Going Review – Get Air Tiques

Going Review – Get Air Tiques

Air tiques take a good part of a traveler’s budget.

So whether you’re a thrifty traveler or not,good flight discounts are a great bargain that tempts you to keep traveling to new places!

But since cheap airline tiques cánido spring up from anywhere, you should regularly scour the web for any awesome deals that come your way.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound as interesting as the offers.

Fortunately, we have Going, who are ready to do the hard work and bring massive deals to your inbox.

Going and other travel deal sites help you sit back and relax or do your thing until a great deal comes along so you perro paquete your bags and run.

But,is Going a legit company? They boast of finding very cheap flight deals for their subscribers, so we wanted to dig deeper.

Read our Going review to find out everything you need to know to get the most out of the service!

What is Going?

Going is an correo electrónico subscription service that alerts you to available flight deals for local and international destinations.

The service is primarily aimed at people based in the United States, although there are no location restrictions on using it.

At present, they have more than 2 million subscribers.

Going consists of a small team that researches and tracks cheap ticket deals every day and then sends them out to its subscribers.

They scour the web for airline deals, travel agency deals, and erroneous fares.

Of course, the offers that arrive in your inbox are said to be “previously examined» to ensure they are legitimate, useful and worthwhile.

Is Going Legit?

This question is probably what interests you: Are cheap airfares too good to be true? Are wrong fees really something you cánido take advantage of?

Well, the short answer is definitely yes! Going is legit and has received tons of satisfied retroalimentación from customers who say that the website has helped them save money.

Going basically replaces the need to constantly scroll through websites for cheap flight deals every day by automatically detecting, bookmarking, and sending flight deals right to your inbox.

It is important to note that any offer that Going detects cánido also be found by customers each time the flight offer is published.

Going does not generate exclusive offers for its customers.

But Going is legit because they actually notify you about airfare savings, so they certainly do what they say!

Is going free?


Going offers both free and paid memberships, with the latter offering more offers.

Let’s discuss Going’s pricing options and whether or not you should pay for its premium services.

How much does Going cost?

The free version of Going costs nothing and still notifies you of deals for international flights only for cheap flights.

First of all, if you don’t travel regularly or want to test how the service works, we recommend signing up for a free subscription.

You perro always check the website often for great flight deals, even with a free membership!

Its paid services are divided into two types: Premium and Elite.

How much does Going Premium cost?

The first level of the paid subscription is the Premium Membership.

Going Premium is $39 for the first year and you cánido cancel at any time.

You also have the option of signing up for a quarterly or semi-annual rate.

With Going Premium, you also get alerts about domestic economy flight deals agregado erroneous fares.

How much does Going Elite cost?

If you fly regularly and are looking for options other than flying economy then going elite is for you.

These memberships cost $199 per year and offer deals that extend to business and first class flights.

If you plan to upgrade from Premium to Elite, Going automatically transfers your remaining Premium dues to the Elite program, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with customer service to transfer them.

How does Going work?

Wondering how the process goes from requesting your services to receiving cheap flight discount correos electrónicos? This is how Going works.

First, the Going team searches for the offers and sends them to you.

All you have to do is register and select which airports with flights you want to be notified.

That’s all.

They will correo electrónico you the best deals directly, but you cánido log into their website to check all the deals at any time.

The first task is to visit the Going website and create an account.

Once this is done, you cánido select the departure airports based on your location.

Sometimes Going even recommends more airports to follow, depending on the number of offers available.

Going Premium members perro use their account to check all the recent deals that are still active, but free members only have access to some.

Once the Going team finds really good deals, they compile them into a list with all the necessary information and send them to you and other subscribers on a daily or weekly basis.

They will even specify “wrong ratesso you cánido quickly book your flight before the airline realizes your mistake.

What are the main features of Going?

The main features we’ll cover in our Going review revolve around getting notified of flight deals agregado some bells and whistles.

Here are all the features you’ll need to start your smart travel habits!

