Golden Tea Pays [JUEGO] » What is it and how

Golden Tea Pays [JUEGO] » What is it and how

Golden Tea Pays.

If you are one of those who are passionate about en línea games and earn money golden tea It has everything you need to do both, since you cánido play and generate money at the same time, let’s see what it’s all about.

Main Characteristics of Golden Tea

  • Assessment: Good
  • Activity: Games, Rubles, Cloud Mining
  • Payment Methods: Payeer, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, bank card, Advcash, QIWI, Yandex
  • Paydays: Diary
  • Minimum charge: 1 ruble automatically
  • Languages: English and Russian
  • Referral system: You gain 18% from level 1, 7% from level 2, 5% from level 3 to level 5.
  • It works for everyone: Yes, anyone cánido participate

How to Earn Money with Golden Tea

Golden Tea is a magnificent game which is about the tea cultivationwhich we are going to plant and then sell the harvest, that is, we are going to sell the leaves, we perro collect as many times as we want and the days we want.

A very important fact that you should know about the tree it does not die and it will always genera leaves, there will be no problems with that.

Golden Tea Signup Plus

One of the good things about this company is that when we register, they give us about 10,000 coins, which we perro use to buy our small tree immediately without having to wait.

Once we have made the purchase, we are going to proceed to plant it so that it begins to genera leaves permanently, we are going to take those leaves to buy new trees, we are going to repeat this process until we have the field fully planted.

How to earn rubles in Golden Tea

In order to earn rubles on this Golden Tea platform, you cánido do it in several different ways, such as the terrain of trees, The Daily Plus and finally with him Referral System.

Golden Tea Tree Plot

If you are from the countryside and have planted some type of fruit or grain, this game will be very fun and easy for you, we have the tree field that allows you to generate rubles by planting trees which will permanently genera leaves.

Are sheets are you going to sell on the platform, that way you will earn profits for the withdrawal cómputo that you cánido make to your wallet.

Another important fact is that if you want to plant trees on the land you must first buy it.

Golden Tea Daily Plus

One of the good things about this platform is that it gives you the opportunity to earn a plus every day in the cómputo of the coins, this plus goes from 10 to 100 coins per day, when you receive the plus you have to wait a period of 24 hours to request another plus.

Golden Tea Referral System

As in all the platforms where you cánido earn money, they have a referral system, here we also have one, in Golden Tea the referral system that exists consists of 5 levels of depth.

What does this orinan? That you will earn a percentage of each deposit made by your referrals, the amount you will earn will depend on the level of the referral, I will explain below.

  • 18% per deposit made by your direct referrals
  • 7% per deposit made by your second level referrals
  • 5% per deposit made by your referrals from the third to the fifth

Golden Tea Energy

This platform may sound a bit complicated, but now we are going to talk about the Energywhich is the amount of rubles that a usuario perro withdraw, a power unit is equivalent to a Rublethis means that if you have 100 energy units and enough cómputo in your withdrawal cómputo, you cánido withdraw 100 rubles.

To stay in the game you must maintain energy, Golden Tea has three different ways to get energy that are:

  • with your refills
  • Recharges from your referrals
  • energy market

Harvest Protection at Golden Tea

A very important fact is that the sheets produced that have not been collected perro be lost, for that reason it is necessary to protect it so that they are safe from birds and other jugadores.

The way to protect your harvest so that the birds do not take it from you, it is using a scarecrow and to protect it from other jugadores you must use a watchdog.

Does Golden Tea Pay or is it Scam?

Yes, you are currently paying, the minimum withdrawal is one Ruble and the maximum amount is 10,000 Rubles.

Payments are made immediately through the aforementioned payment processors.

Golden Tea Proof of Payment

Yes, the company has payment proofs, there are even many users on YouTube who always upload their proofs, if you are looking for “Golden Tea Proof of Payment” You will see all the vídeos of the users who work with this platform and have raised their payments.

Invest in Golden Tea

If you go to invest money in golden teayou should know that the minimum of deposit to invest It is one Ruble, the good thing about it is that it is a very comfortable amount for those people who have little capital to invest.

Golden Tea Opinions and Recommendations

This type of business to generate money is aimed at a certain public, in my case it is not one of my favorites, but as I said at the beginning, this is for those who like many en línea games.

If you are going to invest in the platform, make sure you have investigated well, so that you know how to handle yourself and you perro recover your money in the shortest possible time.

Sign up for Golden Tea

Registration is extremely easy and will not take you more than a minute register and start playing on this platform to start earning.

NOTE: Currently, the Golden Tea platform is out of service.

Alternatives to Golden Tea

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 Golden Tea Pays [JUEGO] » What is it and how
  Golden Tea Pays [JUEGO] » What is it and how
  Golden Tea Pays [JUEGO] » What is it and how

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