  • 4gigas de memoria
  • HD cámara web (720p or better)
  • Comfortable headphones and microphone with quality sound.
  • High speed internet connection

For Mac users…

  • OS X 10.10 or later, also with an Intel Core Series (i5, i7) processor
  • 4gigas de memoria
  • HD cámara web (720p or better)
  • Comfortable headphones and microphone with quality sound.
  • High speed internet connection

programa requirements

  • Microsoft Office 2010 or later
  • MS Internet Explorer 11 or newer (preferred), but also accepted are…
  • Google plus Google chrome of the latest version (minimum 61)
  • Mozilla firefox latest version (minimum 56)
  • Safari (OS X only) version 11 (minimum 8+)

How much does it cost?

No specific fees are paid to Golden Voice. Your only expenses are equipment and setting up a home workspace if you don’t already have one.

Another cost you might find worthwhile is getting your ESL certificate which perro improve your chances of getting hired.

Payment in Golden Voice English

Like most of these en línea platforms, finding out how much they pay becomes quite the investigation. Golden Voice only says that they pay competitive salaries.

However, I did track down some information that says they pay $10 per 30 minute lesson… Consecutive lessons are not guaranteed. One tutor estimated that, on average, they made $16-$18 an hour…which is afín to other en línea ESL platforms.

Payments are made monthly.


Two common complaints about Golden Voice (and common to all en línea ESL websites) are that there are not enough hours and the hours you get are too early.

Depending on your time zone, your day perro start as early as 3 am.

Hours are pre-scheduled and students are assigned to you through the GVE learning management tool.

But… This is only a part-time job.

Students are scheduled between 6 pm and 10 pm China Estándar Time, so at most, you have 4 hours a day to work.

Reviews and complaints

Okey…all the juicy gossip on Golden Voice.

I have to admit I was surprised that the reviews were mostly positive. There are so many “shady” companies to make money en línea out there, it’s nice when you finally come across a good one.

The worst of the complaints is that some have reported communication problems with management. If you were to drive down a street with a hundred companies, ninety-eight of them would probably have communication problems with management.

Other complaints, as mentioned above, common to all en línea ESL companies are that there are not enough hours and that you are working with someone else’s time zone.

The rewards of making money from home are usually worth it.

Another complaint that has come up multiple times is that Golden Voice only pays once a month.

Typically… If you are an independent contractor (en línea or sin conexión), you would bill your clients once a month, so as inconvenient as that is, it’s not uncommon.

The positive comments are,

  • GVE provides lessons formatted with familiar characters that make it easier for them to teach and more enjoyable for students.
  • Contradicting one of the complaints… some say they really appreciate the great support they get from Golden Voice.
  • Encuentro new people and working with different cultures.

What I like about Golden Voice

  • Teaching materials and resources are provided.
  • Decent pay rate for a work at home job.
  • Teaching students and watching them grow and gain confidence while earning money at home is a great combination.

What I do not like

  • Although monthly payment is common, bi-monthly or even weekly would be better.
  • There are not enough hours.
  • Mentoring does not provide passive income. It’s a straight work job… Trading time for dollars.

To end

In summary, joining Golden Voice cánido be a good option if you are interested and qualified to do so. However, it is important to note that these jobs are zero-leverage, meaning you only get paid once. Instead of relying solely on mentoring, a passive income strategy cánido be used to earn money multiple times for the same job en línea, allowing for more time and freedom in the long run. Although mentoring is not bad, it may not be the best strategy to achieve this goal.

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 Golden Voice English Review – Work
  Golden Voice English Review – Work
  Golden Voice English Review – Work

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