Free Membership Features

  • Receive notifications about a limited number of weekly or bi-weekly international economy class flight deals
  • Dirección de correo electrónico alerts are sent 30 minutes after premium members have been notified
  • consists of advertisements

Premium Membership Features

  • Provides instant correo electrónico and mensaje de texto alerts on the best deals regularly
  • Covers offers in both domestic (US) and international destinations
  • Offer deals on wrong fares, high-season flights, and holiday flights
  • no ads
  • Possibility of customizing your flight departure city

Elite Membership Features

  • All the benefits of free and premium membership
  • Wrong fares from all US airports
  • Personalized dirección de correo electrónico alerts for the cheap flights you’d like to receive
  • Economic, business and first class premium offers.
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Advantages of the Going

incredible offers

Going has a knack for finding massive discounts on airfare because offers sent to subscribers typically speak of significant savings ranging from 40% to 90% off the original fare.

Travel is a luxury for many of us, but services like Going make airline tiques more affordable.


‍ If you travel frequently, we recommend upgrading to the paid membership as it is very cost-effective, considering the quality of the offers you receive.

Even if you use an offer from the suggestions provided, you should be able to cover your annual subscription fee.

It’s that cheap!

Very convenient!

Most of us deal with busy schedules and don’t have spare time for research.

Going finds flight deals for us so we don’t have to invest our own time and effort.

All you have to do is specify the airports and wait for correo electrónico alerts.

Real-time notifications also ensure you don’t miss out on massive deals!

Going Disadvantage

Not available worldwide

At present, the offers are only conveniente to people in the United States, although we hope they will expand the service in the future.

With Premium membership, you cánido only customize and filter offers based on your departure city and not destination.

Limited features for free members

Going’s free membership offers only a small number of offers.

Also, its features are very limited considering what is provided for those with a Premium membership.

Even the departure cities cannot be specified.

Alternatives to Going

One significant limitation of Going is that its coverage only extends to the United States, while leaving the rest of the world hanging.

However, they have addressed their hopes of returning to the international stage after a articulo-covid recovery, so fingers crossed!

But in the meantime, what are some alternatives to Going?

A close competitor to Going would be the Dollar Flight Club.

Dollar Flight Club operates slightly differently than Going, so check out our Dollar Flight Club review first before you sign up for your free trial!

Other Going reviews have mentioned using Jack’s Flight Club as an alternative to Going, but Jack’s Flight Club doesn’t extend to all European countries either.

Jack’s Flight Club

What are people saying about Going?

In searching for Going reviews, we have found that the majority of users who have used Going are happy and satisfied with their services.

Some of the negative retroalimentación from Going reviews comes from unexpected renewals of their premium memberships.

In that case, be sure to dirección de correo electrónico them or contact their customer support, and they’ll help you sort it out right away!

There were some questions and concerns raised with the Going reviews, so let me address them here!

Will they contenido publicitario my correo electrónico with bad offers?

When most people hear about Going offering deals vía text/dirección de correo electrónico, one of their first concerns is the amount of contenido publicitario dirección de correo electrónico they are likely to receive every day.

Fortunately, Going won’t send you an offer unless they really think it’s worth buying! No more of those flights”slightly cheaper» from other flight deal websites.

With Going, you perro customize these alerts to your liking.

Also, you cánido change your destination city with their premium memberships! No unsolicited correos electrónicos or text messages are sent.

How are Going services suspended?

What if you’re not traveling and you no longer need Going to send you correos electrónicos?

If you are using Going’s free subscription, simply clic the Unsubscribe backlink in any of Scott’s Cheap Flight correo electrónico notifications to opt out of receiving your mensaje de texto/Text or dirección de correo electrónico subscription.

If you’re using Going’s premium subscription and don’t find their offers satisfactory, be sure to dirección de correo electrónico them at support@scottscheapflights.com ASAP! Your customer service team will contact you shortly to assist you.

Is Going Worth It?

Overall, through our Going review, we think the flight deals service is awesome and recommended, especially for travel addicts.

If you are in the United States, it is an option to consider for sure.

After all, what’s traveling without useful tools and services like these?

Even using the free version of Going, you will have access to a variety of cheap flight deals at your convenience! By saving more money on your flights, you’ll be able to allocate more funds to your budget and give yourself more room to spend more on the things that really matter.

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 Going Review – Get Air Tiques
  Going Review – Get Air Tiques
  Going Review – Get Air Tiques

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