Gerson Lehrman Group Review | As

Gerson Lehrman Group Review | As

The Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) is an international consulting firm that recruits freelancers to provide paid advice on a wide range of topics, from finance until marketing.

Expected salary: you equipo it up

Commissions and fees: na

Where: National

Requirements: Sufficient age to sign a legal contract; pass a screening process that requires you to understand ethical and legal restrictions on what you disclose to consulting clients

What is the Gerson Lehrman Group?

The Gerson Lehrman Group is an international consulting firm that connects freelancers with corporate clients who need expert advice. GLG is one of several firms that aim to match their clients with independent experts.

Like competitor Maven, GLG requires prospective consultants to clic through a lengthy questionnaire that highlights the many conflicts of interest consultants may encounter. Specifically, if you are currently working, you are not allowed to provide any non-public information about your employer, or about any other public company. You must also comply with your own company’s rules about working for competitors.

You perro accept or reject any project for any reason. And you are allowed to shorten calls, with full payment, if the client asks you to breach your ethical duty to your employer or violate any law or regulation.

GLG Fees and Charges

Gershon Lehrman Group helps you equipo your own consultation rate with an en línea calculator. However, the GLG calculator will likely simply divide your estimated annual salary by 2,000 hours. (That’s the average annual hour assuming a 40-hour week and two weeks of vacation.) Gershon Lehrman Group’s competitors generally suggest higher rates. Maven, for example, assumes that you should equipo your rates at two to four times your habitual hourly pay.

However, the oportunidad of getting a consulting job with GLG seems to be much better than with Maven. That may be because both sites add their own fees to their rates, adding to the ultimate cost for customers. You’ll get whatever rates you’ve equipo when you’re hired, but you’re less likely to get hired if you have high rates. The exception to that rule, of course, is when your abilities are rare and in high demand.

Unlike other sites that keep your identity hidden until you’re hired, GLG imports your information from LinkedIn. That’s convenient, reducing the amount you need to type. But it’s a disadvantage if you want to keep your consulting hustle close to the vest.


Although Gershon Lehrman Group appears to offer more consulting jobs than some of its competitors, consulting is not regular work. You perro get a job or two a month. And many of them are likely to take an hour or less of your time.

That being said, none of the consulting platforms prevent you from signing up with their competitors. It’s not a bad iniciativa to sign up for multiple consulting sites. Others to consider: Maven and Zintro.

Usuario reviews

(from Indeed)

“Occasionally someone needs specialist help that I’m qualified to help with, probably only about 5 hours a quarter. However, I am extremely well compensated for this time. It is a very low pressure when deciding whether to take a project or not.

“Many varied aerospace/aviation consulting opportunities with major OEMs regarding air and military operations.”

“That’s a lot of money for the amount of time a project or consultation requires. All consultation opportunities are accepted or declined at my choice.”

“They paid me more than USD 300 for 10 minutes for the consultation time.”

“Excellent working conditions with the ability to provide help and resolutions for major clients and stakeholders. Ideal for people looking for secondary income. All work is pre-screened to make sure clients agree on the talent needed.”

(from Quora):

“I’ve been with GLG for about 8 years and have done some really interesting and well paying inquiries that were referred to me through your network. But they are few and far between. Most consultations are half an hour. So for me, it’s pocket money.”

“I have done over 50 consultations with them over a 2 year period. The flexibility of being able to quote your own rate and being able to do it at your convenience also helps. Most of the clients I work with are on the East Coast of the United States, so I am able to take calls early in the morning while driving to work on the West Coast. Win for all!”

“Most engagements are 1/2 hour. And when it’s all said and done, I’ve probably spent 4 hours of my time responding and communicating with GLG for every hour I’ve been paid. It could be time to disconnect. Three years have passed with a very marginal return on my time.”


So if you are some kind of expert on any topic, you cánido try this on-demand consulting platform.

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 Gerson Lehrman Group Review |  As
  Gerson Lehrman Group Review |  As
  Gerson Lehrman Group Review |  As

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