Globaltestmarket: Your opinion is worth its weight in

Globaltestmarket: Your opinion is worth its weight in

Globaltestmarket is the world’s largest paid survey platform.

Since its creation in 1999, it has distributed more than 30,000,000 euros among all its users and the figure continues to grow day by day.

It is on its way to two active decades, which is gives us a sample of the type of page we are talking about.

One of the main virtues of this website is that it does not exclude anyone, anyone perro earn money giving their opinion, regardless of the country or language you use, Globaltestmarket is available to you.

icon-tasks Data sheet:

icon-check-square It is managed by GMI, the largest market research firm on the planet.icon-usuario All countries are supported in Globaltestmarket and the website is available in several languages.icon-group Referrals: At this time it is not possible to refer.icon-gift Quarterly raffles with prizes of up to 1,500 euros for active users.icon-money The minimum payment is equipo at €35.icon-credit-card Payment methods used: Paypal and discount vouchers to redeem in stores.

Characteristics and operation of Globaltestmarket

To start using Globaltestmarket we will have to go to the first step, which is registration, we fill in our personal data and we will receive an dirección de correo electrónico with a confirmation backlink.

Once these steps are done we perro entrar the platform, our next step will be to fill in the profile surveys, this is an important step because it will help us receive a greater number of surveys and therefore have the option of earning more money.

Once filled out, we perro start receiving the first surveys.

Globaltestmarket usually sends several per month, each survey has a different point value depending on its duration.

The same thing we perro receive one of 20 points than another of more than 100.

We will have to reach a certain number of points to be entitled to request a payment.

How to request a payment on Globaltestmarket

To request the payment you have to reach the minimum number of points that is located at 1,000, although at the moment of truth they will require a minimum of 1,200 to unlock payments by Paypal.

Once that number is reached, we go to the top menu and clic on rewards and then in Redeem.

The entire catalog of rewards will be opened to us, including that of payments by Paypal.

We choose the prize we want and confirm the order.

Once the order is confirmed, we will receive an correo electrónico indicating the order number and the time it will take to reach us.

It usually takes a week for the payment to arrive.

Payment received from Globaltestmarket

Payments by Paypal take about a week to arrive and they do not remove any commission from us, it is possible that in some cases the sending of the payment may take a while.

Conclusions about Globaltestmarket

Paid surveys are one of the oldest options in the world to earn money on the Internet and Globaltestmarket is one of the pioneers in this sense, companies of this type that stop paying users cánido be counted on the fingers of their hands, It is a very reliable ámbito and Globaltestmarket is the leading panel within it.

I invite you to join her and benefit from the advantages of doing her en línea surveys.

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 Globaltestmarket: Your opinion is worth its weight in
  Globaltestmarket: Your opinion is worth its weight in
  Globaltestmarket: Your opinion is worth its weight in

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