Games to WIN real MONEY | free and without

Games to WIN real MONEY | free and without

In Dineroworld I have talked about different systems to earn money en línea.

We have seen PTC tutorials, faucets, paid survey pages, etcétera.

They all allow us earn real money without investing.

But of course, they also require having a constancy and daily regularity.

Depending on each page, we will have to carry out a series of actions.

And in exchange, they will pay us in dollars, in euros or offer us to redeem prizes.

But… and if I tell you that there are games in which we cánido earn money playing.

I already anticipate that in en línea games you have to be equal or more constant than in the PTC and in the faucets.

They are of all kinds.

And there are those who pay by Paypal, in bitcoin or in other cryptocurrencies.

Today I will talk about the games to earn money what do i use All 100% free, reliable and for everyone.

In itself, we usually use games to have fun.

But this earning money playing is much more cool.

Do not you think?

What games to win real money are there

There are many games to earn money en línea.

This fact makes it technically impossible to work and analyze each of them.

Taking this aspecto into account, the ideal is to focus on those games that deal with topics that we like.

Two of my hobbies are sports and cryptocurrencies, and that’s why I’ve focused on games that deal with these issues.

For me, it’s important to play games that I find fun.

If I like them, I’m more likely to keep playing.

And if they have the incentive that I cánido earn money without investing anythingWell, much better.

I have to say that I am constantly testing new sites.

And I do the same with games.

In the end, the only way to know if a site pays is to work on it yourself.

When I come across a game, I sign up, spend time with it, and look at everything to see how it works.

I say this because I will update the articulo with the new games that I discover.

My game requirements to earn money

In this articulo I will only talk about reliable games that are already proven.

In fact, I will list those games that meet three essential conditions.


They have to be 100% free.

If they offer investment methods it seems respectable to me.

As long as it’s not mandatory invest to withdraw money that we have won playing

That there is someone behind the support that responds to our queries.

It may seem silly, but it is not.

If the support is fast and efficient, you are serious about your project.

If a support is delayed in responding, it generates significant mistrust.

Receive a payment or award.

Without a doubt, it is the best way to know if a game pays and is reliable.

In most of the games listed below I have been personally paid.

But there are some that don’t.

However, I would not add them to the list if I did not know for sure that they do pay.

Games to win prizes and money betting

Winner 【Sports Betting & Casino】

The Ganador portal also deals with sports betting.

Among other prizes, we have the possibility of redeem our points for money and receive it in Skrill, Neteller or bitcoin.

We perro even exchange the points for Gift Cards to buy on Amazon.

In addition to the classic sports betting, at Ganador they offer us competitions in which other members of the community participate.

By paying a small amount of points we cánido entrar competitions like QuiniGol.

If we are the winners, we will win a very juicy common pot.

In Ganador we cánido bet the points in the casino.

Whether playing Roulette or Blackjack.

The way in which the Ganador website is financed is mainly through promotions to real casinos and betting houses.

It is not mandatory to register or make a deposit in any casino to win money in Ganador.

They are only promotions that fulfill a double function: they serve to keep the website en línea and to jugadores who want to take advantage of promotions earn additional points in the game.

Ganador Tutorial Register in the betting portal

Betsuites 【Free Sports Betting】

Betsuites is one of the best-known free betting portals out there.

After the closure of Playfulbet, it is possibly the only game left with this kind of features.

Unlike Ganador or Betsim, which I will talk about a little later, in Betsuites you perro’t make money proper.

That is to say, with the points that we earn by hitting the forecasts we will be able to redeem prizes, but not money itself.

At Betsuites we cánido get gift vouchers for Amazon, Paysafecard cards or even the shirt of our favorite team.

Apart from the free bets, at Betsuites we perro continue adding points by completing surveys or offers.

In the end, you have to take advantage of all the sections that make up a game to get the most out of it.

And in this, the offers section perro give us plus points to continue betting.

Or if we reach the required amount, to redeem the prize that we like the most.

Betsuites Tutorial Sign Up for Gambling

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

En línea games and vídeo games to earn money

My Profit Land 【Strategy Game】

My Profit Land is another of the games to earn money that we perro find en línea.

Regarding the gameplay itself, it should be noted that it is very afín to Market Glory.

The most basic tasks too are the ones to work twice a day, although in this case, there is also the option of earning euros directly by answering surveys and watching ads.

