GlobalTestMarket is the preferred panel for all those people who are making money with en línea surveys. This company is international, driven by Lightspeed, one of the most experienced providers in the field of market research. Company founded in 1999 that continues to operate to this day. They offer paid surveys in many countries around the world; among them, Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain, México, Colombia, Argentina

Global Test Market is safe and reliable; based on the opinions of some users who participate in this panel; is the one that pays the best per survey.

Now Global Test Market has become LifePoints. It works more or less the same but with many more improvements at the level of surveys and payments.

How does GlobalTestMarket work?

To start you must register by filling out the form with your data and a valid correo electrónico address, if you are between 14 and 17 years old, you will need parental authorization. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico from GlobalTestMarket that you will have to confirm to validate the registration, if after a few minutes you still have not received it, check the “contenido publicitario” folder. Next you will have to complete your profile, the latter is very important, the more complete it is, the more invitations you will have to surveys, there are usually between 5 and 7 invitations per month more or less.

Once registered and with a completed profile, they will begin to send you invitations to participate in surveys, in each survey you will see reflected in the number of points also called MarketPoints that you will win for answering it.

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Rewards and benefits as a member

For each survey that you carry out with this panel, you will accumulate points called “MarketPoints” that you perro later exchange for cash, gifts, participation in raffles, purchase vouchers to redeem in large stores such as Carrefour, MediaMarkt, Ikea and others. For every invitation you have for a survey, they will tell you how many MarketPoints you will earn.

Payment Methods

In the case of wanting to exchange your MarketPoits for money; You must reach the sum of €35 in order to request payment by Paypal. You must have an account registered with this payment processor. You receive the payment between 5 and 10 days after requesting it. To exchange points for gift vouchers it is from €5.

Global Test Market is safe?

Yes it is safe. GlobalTestMarket is a website that has been en línea for more than 18 years. On the Internet we cánido find many opinions about the panel, there are positive and negative opinions, but most of them are positive, since the page continues to pay everyone who meets the requirements.

Opinions About GlobalTestMarket

My opinion as a usuario of GlobalTestMarket is positive, the company continues to send surveys and pay to this day. The only drawback is the minimum to request the payment; It is a bit high, you have to reach €35 to request payment by Paypal, but even so it is fenezca, we cánido easily reach it if we answer all the surveys that are sent to us.


If you want to start earning money by filling out surveys, this panel is one of the most reliable and recommended. Here I tell you why:

  • They accept members from almost all over the world.
  • They pay by Paypal.
  • They send several surveys each month.
  • It is a reliable company with many years en línea.

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