GlobalTestMarket Opinions: the best website?

GlobalTestMarket Opinions: the best website?

Today there are hundreds of ways to make money en línea without leaving home.

But of all of them, one of the ways simpler to generate plus income is by doing paid surveys.

However, the amount of money you perro earn depends on the page of surveys you use.

While some pay a handsome reward for your time, others may end up for not pay you anything in exchange for your opinion.

Yes, there are survey pages that they are also scams.

Be careful!

I have used Globaltestmarket for a while to get plus money for answering questions, and here I am going to share my personal opinion about this survey company to see if it is a trustworthy page or not.

Is it a good option for you to generate income in 2018 or not? Is better than other paid survey companies afín that exist?

Keep reading to find out…

Characteristics by Globaltestmarket

Type of register: free. Clic here to register.

Payment methods: PayPal and gift cards to buy at stores like Amazon and iTunes.

Accepted countries: Argentina, Colombia, Spain, México, the United States, and others like France, Germany, Belgium.

Language: Spanish, English, Italian, French…

Minimum amount to collect: 10 euros or dollars equivalent to 1080 points.

As register in Globaltestmarket

One of the things I like the most about Globaltestmarket is how easy and fast it is to register in your page.

You just have to write some information about yourself such as your name, surname, and your correo electrónico, or do it using your Fb account directly.

Registration is completely free: You do not have to pay anything to sign up, nor will you be charged any fee or membership for being part of this company.

You only have to write some of your data, clic on the backlink they send you to your dirección de correo electrónico to confirm your account, and you cánido start doing surveys.

They will never ask you for too personal information such as your identity number or the number of your debit or credit card.

The survey topics are about movies, ads and commercialscars, consumer products (drinks, food), shopping habits, lifestyle…

As fill in your profile in Globaltestmarket

One of the things that I have seen the most in comments here on Gananci is that there are some people who say that they barely get surveys.

This happens to them because They have not filled out their profiles well.

As soon as you register in Globaltestmarket, you must clic on “Surveys” in the menu above, and complete ALL profile surveys that appear.

Clic on the button “Take the survey!” and go answering all the questions until you finish.

It is very important to fill all profiles 100%.

This is what makes a big difference between receive many surveys, and receive hardly any.

In addition, it is important how do you fill out these profiles and those of the surveys that they send you later because depending on your answers, you perro continue with the survey until you finish it, or they will tell you that you are not fit to finish it.

Globaltestmarket reviews: my experience staff

Globaltestmarket is a company that has been operating since 1999. I registered on this page in 2010.

and today I keep receiving surveys in my e-e correo electrónico actively.

It is true that they do not send surveys as often as other companies; to me, for example, I usually get one or two surveys every day to my correo electrónico (in total I receive about 9 surveys a week).

But the polls they send have a higher financial reward than on other pages of this type.

The lowest prize they have is 10 dollars or 10 euros (depending on the country you are in) in exchange for 1080 points for gift cards, and 1208 points for PayPal.

I usually receive surveys that are worth from 110 points to 250 points.

So doing between five and six surveys I cánido now request my prize of $10 or €10.

you’re not going to get rich with this, you are not even going to earn a full salary; but it is an plus income that comes in handy to pay small expenses, or invest it in other ways to earn money.

This is how I started generating income en línea: first I registered with Globaltestmarket and other paid survey pages to get more profit.

the money he earned reversed it in other methods like IQ Option where only you need $10 to start.

And then, with the income generated by my investments, I started my first business on the Internet, and this is how I managed to create several ventures to be able to work from home being my own boss.

I’m still doing surveys today. because it is an easy way to have an plus income working on it for about 30 minutes a day, and in exchange have money to make more investments in the depósito market, and go to the cinema every week with my wife and son, or take them out to dinner.

globaltestmarket pay?

This is a fear that many people have when working en línea because, although filling out surveys will take you less than an hour a day, it is your time that you are using in exchange for a financial reward.

In the 7 years that I have been registered with Globaltestmarket I have requested many payments, and all the money has always come to me that I have asked

What I don’t like and they should improve is that payments are late a bit: it usually takes me between 7 to 9 days since I request the money through PayPal.

Although it is habitual for them to take that long because it is one of the largest survey companies of the world that has many users, and they need more time to process all the payments that they ask for.

Despite that, I still think that they should improve that aspect to get paid faster, and become an even better page than it is now.

Here below I share a vídeo from the Globaltestmarket channel for you to see how to claim rewards when you have enough points.

is globaltestmarket safe?

From my experience for years using Globaltestmarket yes, It is safe, and it is a reliable page to fill out paid surveys and earn money en línea.

As a summary, here I leave you its advantages and disadvantages:

  • It is one of the survey pages oldest and most reliable
  • They have surveys for many countries
  • Register in Globaltestmarket It’s free
  • He minimum points to charge is not high
  • Have various methods paid
  • Each survey has a high pay

  • take between 7 to 9 days in depositing the money
  • they send one or two surveys up to date

Have you used Globaltestmarket? What do you think of this survey page? leave me a comment down here and tell me what you think.

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 GlobalTestMarket Opinions: the best website?
  GlobalTestMarket Opinions: the best website?
  GlobalTestMarket Opinions: the best website?

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