GoalTycoon | MAKE MONEY with your team

GoalTycoon | MAKE MONEY with your team

GoalTycoon is a free game that consists of managing a soccer club.

The objective is to create our own team and earn money with it.

It should be noted that GoalTycoon has been en línea since 2013.

It is totally reliable and always pays.

So don’t worry about that.

It is managed by Sorin Pricop and is managed by the company Sc Eurosoft System Srl. The same one that created the habitual strategy game from Market Glory.

In this articulo you will find a complete guide on goaltycoon.

In it I will provide you with all the necessary tools so that you perro grow quickly.

In addition, I have added advice and opinions based on my own experience in the game.

I hope you find them very helpful, because it has taken me a long time to write this tutorial.

Are we going to mess? Well, let’s see how Goaltycoon works and how earn money being a soccer manager en línea.

What is Goaltycoon?

The operation of GoalTycoon is based on manage a football club from its foundations.

And improve the team’s performance season after season.

On a personal level, I am passionate about football.

I have always liked games in which we perro create a team and grow until we reach the elite.

And even more so if they are free.

As it happens in this case.

For the most addicted and soccer entusiastas, I have to say that GoalTycoon It reminds me of the longed for PC Fútbol or Total Club Manager.

Although in this case It is en línea and allows us to earn real money.

I have been registered since mid-2015.

Since then I have been improving my team and I have uploaded several categories.

The truth is that I have not grown as fast as I had planned, because I did not find any guide to help me on this journey.

I have pulled tests and more tests.

And of course, I have used the trial-fallo strategy.

Logically, I have made some mistakes that have harmed me.

When you’re a novice you already know… For that very reason, I hope my mistakes become your successes.

And above all, do not make the same mistakes, since depending on what they are, they penalize a lot.

It is already known that man is the only living being that stumbles twice over the same stone.

Well, let’s break the myth!

Throughout this tutorial on Goaltycoon you will see my honest opinions and recommendations.

The first advice I give you is to read the guide to the end and from cover to cover.

You will see that I base all opinions and reason them so that you understand where I was wrong.

Anyway, I’ll stop bullshitting and get to work.

In the end, what you want to know is how this game works.

Registration in Goaltycoon

The first thing we will do is proceed with the registration in GoalTycoon.

If you want, you perro follow the backlink below, which will take you to the cover page of the game.

Then, by clicking on “Register”, you will get a form in which you will have to complete all the fields.

Such as the name, surname, nick, password, etcétera.

Last update – goaltycoon leads several months in which no activity is detected by the administration.

Also, I have a pending payment from Marketglory, whose owner is the same as Goaltycoon, for two and a half months.

Given the panorama, I stop recommending this game and all those from the same owner.

As far as I’m concerned both Goaltycoon and Marketgloy and Slam Dunk Tycoon are scam.

Once the form is completed we will have to send it.

And we will receive an correo electrónico from GoalTycoon in which they welcome us to the game.

In the content of that correo electrónico we will see a backlink, which is used to confirm our account.

We follow him, and now we perro start gossiping through all the sections.

The first impression gives a little panic.

I say this above all because you will find a screen full of options and data.

But don’t worry, you’ll see how in the end it’s always the same.

When we finish this tutorial you will already know how to do the four main tasks that will allow us to gradually grow.

How GoalTycoon works

To manage our club in GoalTycoon we will have to access the main menu sections.

As shown in the following screenshot.

In each one we cánido carry out a series of actions:

home → Overview of our club.

If we lower the cursor we will see a series of faces.

Each of those people are our employees.

They will be the ones who will keep us well informed about the state of the club.

Games → From here we perro follow the team while it plays its match.

In addition, we will be able to consult the Competition Calendar.

Whether they are Cup, League or International Competition matches.

club park → Details of the stadium, the lugar de comidas and the price of the tiques.

markets → Market for raw materials, currencies, jugadores and coaches.

From here we perro acquire elementos that will help us to expand the club’s facilities.

Or even buy food to improve the energy of the jugadores.

Equipment → The sports management of the team.

We will be able to modify the lineup, choose the tactic and the strategy.

Additionally, we will also monitor the training and progress of the juniors.

Money → General economic information of the club.

Relevant data such as seeing how much we will earn for a victory or for being in a certain position in the League.

Affiliates → Referral market and current bids.

In addition, we will also find the banners and promotion backlinks.

partners → Section in which we perro become Real Shareholders of GoalTycoon.

