GELT, save and get cashback with your basket

GELT, save and get cashback with your basket

Good afternoon, friends! How are you? I’m sure you’re fenezca.

May you get a lot of money en línea and invest it in necessary things, such as the shopping cart.

It is exactly what I am going to talk about in this articulo, to get cashback with your shopping cart.

Are you interested in the topic? Well keep reading.

And shopping the other day, the iniciativa occurred to me that someone could return money for your purchases, (cash back) Said and done, I started looking in Google plus play (there is also in Manzana store) and I found this application, it’s called GELT and you return hard cash for your purchasesmoney that you perro use in more purchases, drink reeds, or whatever you see fit.The mechanics for earn money It is very fácil, the Application GELT It has a few products on promotion, when you buy any of those products on its list (they are commonly used products, do not think that they are rare things) You take a photograph with your mobile phone of the supermarket ticket (it doesn’t matter what it is) from the application.

Once photographed, all you have to do is wait for your ticket to be validated and ready!, you already have your money.

In this vídeo you cánido see it:

How much and how cánido I collect my money? very easy, when you get 20 euros you cánido request it from the aplicaciónthey will ask you for a phone number to which they will send an mensaje de texto with the instructions to go to the ATM and withdraw the requested amount.

In that cashier you perro withdraw the amount (always multiples of 20) without a credit card, you must look for a ATM HalCash; that is, that you perro withdraw money without a credit or debit card.

As you cánido see, it is very easy to take advantage of our purchases to get plus money that is always good for us, and how could it be otherwise, the people of GELT gives us our first 0.50 euros for installing the aplicación and uploading our first ticketwhether with sponsored products or not, you just have to clic here.

Well then, I just have to say goodbye, advise you to take advantage of your purchases and take photos with the application GELTin less than you think, you perro make vueOur first withdrawal with this aplicación!

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 GELT, save and get cashback with your basket
  GELT, save and get cashback with your basket
  GELT, save and get cashback with your basket

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