Gamehag: win prizes and money by playing for free

Gamehag: win prizes and money by playing for free

gamehag is an en línea gaming community where you will be able to win money and prizes completely free of charge.

This community was launched in 2016 and its growth in recent years has been truly spectacular.

It currently has more than seven million users that interact daily within its platform, which cánido give us an iniciativa of ​​its projection.

Since its inception, this platform has become a large community of jugadores from all over the world where they perro share opinions, tricks, and strategies on a multitude of en línea games of all categories: strategy, arcade, war, downloadable games, browser games, etcétera. .

Regarding its operation gamehag is very fácil: you will have to complete missions within a great variety of gamehag minigames in exchange for the so-called Soul Gems.

These Soul Gems are a kind of coins that you cánido exchange at any time for money, game keys, steam codes and many other awards.

Sounds interesting right?

If you are fond of en línea games and also earn money on internet, this is your portal.

I recommend that you continue reading the articulo and you will discover a site where you will be able to earn money with the gamehag games.

Keep reading!

Registration in Gamehag

registration in gamehag It is an extremely fast and fácil process that will not take us more than 30 seconds to carry out.

The first thing you should do is access the official website from here or from the top banner.

Once this is done, dYou will have to go to the top right of the page and look for the word “registration”.

There you will find a small form where you will have to entrar your dirección de correo electrónico, nombre de usuario and password (habitual in all registrations).

after a while you will receive an dirección de correo electrónico with a backlink in which you must clic to activate your account and thus have access to all the functions of this website.

How does Gamehag work?

When we first entered the page of gamehag we are going to hear a message that is going to invite us to listen to the witch Misty.

This good little witch is the main character of gamehagwhen the witch appears you must clic on “of course” and activate the audio on your computer or móvil inteligente in order to hear the entire tutorial that will teach you the basics of this website.

Once finished, you will have access to four new very short tutorials with which you will be able to learn about the different categories of the platform and thus be able to earn 20 plus soul gems.

If I were you, I wouldn’t ignore them, since they are very interesting.

In the last tutorial, the witch Misty will be automatically added to your friends list, any doubt or question you have, you only have to write to her through the automatic chat or directly send a ticket to support so that they cánido solve it for you.

The operation of the page is very fácil.

As you complete missions and level up you perro go getting chestsWithin these gamehag chests there are runes and other magical elementos.

Runes grant additional benefits and bonuses.

Methods to get Soul Gems

As I have told you before, the soul gems are the “coins” that we perro exchange for different gifts and prizes within the platform gamehag.

There are several ways to earn these soul gems, which we cánido later exchange for money or gifts.

Keep reading that I am going to explain the different ways to win soul gems in gamehag.

Playing Gamehag games

This is the main way to get the soul gems.

You will have to perform tasks within a wide variety of games.

You simply have to access the “receive GA” section, choose the game that you like the most and read the instructions carefully.

Easy and fácil.

I tell you to always read the instructions well, if you don’t, you won’t be able to unlock the tasks, which are very important in these gamehag games.

When you finish a task, the next one will be unlocked (and so on).

There are dozens of Gamehag games to choose from within various categories such as role-playing, strategy, action, etcétera… When you get bored and don’t know what to do with your life, you perro play the gamehag minigames and get out of boredom.

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perform tasks en línea

Gamehag also has its share of performing en línea tasks.

What kind of tasks are they? Well, they are the same typical of this type of sites: downloading applications, registering on other pages, subscriptions with trial periods, etcétera…

What I always tell you with these types of pages: be careful where you put your phone number, don’t register with a paid subscription service.

There are also other types of tasks that are much simpler and easier to perform, such as downloading the Gamehag application or like their official Fb page.

speaking in forums

in the forum of gamehag You will be able to exchange consejos, opinions and strategies on the different games and the general operation of the platform itself.

In addition, you perro earn soul gems for the fácil act of writing on it.

Obviously, it is not about writing for the sake of writing, but about adding value to other users by talking about an interesting topic or answering questions from other users.

writing articles

If you have any trick or strategy that cánido be useful to other users, this will be your great opportunity to win soul gems.

gamehag puts at your disposal an article creation system where you will be able to test your knowledge on the subject of vídeo games.

But not everything is going to be gold that glitters, you must take into account several requirements:

  • a minimum of 2,500 words
  • cannot contain profanity or offensive words
  • You cannot entrar advertising or referral backlinks
  • good spelling
  • it must be original
  • You cánido not repeat topics that are already closed

rate elementos

You cánido also earn the coveted soul gems by appraising elementos from others.

The only requirement that you must meet is to carefully read the articles of the rest of the users and leave your honest opinion.

Using televisión Zone

televisión Zone is a section where you cánido get gems just by watching ads.

To win them, the procedure is very fácil and consists of three easy steps:

  • see the ad
  • clic on the ad
  • get the reward

Being a VIP member

If you like this type of pages and you plan to dedicate a lot of time to gamehag, you may be interested in purchasing the VIP membership.