In the purest PTC style.

In My Profit Land we perro make money with offer walls.

We find them in Activities > Offer Contest > Here.

Among them, Minute Staff and Theorem Reach stand out.

In this type of game the possibilities are multiple.

In the end, it is about managing resources and growing little by little.

Either to save and request a payment or to use the earnings to improve our account.

The more regular, the more our skills and experience will progress.

And in the same way, we will win more coins for each action we take.

My Profit Land Guide Go to Strategy Game

Gamee 【Earn money playing and watching vídeos】

Another very interesting game to earn money is Prizes by Gamee, in a web version.

Or Gamee Aplicación in mobile application version.

It is one of the most productive games to earn money that exists.

In fact, money perro be earned in various ways.

Among the most outstanding are the mini-games, the wheel of fortune and the two daily bonuses.

What I like the most is that in the wheel of fortune we perro earn money directly in Paypal.

We cánido get cash prizes! But it is that we cánido also get free spins by watching ads, which allows us to easily get more earnings.

On the other hand, we also get tiques, which will allow us to participate in the weekly lottery and opt to win more rewards.

In Gamee there are several daily lotteries in which we perro win $10 and $100 respectively.

To participate in these raffles we have to get numbers by watching vídeos.

As usual in this type of applications We will also generate earnings by watching vídeos, downloading applications, answering surveys, etcétera.

Gamee Games Guide Go to the game

RollerCoin 【Virtual mining and vídeo games】

Another mining simulation game that allows us to earn free cryptocurrency it’s RollerCoin.

I must admit which is one of the sites that It has caught my attention for a long time…and now you will see why.

The portal is made up of a series of classic mini-games such as the typical Martians, Arkanoid, etcétera.

As we play these games and level up, we gain mining power.

The more we play RollerCoin games, the more mining power we will obtain and, therefore, the more satoshis we will earn per day.

At the very beginning, our character starts working with a small and underpowered computer.

But as we go beating levels and complicating the gameplay of each mini-game, the size of the computer, the mining power and even the entusiastas will improve.

Best of all, it is not necessary to have the PTC on all day.

RollerCoin does not consume resources as it is not real mining! All you have to do is play for a while every day and let your character mine bitcoin.

On the virtual RollerCoin blockchain a block of 3,000 satoshis is discovered every 5 minutes.

This means that every five minutes we will receive the corresponding satoshis according to the mining power that we contribute to the network.

The minimum payment is 10,000 satoshis through a bitcoin wallet.

Whether it’s coinbaseBlockchains…

How Rollercoin works Go to the game

Gemly 【Strategy fighting game】

Gemly is a strategy game in which we perro earn money for free and practically automatic.

The truth is that it is a fairly fácil, intuitive game that only requires access once a day at most.

The game consists of hiring recruits, who will be in charge of killing the enemies that appear.

These enemies are not other jugadores, but are NPCs and cannot harm us.

Once we hire a recruit, he is only responsible for inflicting damage on the enemy with each hit he lands.

There are different types of recruits and each one has a cost in gems (which is the game’s currency).

So the more expensive, the more damage it inflicts on the opponent.

Each recruit gives us a 200% benefit.

That is to say that if we hire a recruit in exchange for 1 gem, when he expires, he will have given us 2 gems.

Every time a recruit hits a contrincante, in addition to dealing damage, it will give us gems.

The gems that he will give us will depend on the damage that he causes with each hit.

Every 1,000,000 gems equals $1.

As soon as we start we cánido complete a tutorial for which, at the end, they will give us 100,000 gems ($0.10).

AND We cánido use these gems to hire our first recruits.

In addition, it also has a PTC ads section.

So for each ad we see, they will give us a certain amount of gems.

At Gemly we perro withdraw profits starting at $0.10 and pay for Payeer, Perfect Money and in cryptocurrencies.

go to game

Cryptomininggame 【Virtual mining game】

We change the subject and go on to talk about Crypto Mining Game.

A game based on mining.

It allows us to withdraw cryptocurrency earnings directly to our wallet.

Be it Coinbase, Blockchain or any other.

The game is about gradually increase our mining power.

This will guarantee that every time we mine, the derived profits are greater and greater.

It also has a level system in which the higher the level, the greater the profits we obtain for each action.

