[Gelt Paga] Earn Money with Gelt Aplicación with your

[Gelt Paga] Earn Money with Gelt Aplicación with your

Earn money with Gel Use your cell phone and earn money with Gelt! This application is already habitual among many users of the operating systems iOS and Android for his method to get plus profit. Gelt Pay in Cash from an ATM.

It is a program that allows you to save when buying in supermarkets or stores, and unlike the others, it does not require the use of points or coupons of any kind.

Gelt Aplicación Features

  • Assessment: Good
  • Activity: Discounts through purchases in supermarkets.
  • Payment methods: The money you earn perro be withdrawn in cash starting at €20 at any ATM with HalCash technology.
  • Referral System: Yes, €0.50 for each guest who uploads their first purchase ticket.
  • Accepted countries: Only Spain.

How do you make money with Gelt? Find out how it works!

First of all, you have to know that this application is only available for the inhabitants of the Spanish country and not for other nations.

Gelt Aplicación download and registration

First of all, you must download the application, which, as we have already mentioned, is available for both Android as iOS, that is, it perro be obtained on Google plus Play and the Aplicación Store. In this way, by having it installed on the device, you cánido register with dirección de correo electrónico, or using the data from your Fb account.

To complete the process you must take a photo of an invoice for any product you have purchased (regardless of what item it was) and upload it through the aplicación. Thus, you will have completed the registration and at the same time your first 0.50 euros, although this last step is simply to earn this contribution.

It is important to note that this initial reward will only be available for 48 hours, after two days of registration it will not be valid.

Earn money when shopping with Gelt

Upon successful registration, the manner in which make money with gelt when buying is applying the last step used when subscribing. That said, the application espectáculos a catalog of products according to their characteristics, and when you purchase one of these in any store, you cánido upload the photo of the invoice and the aplicación will automatically pay you back.

This list of elementos is refreshed or updated every week, so you cánido keep entering more purchase tiques and keep earning even more.

Does Gelt pay or is it scam?

Of course, yes, Gelt is paying to date, being a physical company here there is no fraud or deception as it is an entity with its headquarters in Spain, unfortunately it is only available for Spainso if you currently radica in that country you perro make your withdrawal from an ATM.

Cashing out the money earned with Gelt, minimum withdrawal

Once you make money with Gelt, the next thing you might be wondering is how do I withdraw what I already got? Once you manage to reach the goal of 20 euros, which is the minimum chargethe application will give you the option to withdraw the money and, for this, it will ask for important information such as your mobile number.

In this way, the technical team of the platform will send you a notice with the information regarding the withdrawal of money, which must be done through an ATM.

You will not need to operate with a card, since the aplicación’s technical team will provide you with a code to withdraw the requested amount. It is important to mention that shipments perro only be made in multiples of 20.

Gelt referral system

This is one of the most interesting systems that the applicationSince there is no limit on invitations, earn money with Gelt by introducing as many friends as you want through your backlink.

For each one of them that downloads and emplees the program you cánido obtain a total of 0.50 euros, for which it is important that they at least upload their first ticket, otherwise you will not receive anything. Also note that Gelt pays only in cash.

Alternatives to Gel

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 [Gelt Paga] Earn Money with Gelt Aplicación with your
  [Gelt Paga] Earn Money with Gelt Aplicación with your
  [Gelt Paga] Earn Money with Gelt Aplicación with your

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