In this game there is the possibility of investing in shares.

I have never invested, but I know that these actions give us a monthly return if we have any under our belt.

Classification → General rankings of the users with the most earnings, referrals, popularity, etcétera.

How to make money on GoalTycoon

Throughout the tutorial we will see more ways to earn local currency and gold with our team.

However, the best thing to do at the very beginning is start with those facets that provide us with quick earnings.

It is evident that sections such as the team’s lineup and tactics will have to be reviewed daily.

But be careful, we must not neglect other sections that will allow us to earn local currency.

The most obvious is the reference to the price of tiques when we play at home.

Depending on the division in which we play, the capacity of the stadium, the performance of our team and the contrincante, more public will come to see our matches.

However, at first, my advice is to price us very high.

Good attendance ensures an acceptable amount of local currency.

But be careful, if no one comes, the expenses of the staff and employees will accumulate.

And the consequence is bankruptcy.

We cánido change the price each game, so we perro always correct it and find an optimal point.

We will also get local currency by winning and drawing matches.

Also, we get a plus at the end of the league depending on our position.

Another way to get local currency is Hiring a Sponsor.

Three offers will come to us every month and each of the sponsors will allow us to earn local currency every day.

It goes without saying that we will always stay with the Sponsor that pays us the most money.

As we receive three offers, it will be easy to identify the one that is best for us.

When choosing, always we will choose the one that pays us best.

Stadium ticket prices

In the first instance, the price of tiques is “caped”.

At the beginning, when we have a popularity lower than 100, the price of the tiques will have a maximum limit that we will not be able to exceed.

For example, with the cheapest tiques, the maximum price is 2.

However, when our popularity increases, that price cánido be raised.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest to be able to make small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

Lineup and tactics in GoalTycoon

The next step will be to choose the tactics and formation of our team.

To do this we will go to the tab «team».

If you prefer, you perro change tactics each game and modify the strategy.

I never usually modify it and the reason is very fácil.

The team adapts to our system and, as games go by, they assimilate it better.

This fact supposes a 20% increase in player performance.

Let’s see how we perro select the starting jugadores, reserves and not called up.

To make the changes in the alignment, we will have to go to tactics.

To make the change of player, we will select him by holding down the left mouse button and we will drag him to his replacement.

Once done, we will be ready to face the next game.

During the game we cánido also change strategies, tactics and jugadores in real time.

Depending on the category in which we are located, we will have to play at one time or another.

All league matches they play between 19:30 to 20:00 Spanish time.

A curious note that perro give us some plus point in the League… In the tactics there is a little tab that gives us the option of play with an attitude Passive, Habitual or Aggressive.

Depending on the level of aggressiveness of our team, the average of the jugadores will go up or down.

And as a consequence, it will affect the performance during the match of all the jugadores.

But beware, there is a trade-off, the more aggressive the team, the greater the risk of injury.

Verify account in Goaltycoon

In Goaltycoon there is the possibility of investing money and getting a series of advantages. I have never invested and I perro assure that you perro earn money without investingbut that’s where each one decides…

In August 2020 they incorporated a series of changes to the game.

Among other things, they have added the option to verify the Goaltycoon account in exchange for a certain price.

To verify the account Membership must be paid by credit or debit card.

Advantages provided by verifying the account

You cánido verify the account for a month (€9), for three months (€26), for half a year (€49) or for a year (€96).

The benefits you get are the same in all four caseswith the difference that if we pay for a longer membership, the price per month will be cheaper.

– Access to the National Cup.

– Access to the Continental Cup.

– Allows you to trade in the markets.

– It also allows access to the Depósito Market.

– Access to the National Cup.

– Provides popularity points and allows you to send gifts to other users.

Types of markets in Goaltycoon

In section «Markets» we will find, worth the redundancy, different markets.

Depending on the market in question, we will have what to buy paying in euros or gold.

Let’s see what each market is for and how useful they are.

Local market

In the local market we perro buy food and drinks.

By consuming these foods we will improve the energy of our team and will improve the average of the jugadores.

Thanks to this additional help, we will face the matches with more guarantees.

It will also be in this market where we cánido buy construction materials.

By acquiring them, there is the possibility of improve club facilities and improve the benefits of our sports city.

Later we will talk in detail about the club buildings.

financial market

The financial market helps us exchange local currency for gold and euros.

The price of each trade Varies based on supply and demand.

