GFK En línea Paid Surveys Guide

GFK En línea Paid Surveys Guide

GFK is one of the survey sites that more work is given to people in the world, with establishments in more than 57 countries and being one of the most reliable en línea platforms in terms of earning money en línea.

At present, it has managed to incorporate Spain into its list of countries, which is why it is a new means of en línea work for Spaniards, from where they perro choose to generate additional income by subscribing to the dynamics of gfk surveys.

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  • We talked about what gfk is a panel dedicated to research and market diagnosis, so we are talking about surveys that have to do with the assessment of company products that need to be viewed from the public’s point of view to understand if they will be well received in the market or if by on the contrary, they will not have as much sale.

    It is a dynamic way of making companies around the world study the value of your products and services, asking for the opinion of the public that will determine the manufacture of such products and whether they will be successful in the market or not.


    Register It is done by means of an invitation backlink that cánido only be received while residing in Spain, this backlink bears the name “askGfK” which will direct the person to the official page of the surveys where the person must re4spjnder a form that asks for the basic information about their profile and that’s it.

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  • Once the registration is complete, the person receives a dirección de correo electrónico notification that tells you that you perro access the page and start developing functions, as well as notifying you that you have received a total of 200 points as welcome, this being equivalent to $2 initiation.

    work process

    The first assignments that the person will receive will be to respond two surveys which will have the value of 70 additional points.

    After this, the person will begin to receive a series of studies and surveys that you must solve, being appropriate to your profile and your preferences, so that the answers are much more accurate.

    There are two types of surveys, the habitual ones that are the easiest, since you have a dedication time of 5 to 10 minutes, with a profit of between 20 to 100 pointswhich is equal to $1.

    On the other hand, there are the extensive ones that have to do with studies of greater interest, being remunerated with up to 800 points for the complexity of their edition and for the time it takes the person to solve this type of forms.

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  • Pay mode

    gfk surveys belongs to the company askGfK which is known for its good reputation in the field of employment, which indicates that it does indeed make payments in a concrete way according to what corresponds to each en línea employee.

    It is important to understand that in order to receive the first payment, the person must have a cómputo of 1,000 points collectedwhich you perro withdraw by selecting the “Your cómputo” option and then “Redeem points here”.

    The person cánido choose the way to receive the money, whether in cash or in promotions such as Amazon cards, fuel coupons, movie coupons, or coupons for purchases in commercial establishments that are affiliated with gfk surveys.

    The time in which the money is received, both in prizes and in cash, ranges from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the shipping delay, but it arrives safely even if it takes a little time to do so.

    GFK surveys opinions

    In Gfk surveys opinions We find that users who have already worked on the platform generally indicate that it is a fairly fácil and safe job, since it pays just enough for the work done by the person and what they do is never bad.

    we talk about a virtual company that has been dedicated to market research through the network, hiring a good number of people who are part of the diagnosis of various products worldwide, for the subsequent evaluation and improvement of the services offered.

    Due to the work that gfk surveys Many world-renowned companies have decided to request these services, being the ones who send the surveys to people to be able to detail opinions about the products they are manufacturing.

    With this we have to take into consideration that we are talking about a virtual platform that has managed to succeed in the digital market and that it continues to fulfill functions in an optimal way through the excellent work carried out by all those people who have joined the theme of earning money en línea by answering virtual surveys.

    gfk panel It is one of the most effective means to earn money en línea, answering surveys and conducting market studies that will be of escencial importance for affiliated companies, both in decision-making and in the study of market and economic statistics.

    We orinan that it is a digital platform that has become essential for companies to easily study their impact on society, knowing the products that meet the needs of people and therefore, manufacturing based on these needs, since this is the determining aspecto to be a good marketer. Market research and surveys They help companies to determine the products that will have higher levels of sales in the market, therefore, they are studies required to accommodate the destiny of the company in order to always achieve success and a good number of sales that increase funding levels.

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     GFK En línea Paid Surveys Guide
  GFK En línea Paid Surveys Guide
  GFK En línea Paid Surveys Guide

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