With this subscription activated you will receive unique and very valuable elementos that will help you a lot to get more soul gems (10% more) and other benefits that will only be available to this type of player.

It is something that you should consider if you think that gamehag you will like.

Also, each month you will receive a new rank and a chest full of prizes.

For those who are interested, tell you that the VIP membership only costs €3 per month.

buying gems

You perro also directly buy the soul gems.

You perro do it through four means of payment: Visa, Klarna, Mobiano and MINT.

You cánido buy from 500 gems for just €1.20 up to 12,000 gems for €24.

This option is relatively good and is only recommended in certain cases when you are in a hurry or really want to get a game.

For example, if a game costs you 25,000 gems and you already have 24,500, you cánido buy the paquete of 500 for €1.20.

In any case, I always recommend being patient and waiting to get the corresponding gems to acquire your prizes.

creating a vídeo

If you have a YouTube channel where you talk about games or en línea businesses, you may be interested in the option that it will offer you gamehag.

By entering the dirección de Internet of your profile, you will instantly know the amount of gems you will receive.

In my case, I don’t have a YouTube channel, mainly because it doesn’t give me life.

But there are many colleagues who have their channel and cánido upload their vídeos and earn a good amount of soul gems.

Doing daily checking

If you entrar every day (checking) you perro get 5 soul gems every day.

Don’t forget to check in daily, as a lot of little things go a long way!

Use Gamehag codes

Another way to obtain gems is through the Gamehag codes 2020.

gamehag He posts them on his popular media regularly.

The best thing you perro do is follow them there, on twitter, fb and their Discord channel.

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Climb the Gamehag Game Jugadores Top

After all, this is a page especially suitable for jugadores.

In order to encourage activity within the platform, gamehag rewards the three best jugadores of the last 24 hours on a daily basis.

As you perro see in the image, there are jugadores who cánido earn large amounts of soul gems by playing on the platform.

If you like videogames, or if you just want to be entertained, this is your page, you perro earn money and gifts playing.

referral system

gamehag It has a good system of invitations.

you will get 200 soul gems for each active usuario.

What does it orinan to be an active usuario? Well, he is the one who registers, confirms his correo electrónico and gets a minimum of 500 soul gems.

With this, the platform wants to encourage users to be active, and not to register and leave the platform forgotten.

Do you have many friends or followers on popular media? Do you think they might be interested in a page like this? Well then, don’t miss out on the opportunity to invite them to participate in the community and at the same time get some additional earnings.

You will receive 200 Soul Gems for each active usuario.

Additionally, you will get an plus plus when you reach each of the 5 levels available in the invitation system.

Here is a panel with the different levels and the bonuses that we will get by inviting more users:

  • At level 1 we will get 250 gems by inviting 10 users
  • At level 2 we will get 500 gems by inviting 30 users
  • for level 3 they will give us 500 gems for inviting 50 users
  • At level 4 they will give us 1,250 gems for inviting 100 users
  • at level 5 they will give us 10,000 gems for inviting 500 users

Prizes at Gamehag

If we see the prizes section in Gamehag, all doubts will be removed.

It is a site focused on en línea jugadores.

Most of the rewards in the “rewards” section are games and keys to gamehag games.

You cánido find games for all tastes and hobbies.

But if you have come looking for the how earn some plus money, the platform offers you some very interesting options, you cánido exchange your soul gems for money in PaySafeCard, MasterCard prepaid cards and even Bitcoin.

As you perro see, there are prizes for all tastes.

Gamehag Final Opinions

Here we have a new way of make money en línea.

If you like vídeo games and also, you like to earn money to be able to pay for them, this is your page.

As aspects of the page to highlight, we could highlight the design of the page and the support service, which despite being in English, is very fast.

In addition, one of the prizes that we cánido get is bitcoin, which for the en línea business world is already more than enough.

Although the first time you entrar it seems to you that the website is only intended for young people who want to earn money en línea, and people who like vídeo games, it is really indicated for a larger audience.

There are many options to win prizes and money in addition to the games, so a person with free time and desire perro get a lot out of it.

In addition, it is available to everyoneso if you read me from Latin America, you perro use it without problems.

As for the payment, tell you that the page has been paying its users without any problem for more than four years.

Once you have requested the payment, you will have to wait at most 72 hours.

If that time has passed and you have not received your prize, you should contact technical support.

In my case I have not yet received any payment, but there are hundreds of proofs on the internet that espectáculo that the page pays without problems.

When we receive the first one, we will upload it to the popular networks, as always you cánido follow me on twitter, fb and instagram, with the usuario @salgodelacrisis.

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And nothing more to add, leave the registration backlink for you to do so and start earning money with this fantastic page.

Regards and until next time!!

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 Gamehag: win prizes and money by playing for free
  Gamehag: win prizes and money by playing for free
  Gamehag: win prizes and money by playing for free

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