GG2U: How to earn money watching vídeos

GG2U: How to earn money watching vídeos

GG2U: How to earn money by automatically watching vídeos through YouTube you will be able to generate plus income with this super method.

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GG2U: How to earn money by watching vídeos automatically this site works for most of the world, it does not require previous experience, a minimum age to start generating very good earnings and the best thing is that just by registering you will be able to receive 1 dollar.

Although you will have to put in some time because it is a method that does not require effort, simply watching vídeos, so below we will see the step by step on how to apply this fácil technique to earn money easily.

The page we will use is:

What is GG2U? is a very young panel.

It started operating in 2019, but has already proven itself as one of the best payment panels.

According to its Privacy Policy, the company is headquartered in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

They have listed an exact mailing address, giving their users the opportunity to contact them in person.

And that is the first clear sign that they are a legitimate company, since they are not trying to hide anything.

Agregado, the panel is free to join and use, and it won’t deduct any of your winnings for sweepstakes or other shady contests.

All these facts add up to the conclusion that the site is absolutely legit.

This site offers you different ways to earn money easily, just as before they will give you 1 dollar for just registering, such as:

  • free en línea surveys but to start receiving you must complete your profile.
  • See vídeos: for this you have to register in hideouttv Directly with a Fb or Google plus account, although if you prefer it in a more traditional way, you cánido do it by filling out the registration form with the information indicated: nombre de usuario, dirección de correo electrónico, password, accept the terms and conditions, solve captcha and Sign Me Up.
  • Play
  • Complete Offers like: Install aplicaciones, sign up for sites or open aplicaciones, etcétera.
  • Recommending friends.

Recommendation: If you are only interested in the section to watch vídeos that are the most recent, since more ads will appear and they will give you more bonuses.

In addition to that they will give us a touch for every 200 vídeos that we see.

How to register in GG2U?

To join GG2U we only need to fill in the box that appears at the top right with the data indicated to us, such as:

  • Name
  • Last name
  • Usuario
  • Password
  • Country
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • Sign Up For GG2U
  • Verify your correo electrónico

Right off the bat, they claim that their payout rates are 65% to 85%, which is almost double that of other GPT panels.

More on that later, as we know better than to believe every good promise.

How does GG2U work?

It offers a $1 sign-up plus as stated above so there are $6 more left until we reach the $7 withdrawal limit.

Which is, by the way, significantly lower than with most other reward panels.

As you perro see, they don’t run their own surveys.

Instead, we cánido select well-known market research panels like Dynata,, SurveyTime, YourSurveys, CPALead and more.

As far as polls go, the drill is business as usual.

You may or may not get matching surveys, depending on your demographics and location.

Some users will certainly get more than others, but that’s how it works.

Truth be told, surveys pay a bit more through GG2U than other sites. Since 100 coins equals $1, getting $0.60 to $0.85 per 10 minute survey is much better than getting half that amount per 45 minute survey elsewhere .

What about the games? they will be redirected to the website, where they need to earn 500 Soul Gems (GameHag’s currency) to get 21 coins through GG2U.

How does GG2U pay?

GG2U emplees different ways to withdraw the collected coins and the minimum withdrawal amount is 7 dollars where 100 coins equals 1 dollar, such as:

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Gift cards: Amazon, Game stop, Google plus Play, iTunes, Objetivo, Visa Prepaid, Walmart, etcétera.

You perro also earn plus money just for promoting the site where for each recommendation we will be credited with 5% of the money for life.

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 GG2U: How to earn money watching vídeos
  GG2U: How to earn money watching vídeos
  GG2U: How to earn money watching vídeos

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