Give your opinion and earn: Earn money with this panel of

Give your opinion and earn: Earn money with this panel of

This survey organization pays through vouchers and gift cards, has been in operation since 2004, has a record of more than three million users and is confirmed to pay.

Give your opinion and win is afín to other pollsters en línea, such is the case of Molbrog or Lifepoints; Here you will find all the information regarding this platform, we explain how to register and we will even give you our objective opinion.

Sign up for Opinion and Earn

If you are interested and want to try your luck registering on this survey platform, you have come to the best place.

Here is our explanation in detail how to register in this survey.

  1. Entrar the Opine y Gane en línea survey platform.
  • The platform will espectáculo you a form in which you must entrar your data, name, surname, date of birth, dirección de correo electrónico, among others.
  • Solve the captcha.
  • If you agree, accept the terms and conditionsprivacy policies and the authorization to collect data provided through your profile.
  • Clic on «Next step».
  • Now you must protect your account with a security question, select one and put an answer that you perro remember.

Ready! In a few steps you already have your account created and you cánido start taking surveys, we’ll explain how to do it.

What is Opinion and win?

Opine y gane is a platform where you perro earn up to 2 Euros for completing a survey, yes, for completing a survey in a few minutes.

The platform has a panel of market surveys, some are better paid than others, but you perro do them completely free of charge.

It works with surveys that companies create to find out the opinion of their customers or potential customers and thus do a better market study.

Other platforms afín to this are Lifepoints and Mobrog, which we have already told you about in

You cánido compare these three pollsters and try to earn money by answering surveys in them.

Also, have your own personal experience trying to make money on each of them.

How does think and win work?

It works as a bridge between advertisers (company) and people who perro comment on products or services that companies sell.

Every time a survey is available in your «surveysYou must answer it honestly.

The amount of money you receive for each survey will depend directly on its complexity; Some surveys you will do in less than 5 minutes (0.50 euros to answer) with others you perro take up to 25 minutes (2 euros to answer).

This pollster has a medal program, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond, you must meet a series of requirements to obtain these medals.

The higher level you are, the more opportunities to answer surveys you have.

It is also a platform afín to the Opinion Hub, another platform on which we have also created an article here, in which you will also find out our opinion.

How to make money with this survey panel?

Easy! Starts completing your profile and answer all the surveys that the platform will have ready for you.

It is key that you do not stay with a single survey platform, since, for example, with Opine y gane there will be times when you will not have surveys available; This is because if the theme of the surveys for a month is aimed at a especial objetivo audience (housewives) and in your profile you do not belong to this audience, you simply will not have the opportunity to answer those surveys.

Due to the above, we recommend that you take into account other options simultaneously, for example, the YouGov platform, of which we have also created a complete description. Diversify the platforms the ones you work with, especially the survey ones, since there will not always be surveys available.

Our opinion on Give your opinion and win

It is a platform that you must have as «one more option » to generate income en línea.

Really, you cánido do surveys and earn money, the problem is that from one moment to another three months cánido go by without a single survey being available to you; We believe that this is due to the fact that there are many registered users or simply that the pollster has few advertisers and, therefore, has few surveys to fill out.

Our opinion is that it is a platform that you cánido take advantage of, but that you should not trust.

Therefore, we recommend that you use other options, such is the case of Toluna and others that we have already mentioned on our site.

So far our Opina y Gane article! We hope you earn a lot of money giving your opinion with this pollster; Remember that here you will get all kinds of information about the most important pollsters that do pay.

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 Give your opinion and earn: Earn money with this panel of
  Give your opinion and earn: Earn money with this panel of
  Give your opinion and earn: Earn money with this panel of

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