Games in Excel – Step by step

Games in Excel – Step by step

The games in excel have become one of the best-known aspects of using our spreadsheets, millions of people around the world have ever played a game that was developed entirely in Excel, even if it seems hard to believe, the desktop application of Excel is a great foundation for game creation and development.

There are 2 types of Excel Games:

  1. Excel games programmed in Vba (Visual Basic for applications)
  2. Excel games questions

➡ Excel Vba games

These games are developed under the Vba (Visual Basic Advanced) programming environment that accompany the Excel application for the development and creation of Macros, thanks to this programming language several programmers from around the world have developed games under spreadsheets of Excel, from versions of classic games like Tetris or Monopoly to new games developed with the help of vba.

➡ Excel games of questions or Excel Quiz games

They are developed thanks to the text functions and mathematical functions that the Excel application incorporates.

Thanks to the equipo of functions, it is possible to create trivia games on any topic.

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➡ Hidden games in Excel

Excel Easter Eggsare called the equipo of hidden games that the Excel application has incorporated throughout its history thanks to the inventiveness of the different programmers who have been involved in the development of the different versions of Excel, access to these Easter eggs or hidden games It is only possible by carrying out a series of well-identified and ordered steps.

3 were the versions of Excel in which the famous hidden games or Easter eggs of Excel were included, the The first time these hidden games were released was in Excel version 7.0 or Excel 95the next two versions of the famous Calculation: Electronic calculation spreadsheet would include two hidden games.

This article collects and explains the steps needed to run the hidden games that are included in different versions of the Excel desktop aplicación.

➡ The Doom of Excel 95

In Excel version 7.0, known as Excel 95, there is an easter egg developed by the programmers of the time, thanks to this easter egg we cánido play some kind of doom in our worksheets, to do so we must do the following steps:

  • Open Excel 95.
  • Within the spreadsheet, position yourself on row 95.
  • Clic on the number 95 in the row and select the entire row.
  • Press the tabulator key (TAB) once
  • Clic on the icon “?” and choose the option “About Microsoft Excel…”
  • Press the keys at the same time “CRTL” + “ALT” + “SHIFT” and clic with the mouse on technical support.
Doom for Microsoft Excel 95

If you follow these steps, a window will appear with the name “The hall of tourtured souls” what translated into spanish means “Hall of Tortured Souls”where you cánido move through a three-dimensional environment based on the famous game Doom using the arrow keys.

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➡ Excel 95 – 7.0 Doom game cheat

In the game, if you go to the stairs and turn around you will see a white square wall, write “EXCELKFA” and the wall will disappear giving way to a zigzag path, if you are able to walk the path without falling, you will reach the famous Hall of Tortured Souls, where you cánido see pictures of some of the Office 95 developers.

If you are not able to walk the zigzag path to entrar the hall of tortured souls and see the images of the office 95 developers, you perro use the following trick, as soon as you entrar the game start rotating the character using the arrow keys up arrow and right arrow, suddenly you will jump out the window and find yourself outside the building, go to the side of the building and you will find the image that is in the hall of tortured souls as well as the number of developers.

If you cánido’t walk the zigzag path to entrar the Hall of Tortured Souls and see the Office 95 developer pictures, you cánido use the following cheat, as soon as you entrar the game start rotating the character using the up arrow up and right arrow keys, suddenly you will jump out the window and find yourself outside the building, go to the side of the building and you will find the picture that is in the hall of tortured souls and the name of the developers.

Many netizens have written about the meaning of this game, some uphold the demo and display theory of Bill Gates as the antichrist, others explain the hard work, pointing out that the Office 95 developers were put under the direct supervision of Bill Gates, and others see it simply as an application developed by Microsoft as part of the Excel 95 marketing strategy.

The reality is that today the meaning and origin of this curious hidden Excel 95 game is unknown.

➡ The flight simulator in Excel 97

The second easter egg or Microsoft Excel hidden game which we cánido access and find in version 8.0, also known as Excel 97, is a flight simulator.

To access this game we must follow these fácil steps:

  • Open Excel 97
  • press the key F5
  • Inside the bottom text box and next to “Reference” write X97:L97
  • Once located, press the key “Tabulator (TAB)”
  • Holding down the keys “ALT” + “CTRL” and clic the mouse on the icon chart wizard.

You will automatically appear on a new screen where using the mouse you perro fly over the mountains like a flight simulator, on one of the mountains you will find a kind of projection where the name of the Excel 97 developers is displayed.

➡ Excel 2000 racing game

The version of Excel 9.0, or better known as Excel 2000, could not be left behind from its previous versions and also offers us an “easter egg” or hidden game.

the game called Dev Hunter either “Dev Hunter” (in Spanish), a car racing game.

In order to play Dev Hunter in Excel 2000 we must do the following:

  • Open Excel 2000
  • Go to the menu “archive” and select the option “Save as web page”
  • Change the archivo name to game.html
  • Select the box “Activate interactivity” and then on the button “Articulo”.
  • close excel
  • With your favorite internet browser, open the created archivo named “game.html”
  • Go to row 2000 and select the entire row clicking the number 2000.
  • Press the tabulator key (TAB) until you scroll to the column toilet
  • Holding down the keys “ALT” + “SHIFT” and clic the Office logotipo located to the left of the upper corner.


The car racing game Dev Hunter will appear automaticallywhere you perro read the name of the Excel 2000 developers printed on the road, to play Dev Hunter use the following keys:

  • Accelerate – Up Arrow
  • Brake – Down Arrow
  • Right– Right Arrow
  • Left– Left Arrow
  • Shoot – Spacebar
  • Pour oil – o key
  • Turn lights on and/or off – H key
  • Quit game – ESC key

Later versions of Excel stopped surprising the famous hidden games (easter eggs) so to access these we must install some of the old versions of the Microsoft Excel application.

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 Games in Excel – Step by step
  Games in Excel – Step by step
  Games in Excel – Step by step

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