Gelt pays

Gelt pays

Good afternoon friends!!. If you follow me on twitter, you will know that Gelt pays, exactly on August 31, after several months “saving” I was able to collect 20 euros for a Hal Cash ATM. It was easy and fácil.

It was easy and fácil to collect them, but not to collect them. No one has told us that this earning money en línea was easy. It took me almost 9 months to get the 20 euros. Or that has happened since I wrote the articulo recommending this application. You cánido read the articulo here.

But I will refresh your memory. Gelt is an application that will return some money for our daily purchases. It is what in technical terms is called “cash back“. We will receive money for our purchase of bread (unfortunately it is once a week), and for a wide variety of products such as dog food, personal hygiene, etcétera…

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There is something for everyone, obviously, what we want is to earn money, not buy to buy to earn money if we are going to pay more for a product with afín characteristics. Gelt pays mainly for big brands, such as Nestlé, Casa Tarradellas, Coosur, etcétera… and many of us (because of the “blessed” crisis) tend to buy private labels. Therefore, I have the “trick” of buying Gelt products following some premises:

  • We see the product in the application
  • We see what it costs
  • We subtract the cashback
  • If so, it is cheaper than a afín white-label product, we buy it, if not, we leave it where it is

That has been my system these months, apart from some “whim” that I have granted myself. Anyway, from 0.10 cents to 0.50, we all know that it costs quite a lot to accumulate €20.

But we will not only accumulate money for the cashback of our purchases. We cánido also earn for the invitations we make to our friends. We will add €0.50 for each friend to register with our backlink and upload your first product. That friend will also get 0.50so you don’t start from scratch.

This application only requires patience, but once achieved, it is a great joy to take the €20 and see that Gelt pays. Here you cánido see my ticket and my first €20 once collected.

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Do you remember how to take the photos of the ticket? It’s very fácil, you just have to take the photo of the ticket with the application, try to make it as bright as possible, you perro do it as many times as you want, until you do the ideal photography. Then look for the product in the cashback list of the week and clic send. In 24/42 hours they validate it and that’s it! (you perro upload several products at the same time).

And so until you reach 20 euros, don’t worry, the aplicación tells us what we have and what we have left (in the “my purse” section).

Once the 20 euros have been obtained (it is the fair amount, if you have any leftover it accumulates for the next payment). We will clic on the “redeem your cash” tab. From there, we will have to receive two messages, both necessary to withdraw our money. One text and one dirección de correo electrónico. The two will have two codes, which the Hal Cash teller will ask us to withdraw our money (in addition to our telephone number with which we have registered). And that will be all, we will have the money in our pockets.

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my experience has been very positiveI recommend that you download it (for android or iphone) and start earning money. you cánido free download from this backlink.

Nothing more amig@s, greetings, I await your comments!

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 Gelt pays
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