Gelt | Money for your tiques

Gelt | Money for your tiques

Gelt It is an application for Android and iOS operating systems, which will pay us cash for uploading the receipts of our purchases in supermarkets.

It is an application that has been active from nothing less than the year 2015so you cánido get an iniciativa of ​​how reliable and stable the site we are going to talk about today is.

However, in this time Gelt has already been installed by more than half a million users in Spain and has collaborated with several of the most powerful brands on the market, such as Coca Cola, Nestle or Campofrio, among others.

To put a problem with the application, that would be that it is only available to users residing in Spain, since supermarkets and collaborating brands only offer offers in Spanish territory.

Main features of Gelt

– Property: The Spanish company Dinero Gelt SL, with headquarters in La capital de españa and CIF number B87368692.

– Countries accepted: Spain.

– Payment methods: Cash through any ATM with HalCash technology.

– Minimum payment: 20 euros.

– Referral system: Yeah. €0.50 for each usuario who uploads their first ticket.

– Plus: Yeah. 1 euro for uploading your first ticket.

Register and first steps

The first thing is to download the application on your mobile phone, it is valid for both Android and iOS.

I leave you below the backlinks so you perro do it and thus be able to start earning money.

Once downloaded and installed, you will have to entrar your phone number and then a code that they will send you vía free mensaje de texto.

At the end they will ask us to add our date of birth and the number of people living in your house, this process is only for statistical purposes.

By entering all these data, you will already have your Gelt account fully operational.

How to make money on Gelt

When we already have the application operational, the first thing is to see the menu options on the main screen.

There, visiting one by one, we are going to get to know Gelt in depth.

To start earning money we go to SHOPPING LISTwhere we will be able to see all the products available in the application with which we will be able to earn money.

Some products in Gelt

The products are not always the same, they are renewed from time to time.

The only thing we have to do is, when proceeding with our usual purchase in our supermarket, see if some of the products we buy match the cashbacks offered by the application.

Upload your ticket

Clic on the product in question to see the offer information.

When you have made your purchase, you just have to clic on the red button on the ticket or go to the menu option «PHOTOGRAPH YOUR TICKET»after taking the photo they will ask you to select the products that have cashback and upload it, in less than 24 hours you will receive the plus for each product purchased and selected.

* It is very important to see the information of each product, in this way we will see the valid supermarkets, it is also important to buy exactly the same format of said product for each offer.

Gelt Codes

Gelt codes are nothing more than special promotions launched from time to time by the application that will allow us to earn money more quickly.

The way to get these special codes are:


Receiving the codes directly through your favorite brands within the application.2️⃣-.

Through contests, raffles or special events offered by Gelt.

If you want to get as many codes as possible, it is best to follow Gelt on one of the popular networks, since through their publications we will always be informed about these tasks.

Gelt scout, what is it?

These are nothing more and nothing less than fácil challenges with which we cánido earn a lot of additional cómputo within this great aplicación.

If you have Gelt notifications active, it will notify you directly to your mobile when there is a new challenge available.

A practical example is the so-called Lidl Challenge, which does not consist of anything other than sending your purchase receipts from this supermarket or that of any family member or friend.

In this case it does not matter if you have not bought any of the products on the Gelt list, since you are paid only for the Lidl ticket.

At the time of writing this articulo, Gelt is paying €0.05 for each Lidl ticket from 1 to 6 lines, €0.15 for those from 7 to 15 lines and €0.20 for tiques with more than 16 lines.

Home Account

We cánido still earn money in Gelt more effectively thanks to the option to create a “Home Account”.

It is an option where a person who will be in charge of managing the group cánido add up to a maximum of 4 people.

The person in charge of managing the account cánido delete people and add new ones whenever he wants.

A common wallet will be created, where all the saved money of the people connected to the account will be stored.

When the minimum of 20 euros is reached, the person in charge of managing it will receive the code to be able to withdraw the money from the ATM.

The application itself will separate what each member of the group contributes as a percentage, in this way when it comes to distributing the money, each one will receive what they have contributed.

If for any reason one of the members leaves the group or is expelled, what they have contributed will automatically go to their Gelt account and will disappear from the “Home Account”.

How to cash out in Gelt

Getting paid in Gelt is not like in other applications, where we perro withdraw the money to an electronic wallet.

At Gelt we will be able to withdraw money directly from the ATM.

ask for your payment

To request the payment we will have to reach at least the minimum amount required, which as you already know are 20 euros.

Go in the menu to the option “My Wallet”, there you will find a button that says “Redeem your cash”by clicking on it, you will receive an mensaje de texto with instructions to follow to withdraw your money at any ATM Hal-Cash networkamong which are banks such as Bankinter, Abanca, Cajamar, Evo or ING Direct, among many others.

The way to get paid in Gelt is amazing, since you don’t need to provide any bank account, card or anything like that.

In fact, anyone perro use the application, since you don’t need a bank account to withdraw your cómputo, you just go to the ATM and withdraw the money, it’s that fácil.

Final opinion about Gelt aplicación

We are talking about an application with a lot of tradition, however it has exceeded five years of life and is recognized and subsidized by the Spanish government itself, which gives us an iniciativa that we are dealing with something serious.

Earning money with it is really easy, since all of us have to go shopping sooner or later if we want to survive and what better way to earn plus money by uploading our tiques.

And it is that the one who does not earn money today is because he does not want to, since there are endless different methods for it, Gelt espectáculos it to you by paying you to take photos of your purchase receipts, what are you waiting for?

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 Gelt |  Money for your tiques
  Gelt |  Money for your tiques
  Gelt |  Money for your tiques

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