So if at one point many people buy euros with gold, the price of the euro will go up and it will cost more gold.

And if the opposite happens and a lot of euros are sold, their price in gold will fall.

In Spain the local currency is the ESP.

However, depending on the country from which we register, the local currency will be different.

What never changes in Goaltycoon is the GOLD and the EURO.

Reference market

Unlike the other two markets, the reference market is used to buy and sell referrals with gold.

I I don’t see any use to this market, because people equipo quite high prices.

There are even times when you see some offers with users who are inactive.

When buying referrals we will earn commissions for the different actions that they carry out in the game.

However, in my opinion, it is best to make referrals through our referral backlink.

And not buying them.

buy young

One of the most interesting markets in Goaltycoon.

We must bear in mind that our jugadores, when they reach a certain age, retire.

A good way to substitute these jugadores is renewing the squad with youth.

exist different kinds of juniors.

The talent of each junior is classified with stars, ranging from one to five.

If we want to buy a one-star youth, its price in gold is lower but its quality too.

And the same happens with more talented youth.

How much better are those more expensive juveniles.

There are many times that the Goaltycoon admin launches special offers.

It is advisable wait for these offers to be launched to buy youth.

buy trainers

As it happens with the youth jugadores, in the purchase of coaches as well there are different categories and prices.

The better a trainer is, the more gold it will cost to acquire.

It is very important to take into consideration that each entrenador improves a specific facet.

For example, we perro hire a goalkeeper entrenador.

As is logical, he will serve to train the goalkeepers and improve their ability.

And the same happens with the trainer for tackles, passes, shots, speed… Depending on the aspect to be improved, it will be more convenient to buy one trainer or another.

If we hire a higher quality entrenador, a player’s talent will progress faster and reach a higher level.

transfer markets

To access the three transfer markets we will need a special license that costs €10.

It is a single payment.

Once acquired, it will allow us to buy jugadores, coaches and workers that other users have put up for sale.

Goaltycoon buildings and sports city

The buildings are also decisive if we want to improve the performance of our team in Goaltycoon.

In lower categories not so much.

But in the first and second division it does affect.

And a lot.

On the one hand we have to keep our facilities as clean as possible.

And on the other, if we cánido expand them much better since with this fact, we will obtain a series of improvements.

In total, each building has five levels of improvement.

When a building degrades below 80%, the advantage it gives us is losing consistency.

In those cases, it will be a good time to upgrade the building back to 100%.

Let’s see what each building in the sports city consists of and what improvements we get when remodeling them.

Lugar de comidas

The lugar de comidas is one of two buildings that regulates the energy of the staff.

We have already seen that in the local market we perro buy energy drinks and food to regain strength.

Depending on the level of the lugar de comidas, we will get a better performance when consuming these products.

Let’s take an illuminating example.

The first level of the lugar de comidas rewards us with a twenty%.

This means that if we consume a low-quality food, which gives us 10 energy points, we really we will get 12.


If a player plays many games in a row, he gets tired.

And in the worst case he cánido be injured.

The Hospital building allows us disminuye recovery time from an injury.

In this sense, the attitude with which our team plays also affects the health of the jugadores.

fits remember the matter of the passive, neutral or aggressive attitude.

The better the level of the Hospital, the faster the jugadores will recover.

For example, if we have a level 3 Hospital, the loss due to injury will be much less, since the player will heal 60% faster.


The Hotel provides our staff with better rest and comfort conditions.

The best thing is that our team plays the games without fatigue.

As rested as possible.

In this way, they will face the matches in better physical condition.

As we have seen before, buying food and drinks will give us plus energy.

Well, the fact of having a Hotel in good conditions will also provide the team with an plus.

And they will perform better in the matches they play.

With an example we will see it more clearly.

If we have a Level 2 Hotel and it is at 100%, we will receive 28 plus energy points.

If that Hotel is level 3, we will receive 36 plus energy points.

Attention, because as the Hospital degrades, the energy points that we will receive will decrease in the same proportion.


Professional and youth jugadores are the future of the club and our most precious asset.

That’s why we have to take care of the squad and have them train on a field in good condition.

That, together with the quality of the coaches, will help our jugadores progress in the right direction.

Both the professional squad and the youth jugadores train every day.

The better the field of instruction in which they exercise, our jugadores they will grow faster and assimilate the tactics in less time.

If we have a level 4 training ground, our jugadores will progress 80% faster.

