Get rid of ants in your kitchen

Get rid of ants in your kitchen

When we moved into our apartment last fall, I saw a few ants in the kitchen. They left on their own in a few weeks, so I didn’t give them any importance. This spring they came back with a bang. I was horrified to see ants crawling across countertops and cabinets, feasting on invisible sugar crumbs. Not wanting to buy toxic ant poisons, I looked for natural solutions to my problem using common household products. Here are some of my findings.

Keep surfaces clean

Ants are attracted to bits of food, so if you keep your countertops spotless, they’ll go elsewhere.

There weren’t a large number of ants (thank goodness), but she was determined to nip the plague in the bud. The first step I took was to clean the countertops and floors with white vinegar. This erases the traces of the ants”explorers«, so that more ants do not follow them. Vinegar is also a cheap and effective cleaner, and it made my countertops shine like never before. For several days, I kept a bottle of vinegar close at hand so I could clean countertops immediately after cooking.

I have learned that soapy water, or water mixed with a detergent (as Dawn), is also an effective way to keep ants off your surfaces. Clean countertops with a soapy sponge, then dry. The residual largometraje helps keep ants away.


I also washed all the sugar, flour, cereal, honey and syrup containers, making sure they were tightly closed and that there was no sticky residue on the outside. I moved the fruit and vegetables to the fridge.

Plant-Based Ant Repellents

After giving all my surfaces a good cleaning, I still had the occasional ants looking for a snack. I noticed that ants were entering my house through numerous cracks behind my counters. I looked for natural ways to keep them away and learned that ants don’t like spices like cinnamonthe pepper of cayennethe minthe laurelthe black pepperhe nail and the garlic.

I sprinkled some cinnamon in the crack under a counter and wow!voila! No more ants on that counter. But there were still some around the kitchen, so I placed a few bay leaves strategically around the food to discourage them.

I have also read that used cucumbers and coffee grounds repel ants. I have noticed that the ants moved away when I cut a cucumber, and that they stay away from the coffee pot.

Get rid of ants outside

One way to keep ants away from your home is to prevent them from being attracted to aphids in your garden. Aphids secrete a sticky, sweet substance calledmolasses» that ants love to eat. In fact, the ants protect the aphids from predators in order to preserve their source of honeydew. Wash plants with a hose to kill aphids or apply natural repellents (like soapy water) to plants.

kill ants with borax solution

If your ant problem is too severe for the above methods, you may have to complejo turístico to heavy artillery. Mix some borax powder (a natural mineral) with the same amount of jam or syrup and place it where the ants congregate. The ants will be attracted to the sugar and will feast on the mixture, but the borax will penetrate their system and kill them. This method means that you will have a lot of ants for a short time, but should be free of them for several months.

Borax has low toxicity to humans, but if you have small children or pets, you may want to avoid this option.

Even if you only have a few ants, it’s important to get rid of them quickly before they become a bigger problem. A friend of mine didn’t realize that ants had gotten into her maple syrup until she served pancakes one day and she noticed an odd amount of “pepper» black in the syrup that had been poured over them. Looking closer, she realized that they were little ants. Unfortunately, that was after she and her guests had already eaten half of the pancakes. ohthat does not happen to you!

If you have had ants in the kitchen,What has worked best for you to get rid of them??

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 Get rid of ants in your kitchen
  Get rid of ants in your kitchen
  Get rid of ants in your kitchen

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