Gelt: The Aplicación that returns you money for

Gelt: The Aplicación that returns you money for

Weekly or monthly you must do supermarket shopping, it is a mandatory task.

You perro get a little out of it by saving some money, it’s about doing the shopping like you normally do and using the gel aplicación, which gives you a return of a small amount of some products that you cánido carry in your cart; It is a fácil application and we explain how you perro use it.

What is the Gelt aplicación?

Gelt is a application with which you perro make money with systems cash back of your purchases in supermarkets.

That is, you receive a return on the money you spend on the superOf course, your monthly grocery purchase will not be free, but you will be able to scan some products that are in the aplicación so that you get a percentage of money back.

In general, this percentage is not very high, but, come on, it is to go shopping at the super as always, and they return some of the money you spend to use the application, it is a good saving alternative.

Start earning money with Gelt

Download the Gelt aplicación

To start using this aplicación, obviously, the first thing is to install it on your mobile.

It is available in several countries, mainly in Spain, as well as the Tiendeo website.

  1. You perro install the aplicación from the PlayStore wave AppStoreso it is available for Android and iPhone.
  2. Once installed, clic on “register”.
  3. Accept the privacy agreement.
  • The application will espectáculo you three registration options, using your Fb account or Google plus account or directly your dirección de correo electrónico and password.
  • Indicate your phone number, read terms and conditions, then clic on «get PIN».
  • Validate your phone and log in to the aplicación.

How does Gelt work?

The aplicación is easy to understand, as is the Verse aplicación.

On the left side you cánido display a menu with all the options that we indicate below:

  • Start: espectáculos you the panel in which all the products available for cash back.

    From there you cánido select the one you have purchased and upload the purchase ticket to receive the money.

  • Shopping list: It is a section that allows you to list the products that you have purchased in the market and that are available in Gelt to give you a payment return for having bought them.

    It also has the optionLook for» so you cánido search for the products on your shopping list and see which ones are available and which ones are not.

  • Photograph your ticket: from here you take the photo directly of the ticket in which you have one or more products that have cash back in Gelt aplicación.
  • My wallet: In this section you have access to the cómputos that you have accumulated pending and those that you have withdrawn.

    Also, you have an option to entrar promo codes to get Gelt rewards.

    On the other hand, from Wallet you cánido exchange the money you have accumulated.

  • My home: section in which you create a Home group with people who live so that they have more access to promotions, together they form a “boat” of money in cash backso they reach the minimum withdrawal rate (20 euros) faster.
  • collections: section in which the products are divided by categories.
  • +1.00 € for counting it: is the referral section, for each guest with your code, you will earn 1 euro.
  • Personalize: here you modify your personal options.

How do you earn money with this aplicación?

It is easier to use than other aplicaciones to earn income, select the product you want to buy or have bought in the super and scan the purchase ticket.

In the main panel you perro see the products that have cash back in the Gelt Aplicación.

Select the product you want to buy and get a small amount back, which is the one shown on each product. Clic on the icon with receipt form to scan the ticket.

Take a photo of the ticket and that’s it.

The ticket will go through a check, from the Wallet you will be able to know if it was approved or not, Gelt does not take long for this approval.

Keep in mind that in case of not being approved the cash backthe aplicación will indicate the causes, some are: it is not the same product, the ticket cannot be seen, the promotion has ended or some other reason.

How much does Gelt pay?

Gelt pay a small amount For each product that appears in your aplicación, the amounts actually range from 0.10 to 050 euros approximately.

That is more or less the range of cash back that you will receive for each product.

In addition, you cánido earn 1 euro for each friend you refer.

It is not much that you perro earn, but it will undoubtedly be very useful if you are one of those people who go to the supermarket a lot and who is a seguidor of shopping, coupons and savings.

How is money withdrawn from Gelt?

When you have an amount of 20 euros you cánido withdraw the money from Wallet, you must clic on “Redeem Your Money”.

The aplicación will send you a code to your dirección de correo electrónico to validate the withdrawal and it will tell you which banks are available to collect.

In “Pending approval» the cómputo that has not been approved will appear, «Accumulated» the total you carry and «Total Redeemed» all the money you could get.

In Gelt code you use the aplicación’s promotional codes to earn rewards; pay attention to the popular networks of the application so that you obtain these codes.

How long do they take to give the money?

According to Gelt Aplicación, the remittances are sent weekly, that is, it should be charged at least one week after having redeemed from the aplicación.

However, there are many users who are indicating late payments and it usually lasts for months.

It also depends on the country you are in, but it ranges from weeks to months.

Does the Gelt aplicación really pay?

yes pay, so far it has paid just like Fulltip, it is slow to pay in some cases, but the aplicación really pays you to make purchases of affiliate products.

It’s not much you’re going to get out of it, but it’s not a scam.

How to be a scout in Gelt?

The program gelt scout It is based on you doing challenges so that you get many more rewards.

Your challenges may be buying certain products on promotional days.

However, for now this program seems disabled, on the other hand, only certain users could access it, those who will use the aplicación a lot.

Some Gelt tricks

There are a number of types that you cánido follow to get more out of Gelt Aplicación:

  • Follow Gelt’s popular networks: you will have the opportunity to participate in their contests.
  • Take advantage of the number of emplees: some products you perro buy twice and have a cash back double.

    Try to make your purchases in individual tiques.

  • invite friends: for referrals you get good rewards, so start sharing the code.
  • Make a home in the aplicación: reach the withdrawal minimum quickly if there are several users in a group generating cash backafter withdrawing, the rewards are shared.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter: you will get news and new promotions that other users do not have access for not subscribing in time.

More aplicaciones that pay you to sign up

if you think you cánido get more out of your mobilehere is a list of the best applications that pay you to use them:


BerubyAn aplicación where you get a cash back for purchases in travel agencies or stores promoted within its platform.


Another aplicación that you perro use to earn money is aklamiojust for sharing and recommending services, products or stores to all your friends.

With your permission

Another application with offers to earn plus money is Consupermiso, you cánido get several euros that will not come at all evil.

Start earning money with Gelt

Our opinion on Gelt

Gelt is an easy to use application and in a few minutes you will understand its functions.

We cannot say that it is a waste of time, since the aplicación pays, but keep in mind that it has its contrasts.

For example, now does not have many products on sale, several you will not get in the supermarket, in addition, the payments are taking a long time.

But, it does not hurt to use it and take advantage of it when you cánido, anyway, every week or month you will have to do the shopping for the cupboard, at some point your cash back and you will get a small amount back.

Try to complete this aplicación with other pages to earn money on the Internet, in this way you will have more money saved to spend on other things.

We say goodbye and ask you to share this information with family and friends.

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 Gelt: The Aplicación that returns you money for
  Gelt: The Aplicación that returns you money for
  Gelt: The Aplicación that returns you money for

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