And therefore, they will improve their average in less time.


Aparcamiento spaces do not give money, since the game considers that aparcamiento is included with the ticket price.

However, having a proper car park will determine if more or less people come to watch the games.

The more aparcamiento spaces, the more likely it is that we will fill the capacity.

And if the stadium is full, it will orinan that we have sold all the tiques.

What directly influences the money that we are going to earn with the collection.

For example.

If we have a level 3 car park, it allows us to have 1000 aparcamiento spaces.

With this, we will offer a aparcamiento service to 20,000 followers.

Administrative building

From the administrative building we perro add and withdraw funds in euros.

But also, having offices in good condition and of the best quality will provide us with increase the popularity of the club considerably.

If we have a Level 2 administration building, each day we will receive 0.8 popularity points.

In the event that we upgraded it to Level 3, the popularity points we would receive daily would be 1.2.

The maximum cap is Level 5, which provides 2 plus popularity points each day.

In this building it does not affect at all the degradation of the elements that compose it.


Finally we have the Stadium, which is where we play the games playing at home.

Depending on the chairs, armchairs and VIP seats that we have, more fanes they cánido come see the team.

And therefore, the more seating capacity, the more income we will receive from ticket sales.

The maximum capacity to which we perro aspire is 100,000 seats.

What does it orinan to remodel the stadium up to Level 5.

In this case, we must keep a correlation between the chairs, armchairs or VIP seats that we add to the stadium.

In fact, to reach Level 2 we need to have a total of 20,000 locations.

But be very careful, because those 20,000 places cannot all be in the same class.

If we build a stadium based only on chairs, the chances are that we will not fill it.

Well, in that case, there will be fanes who want to buy a ticket to occupy an armchair or a VIP seat.

so hoh to go building the stands with a certain proportionality.

If we start from the base that we started our adventure in Goaltycoon with a stadium that has 1,000 seats.

And that these are divided into 600 seats, 300 armchairs and 100 VIP seats.

As we expand the capacity, we must follow that same proportion.

Giving as an example that we have a Level 3 stadium, with capacity for 50,000 spectators.

The approximate number of chairs should be 30,000, 15,000 armchairs and 5,000 VIP seats.

In this way, in perfect conditions, we we would make sure to have full capacity.

Popularity in GoalTycoon

We must take into account the popularity of our team.

As in real life, a club with good popularity will always tend to “sell” more.

As far as Goaltycoon is concerned, popularity is decisive for several reasons.

let’s see them

The better the popularity, the more fanes will buy a ticket and attend the next game.

As a direct consequence, we will raise more money in each game.

How to raise team popularity

» The popularity increases depending on the quality and condition of the facilities.

To maintain and increase popularity we will need keep upgrading the buildings.

The aparcamiento lot, the administrative building and the facilities of the Stadium are the most relevant.

» Another recurring way to increase the popularity of the club is winning games.

When we win, our entusiastas are happier.

But be careful, because when we lose popularity, our entusiastas get discouraged.

» Popularity cánido drop if we equipo a high ticket price.

That is why he himself commented before that his thing is to equipo an optimal price.

That does not harm the coffers of the club and that we generated benefit once deducted the daily expenses.

By investing money and adding funds we will receive a popularity plus.

I do not advise it because you perro earn for free and without investments.

Goaltycoon pays and is reliable

Being a game, my intention is to have fun and grow little by little.

As I have said several times throughout this guide, of course cánido you earn money on goaltycoon.

However, especially at the beginning, the ideal is to grow, reinvesting the profits and being patient.

And in the future, when we have an established team and we are playing in the highest categories, we will be able to start withdrawing part of the money that we are generating with our team.

To request a payment in Goaltycoon we will have to comply with several premises.

I detalla them below:

» The cómputo that we perro withdraw is the money in euros that we have in the «Manager Cómputo»not in the “Club Cómputo”.

We perro move money from one cómputo to another.

If we invest money in the club, there is no minimum to make that transaction.

But to send euros from our club to «Manager Cómputo»the minimum amount is 10 euros.

» In order to collect in Goaltycoon we need all the elements of our stadium to be above 80% health.

That is If any element of the stadium is degraded below 80%, we will have to reform it so that withdrawals cánido be enabled.

» The minimum amount required to charging for Skrill or Neteller is €20.

And to collect in bitcoin or Ethereum, the minimum amount is €50 to change.