In addition, we cánido carry out Missions to get plus cryptocurrencies, regardless of mining, and receive a prize every day thanks to the Daily Plus.

There is the option of acquiring the premium membership so that they assign us a series of advantages.

But be careful, because we perro also get it for free when we reach 1000 HPower.

This game is a clear example of how to monetize a site with the use of popups, banners and shorteners.

Sometimes this type of advertising perro be annoying for jugadores, but you have to understand that it is the main source of income of Crypto Mining Game.

This allows them, among other things, to develop the game and pay us.

How Crypto Mining Game works Go to cryptocurrency mining game

Get BTC for playing in faucets

Freebitcoin 【BTC Faucet par excellence】

Although the faucets they’re not really games I am going to include two of them in this list of games to earn money.

The reasons are diverse.

First of all we find the Freebitcoin bitcoin faucet.

The most important thing is that the faucets, for those who do not know them, are web pages in which we perro earn BTC or other cryptocurrencies for 100% free.

Do you want to earn more BTC? Look at this list with all the reliable pages that I use to earn free bitcoins.

As far as Freebitcoin is concerned, it is the most veteran, reliable and complete bitcoin faucet that exists.

And it has been for a long time.

Apart from the faucet, it also has a games section.

these games They are random and we pay the bets with the cómputo in satoshis that we have in the cómputo.

I don’t usually recommend these games where “the bank always wins”.

However, in this article, we are talking about free games to earn money with.

And without a doubt, Freebitcoin could fall into this classification.

Although instead of earning money in euros or dollars, we will get it in Bitcoin.

How Freebitcoin works Register to the faucet

Earn money playing on mobile

Betsim 【Free sports betting aplicación】

Before we have talked about Betsuites and Ganador, which are two free sports betting games in which we cánido win money and prizes.

Well then, Betsim comes to be a very afín site although it only works in mobile aplicación format.

In addition to money through Paypal, at Betsim we cánido also win Gift Vouchers for Amazon.

The most remarkable thing about this application is that it allows you to make combined bets.

While in most free betting games the only format for forecasting is single bets, it’s a real hoot that at Betsim they let us make double, triple, quadruple or as many combinations as we want.

Betsim’s currency is called Bycoin.

There are several ways to earn more points.

In addition to the bets, we will also get plus Bycoins for accessing the aplicación every day, for watching vídeos, for answering surveys, etcétera.

To request a withdrawal of €5 through Paypal, you only need 480,000 Bycoins.

If you liked the aplicación and you are going to try it, you perro entrar my invitation code and they will give us both an plus 500 Bycoins.

Is he BUO3kL (They are all capital letters except the “k” which is in lower case and the 3).

How Betsim works Download aplicación on Playstore

BigTime 【Mini-games to earn money】

If we talk about sites that pay us to play, we cannot ignore the Big Time application.

In this case it is a mobile aplicación in which we perro earn real money for the mere fact of playing.

The site contains various skill games.

By participating in them, improving our scores and leveling up, we will obtain tiques… Tiques that we perro later exchange for money!

The best and most practical way to add tiques in Bigtime is playing, but it is not the only one.

Additionally, if we want, we perro also get plus tiques by watching vídeos, downloading and trying other applications, answering surveys, etcétera.

Every 10,000 tiques cánido be redeemed for $0.10.

And when we reach $10, we cánido request a payment through Paypal.

If you want, you perro entrar my guest code RATC8 and start with 2,500 plus tiques.

BigTime aplicación Tutorial Download aplicación on Playstore

When is a game reliable to win money?

First of all it is very important that let’s identify the games to win money that are really safe.

In this way, we will know in advance that the time spent on each game will not be wasted.

And we will receive the corresponding prizes when we request them.

I usually look at this information to assess whether a game deserves my attention or not:

Find out if other people have received a payment or prize before us.

The best way is to verify it for ourselves, but if someone has achieved it before, that is what we save.

Verify if the data provided by the Whois is real.

A game, whether to win money or not, does not have to hide this type of information if you want to be transparent and trustworthy.

The same would apply in the case that it is a registered company that is behind the game.

The third relevant data is that of investigate if the game has any source with which to finance itself.

If we are dealing with games to earn money, it is essential that they receive income to pay users.

Otherwise they would go bankrupt.

As examples of financing, captchas, shorteners, popups, banners, etcétera.

would be worth it.

