Globaltestmarket | PAID SURVEYS for

Globaltestmarket | PAID SURVEYS for

globaltestmarket is a panel of surveys in American Spanish very recognized in the network. So much so that the web domain has been registered since June 21, 1999 and belongs to the company Global Market Inside INC. The headquarters of this corporation is located in Washington DC. Despite being located in the US, Globaltestmarket allows registration to users from all countries. Without restrictions. Whatever our country, we perro use the panel and earn money expressing our opinions.

Globaltestmarket: Registration to the panel

As always, the first thing we have to do at Globaltestmarket it will be to create our own account. If you want you perro continue this backlinkwhich will take you directly to the registration form.

Register to the panel and continue with the tutorial

Once we have completed the entire form we will receive a verification dirección de correo electrónico. All we have to do is open that correo electrónico and follow the backlink that we find in its content. After we cánido now access our account and start answering the profile questions.

It is possible that this verification correo electrónico will reach us in the Contenido publicitario or Unwanted Correo Folder.

Update Globaltestmarket has merged with Mysurvey and they have formed the panel of Lifepoints. In it we cánido earn money by Paypal, Amazon Vouchers and more gifts.

How Globaltestmarket works

Our main task at Globaltestmarket will be to answer honestly to the surveys that come to us and receive MarketPoints As a reward. These points are the ones that later we cánido exchange for money and prizes.

As soon as we access the web, we will see a list of questionnaires in which we will be asked about personal aspects. Questions such as what our hobbies are, what level of studies we have reached, if we have a partner, husband, wife or children, etcétera. Total there are 6 profile questionnaires and according to our responses, Globaltestmarket it will pigeonhole us in one usuario profile or another.

It is important to complete the profile and keep it updated. The reason is very fácil and it is that as long as the panel sees that our account remains active, keep sending us surveys. If it detects otherwise, the number of studies you will send us will be much less. My recommendation is that we update the data from time to time.

It is advisable to review the profile of Globaltestmarket once a year at least.

Globaltestmarket surveys

Well, we have already done all the previous steps and now we only have start earning money on this website. That it is. From this moment, as soon as the panel already has our profile answers stored, we will start receiving invitations to new surveys. Usually, Globaltestmarket sends us an invitation vía correo electrónico. As soon as they receive a survey that matches our profile, they will send us the invitation.

We clic on the tab «Start survey» and it will redirect us to the study that we will have to answer. If we have answered the survey correctly, at the end of it we will get a little sign according to MarketPoints are already credited to the cómputo.

Prizes and money in Globaltestmarket

Globaltestmarket account with a wide range of rewards. As far as I’m concerned, I usually exchange MarketPoints for money through Paypal, but we cánido request many more prizes. And all different. The most prominent are Gift cards for different stores, credit for iTunes, Amazon, El Corte Inglés or Ikea gift vouchers, lugar de comidas tiques, etcétera..

In addition to the MarketPoints that credit us for each completed survey, Globaltestmarket will gift us with entries for quarterly raffles. We will also receive plus entries when we do not qualify in a survey.

There are quarterly contests in which a usuario perro win up to $1,200 in one go.

Request an award on Global Test Market

As we answer surveys, we will accumulate MarketPoints in our cómputo. After analyzing all the prizes and having made our choice, it will be time to request the gift we want to receive. We perro do it by following three fácil steps:

We go to the tab «Rewards» and select the prize we want. In my case, I will request a payment of €10, so I will select the Paypal option and mark that I want to redeem 1,208 MarketPoints. The minimum amount to request a payment through Paypal is €5. To change 600 MarketPoints.

The second step consists of confirm that the prize is what we want to perceive. In Globaltestmarket they use the word “Redeem” to comply with the request. They ask us up to three times to clic on “Redeem”so that it is 100% clear that this is the prize we want.

After confirming that the Paypal payment is the prize we want to receive, we will be asked to entrar our password in the panel and thus finalize the order.

Finally, a notice will appear with the reference number of our order. From now on, we will only have to wait for the money to reach our Paypal account.

Globaltestmarket Reviews

Additional information, curiosities and interesting facts about the Globaltestmarket survey panel:

In Globaltestmarket, just like in Mobrog either i Say, it’s not allowed the use of multi-accounts. There are users who use techniques to create many accounts and thus complete more surveys. With other panels it may continue to work, but not with Globaltestmarket. If you do it and they catch you, they will ban all your accounts.

The use of VPN, VPS or any afín practice is totally prohibited and it is reason for ban.

Globaltestmarket continues to allow registrations and has never stopped allowing it. The only condition is that we register correctly and make good use of the panel.

The minimum payment in Globaltestmarket is €5. To change 600 MarketPoints.

We cánido redeem our MarketPoints for money, but it is also possible to redeem them for prizes.

From when we request a payment to when it reaches us, it cánido take up to 30 days. Of course, the most habitual waiting period is usually around 15 or 20 days.

Globaltestmarket is the panel that sends the most studies. on par with GreenPanthera.

The MarketPoints that we get by answering each survey range from 50 to 400.

All survey panels include trick questions in their quizzes. Remain attentive and answer truthfully to all the questions that you are asked.


globaltestmarket has been in the market research industry for almost 20 years. It may sound like bullshit, but search the net for how many polling panels perro say the same thing. As far as polling panels are concerned, this one is an eminence. Thousands of users have been earning money with this panel for years and that is a guarantee that few perro offer. Attest.

Look at the list with all pages of reliable paid surveys which I currently use.

If you are not yet registered in Globaltestmarket, you cánido register by clicking on the button below. And as always, if you have any questions, you perro write me a comment with your query. Until next time!!

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 Globaltestmarket |  PAID SURVEYS for
  Globaltestmarket |  PAID SURVEYS for
  Globaltestmarket |  PAID SURVEYS for

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