Givvy Aplicación Does it pay or is it a scam? PayPal payments

Givvy Aplicación Does it pay or is it a scam? PayPal payments

Givvy is an application with which we are going to exercise our mind with calculation games, memory and have a fun time playing some games, and while having a good time at the same time you are going to earn free coins which you perro exchange for money since Givvy pays by PayPal.

So if you like applications that allow you to earn free money, I recommend you read this article about givvy. Here I will espectáculo you how it works and all the important aspects that you should know before discharge this aplicación.

Givvy Aplicación Details

  • Rating: Good.
  • State: En línea and paying.
  • Withdrawal Minimum: $0.02.
  • Payment Methods: PayPal.
  • Proof of payment: Yeah.
  • Promotion: 130 coins when you verify your phone number.
  • referrals: Yes, you earn rewards for inviting your friends.
  • Language: English, Spanish, French and Russian.
  • Accepted Countries: All.
  • Supported Operating Systems:Android.

Givvy Aplicación What is this aplicación and how does it work?

Givvy is an aplicación in which we cánido earn money doing different taskseither with surveys, playinginviting our friends, and other ways that we will see later.

To start generating our first income in Givvy, the first thing we have to do is go to Google plus Play and download the Givvy aplicación on our cell phone or tablet, and once the application is downloaded, then we start playing.

How to earn money in Givvy Aplicación?

make money with givvy It’s very easy and fun, let’s see what are the different ways we have available to earn dollars with Givvy.

If you like math this game is just for you. If you calculate 5 math games correctly you will earn free coins.

Puzzle Game: Mezcle the parts and complete the Puzzle and get rewards.

Memory game: Test your memory and your ability to remember, find the 6 pairs with the same cards. To earn coins in this game you have to guess all the pairs of cards with less than three errors, it’s that easy.

Surveys: Carefully answer a series of questions correctly. If your answer is correct, you will receive a large amount of coins which you perro exchange for real money.

Stay on the Mobile Aplicación: Earn coins even while keeping the mobile aplicación open, so easily you perro earn more plus coins with this aplicación.

Daily schedule: Entrar the application every day and earn new coins. The more consecutive days you entrar the application, the more coins you will earn, keep in mind that if you miss one day you will have to start from scratch, that is, day one.

Qualifier: Compete with other jugadores, if you turn out to be the winner with the highest number of coins per day, a plus of 500 coins will be added to your cómputo that nothing else falls.

Invite friend: Invite your friends to join the aplicación and get coins for their registration. These additional coins will be added to your account when your friend reaches the required coins.

How to request payment in Givvy?

Keep in mind that before requesting your payment you must convert your coins into dollars, to perform this action you only have to go to the menu with the icon of a circle and inside it a dollar and two arrows.

How much does Givvy pay? 119 coins are equal to $0.01, it takes about 238 coins, which is equivalent to $0.02, to be able to convert your coins to real money.

Then clic on the button “Collect” and you cánido withdraw your money. You have to entrar a PayPal account, the account does not need to be verified, and indicate the amount you are going to withdraw, the money perro arrive instantly to your PayPal account, in some cases it usually takes a little longer to receive the money.

Does Givvy Aplicación pay, is it real or just a scam?

givvy pays currently and without problems, for which we are recommending it, it also has payment tests, not only on YouTube, but also in business forums is available proof of Givvy payments, so Givvy is not a scam.

Givvy Aplicación opinions and recommendations

This application is not going to make us rich, nor is it going to generate large amounts of money, but enough to cover small expenses, one of the ways to generate more income with this application is with the famous referral systems, Since if you have many you perro get good profits.

Visit the official Givvy website and download the aplicación.

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 Givvy Aplicación Does it pay or is it a scam?  PayPal payments
  Givvy Aplicación Does it pay or is it a scam?  PayPal payments
  Givvy Aplicación Does it pay or is it a scam?  PayPal payments

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