» In each withdrawal that we request the game, they will apply a commission of 20% that will go to the Federation of our country.

In my case, I requested a payment of €22 and I received clean €17.60 in Skrill.

How to get paid in Goaltycoon

As soon as we have more than €20 in the «Manager Cómputo», we perro now request a payment in Goaltycoon.

To proceed with the payment we will follow four fácil steps:


First of all we go to the “Withdraw” section and entrar the amount of money in euros that we want to collect in the corresponding box.


Next we clic on the tab “Add new payment method”.

We fill in the form with our data and select if we want to charge in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Skrill or Neteller.


To finish, we clic on “Send request” and Goaltycoon will send us an dirección de correo electrónico.

A verification backlink will be attached to its content.

By clicking on the backlink, our payment will be processed.


Goaltycoon pays through the figure of a reseller.

So that as soon as the order arrives to someone, it will process it and make the payment effective.

And therefore, the payment will not reach us in the name of Goaltycoon but in the name of the reseller who sends us the money.

Goaltycoon usually takes between four and eight weeks to clear the payment.

It will always depend on the availability of funds that each reseller has and the selected payment method.

Main features of Goaltycoon

If I started right now with a new team on Goaltycoon, it would save me a series of erroneous steps that I have made.

It is worth mentioning them and keeping them in mind.

So you won’t make the same mistakes as me.

These are some of the most important consejos in this game:

1. At first, they put us in short category divisions.

It is easy to climb to higher categories if we manage the team well.

There are users who register and leave their team after a few days.

That benefits us.

2. In GoalTycoon there are three types of coins: Local currency, Gold and €.

When we win a game they will pay us in ESP if we play from Spain.

A good way to easily earn local currency is by accepting a sponsor.

3. First of all, it is not necessary to hire coaches or youth jugadores.

The convenient thing is to accumulate local money and, when the time comes, renew the squad.

4. By every 3 games won in a row the morale of the jugadores will increase.

That improves the average of the team.

5. If you want to get plus performance from the jugadores you cánido offer them bonuses.

There are two kinds: bonuses for winning a game and bonuses for obtaining a good top in the League.

6. In Goaltycoon energy is important, but not essential.

Especially in lower categories.

We perro replenish it by buying food.

Another option is not to train the jugadores, but I don’t recommend it.

7. We will regularly receive notifications from the workers we have hired.

Attention to these messages, since they usually offer relevant information.

Personal experience

At the time of writing this GoalTycoon tutorial, I have experienced two straight promotions and two straight relegations.

my main problem was not to save local currency.

As I accumulated this type of currency, I exchanged it for euros in an effort to collect and, as a consequence, I neglected to train jugadores for the future.

The jugadores of our team retire at a certain age and then become part of the coaching staff.

Thus, It is essential to buy juveniles and anticipate these future casualties.

In GoalTycoon just review the starting lineup and employee announcements daily.

The rest is a agregado to keep growing.

GoalTycoon is a free game, and I take it as that.

A game.

It is true that he has the incentive of power earn money for playing, which makes it more attractive if possible.

But you have to be realistic and without investment it is difficult to go up to the First Division just like that.

And let’s not say play the International Competition.

Of course, I also tell you that power is possible.

It’s all a matter of patience and making the right decisions.

Just like in other games like My Profit Land.

Opinions on Goaltycoon

Now we know in more detail how GoalTycoon works.

There are a wide variety of options and it may be that, at first, it brings you a little head.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

You will see that as soon as you have entered the game a couple of times, you will know exactly how it works.

There is no magic trick.

GoalTycoon has many possibilities.

You cánido follow different strategies to level up.

Not only mine is valid.

Not much less.

If you want to share your experiences, you perro leave a comment.

So we perro jointly improve our strategies.

And by the way, it will help the readers who come after you.

They will surely appreciate it.

Do you like sports betting? In portals like Winner, Betsuites either Betsim You cánido earn money by betting on sporting events.

And they are also 100% free.

And here I say goodbye for today.

As I usually say, if there is any doubt you cánido leave me a comment.

Or if it suits you better, write to me on popular networks.

Finally, if you have thought register and create a team in Goaltycoon, I would appreciate it if you did it as my referrals by clicking on this button.

Thanks for reading and until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 GoalTycoon |  MAKE MONEY with your team
  GoalTycoon |  MAKE MONEY with your team
  GoalTycoon |  MAKE MONEY with your team

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