If we are talking about free games to earn money, I do not see no reason for us to be forced to invest before you perro withdraw.

If that is the case, I automatically discard it.

Opinions about games to earn money

If we are talking about free games with which to get money, the first thing we must assume is that It is not always easy to achieve our purpose.

As a general rule, these types of games are characterized by rewarding perseverance and growth.

Two features that perro only be understood when the usuario is active day after day.

In this way, the better our account is, the greater the profits we obtain.

This applies 100% to games like Goaltycoon or Crypto Mining Game.

Regarding sports betting games such as Betsuites or Ganador, I recommend that you take a look at the articulo I wrote about the types of sports bets that exist.

In it, in addition to reviewing the types of bets that exist, I described some consejos that perro come in handy when making your predictions.

The most practical thing is that we bet only on those sports that we follow regularly.

It is not an infallible technique, but it increases our chances of hitting it.

To finish, just add that if you liked a game and want to learn more about how it works, you cánido visit the tutorials.

With all the most developed information.

In them I explain how to start playing, how to earn money and the main features of each game.

If you have any questions or want to ask me anything about these games to earn money, you perro leave a comment below and I will help you with great pleasure.

Until next time!!

Games to earn money that NO LONGER pay

Playfulbet 【Sports Betting Game】

Update to February 12, 2020 » Today they have published a message on Playfulbet’s popular networks in which they said that they were forced to close the page.

Over the past few months they had taken some rather unpopular measures with the goal of making the game profitable, but they didn’t bring the expected result.

After almost 8 years, Playfulbet ceases its activity.

LuckyWinner 【Win money playing scratch cards】

Update to February 18, 2020 » Three weeks ago today I requested two prizes for Amazon of $2 and $3 respectively.

I have tried to contact the administrator, but he does not respond.

It should be remembered that this aplicación used to pay by Paypal, but it stopped doing so.

Now, it turns out that you don’t pay for Amazon either.

And to make matters worse, the administrator It no longer responds to the queries that users make.

Having seen what has been seen, it is best that we stop wasting time with this application and dedicate ourselves to earn money with games that do pay.

Yogano 【Earn money by playing mini-games】

Yogano’s platform no longer pays.

After trying to collect my winnings several times, they have been putting me in an obstacle after an obstacle.

After complying with all its conditions, among which there is an implicit obligation to deposit €10 and play them, they still don’t pay me.

You cánido see more information in Yogano’s tutorial, but in my opinion It is no longer a reliable game and I stop recommending it.

Battle Traders 【BTC Trading Game】

BattleTraders has added a requirement that it is mandatory to invest in other platforms in order to withdraw.

For this reason I stop recommending it and I remove the backlinks from the blog.

goaltycoon 【Earn money with your football club

Goaltycoon has probably been one of the games I’ve played the most in recent years.

He had always been reliable but his situation has taken a extremista turn.

Currently and for quite some time the game is totally abandoned by the administrator.

It does not pay, it does not update the leagues, there are no relegations or promotions, etcétera.

Keeping in mind what has happened to the rest of the games from this owner, it is best to stop recommending them and remove the backlinks from the blog.

Market Glory 【Simulation and strategy game】

MarketGlory is one of the oldest and most reliable games on the internet… but it hasn’t been like that for a long time.

It seems that the administration has abandoned game management and left it to oportunidad.

Worst of all, I have a pending payment for two and a half months and I know that there are many more people in the same situation as me.

Seen what has been seen, I abandon this game and stop recommending it.

For me it is scam.

Goaltycoon Crypto 【Free BUSD with your soccer club】

GoalTycoon Crypto is the most recent game that had been added to this list.

The references it had were very good, since its owner is the same as Goaltycoon and MarketGlory… However, it was the official launch of the game and after a few weeks it seemed that the administration did not care to keep it updated.

In fact, it is currently in the same situation as the rest of the games from this owner.

They are scam and do not pay.

Slam Dunk Tycoon 【Basketball Game】

Slam Dunk Tycoon is from the same owner as the previous three games.

Taking into account the direction that all the games of this administrator have taken, it is best to conclude that it is also a scam and stop using it.

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

We hope you liked our article Games to WIN real MONEY | free and without
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 Games to WIN real MONEY |  free and without
  Games to WIN real MONEY |  free and without
  Games to WIN real MONEY |  free and without

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