Gamehag: earn money and prizes by playing

Gamehag: earn money and prizes by playing

Gamehag: earn money and prizes by playing in a fácil way, in this site you will be able to obtain very good amounts of income easily just by playing.

Gamehag: earn money and prizes by playing in a fácil way, on this platform you will get incredible rewards that perro be, for example:

  • Money
  • Gift cards
  • Points for different games

Next we will see the step by step of this fácil method to easily earn money en línea and very good prizes and the page that we will use is:

What is Gamehag?

Gamehag was founded in 2016. Today it continues to enjoy great popularity among users who love en línea games. Its popularity is such that daily it reaches the figure of seven million daily users who access and interact on the platform.

If you like the iniciativa of ​​playing en línea games and at the same time having the oportunidad to win money and/or prizes such as gift cards, Gamehag is your ideal platform. I encourage you to take a couple of minutes to read this article in its entirety, it is a site that you perro get a lot out of for free.

On this page you will earn very good rewards in a very fácil way since Gamehag is dedicated to offering its registered jugadores access to free games, giving prizes each time specific tasks are completed in each of these games.

How to register in Gamehag?

We just have to choose which account we want to use to join directly, such as:

Although you cánido also register through a small form that you must fill out with your Dirección de correo electrónico, nombre de usuario, password and accepting the terms and conditions. Once the registration is complete, you should receive an correo electrónico within a few seconds with a backlink that you must clic to verify and activate your Gamehag account.

How does Gamehag work?

When you access your Gamehag account for the first time, the witch Misty, the main character of the platform, will appear. This witch will offer to help you and teach you the operation of the platform step by step in an interactive way. Without a doubt, I recommend that you accept, activate the audio on your computer, mobile phone or tablet and pay attention.

Once you have finished with the initial tutorial, you will have access to four new tutorials with which you will be able to learn a little more about Gamehag: earn money and prizes by playing. These new tutorials are very short, it will only take you 1 minute to view them, in addition, you will receive 4 additional Soul Gems at the end of each one.

If in the future you have any kind of doubt or question, you perro find Misty the witch in your friends list. You perro write to him and he will answer you automatically with a FAQ or you perro choose to open a support ticket if you cannot find a solution in the frequently asked questions and answers.

The operation of this platform is based only on earn money playing your favorite games, completing quests and getting rewards for free by collecting soul gems and interacting with the community.

What are the Soul Gems and what are they for?

Soul Gems are the main “virtual currency” of Gamehag. Pretty much any action or task you perform in Gamehag will be rewarded with Soul Gems, also GA for short. Soul Gems are used to acquire prizes, money and chests within the platform.

Within Gamehag there are many different ways to get GA for free, such as:

Playing en línea games:

The main way to get Gems in Gamehag: earn money and prizes by playing. Access the ‘Receive GA’ section, select your favorite game, read the instructions carefully and start playing.

Normally to receive Soul Gems you will need to reach a certain level within the game. In any case, clic on the specific game and you will access all the complete information. There are dozens of games available, surely you will find one that you like.

Performing tasks:

Complete fácil tasks in exchange for free GA. These are typical application or registry download tasks.

There are also exclusive Gamehag tasks available such as downloading and using your own aplicación, liking your official Fb page, etcétera.

Participating in the forums:

The Gamehag forum is a place where users meet to talk about vídeo games. In addition to interacting with other people and exchanging consejos, opinions, strategies on different games or on the Gamehag platform itself, you cánido also earn GA for the fácil fact of participating and writing on it.

Of course, do not write to write without contributing anything. To receive the Soul Gems you must participate but add value to other users. Actively participate in topics of conversation, answer questions, help other users, etcétera.

Writing articles:

If you are good at writing and writing text and you are also passionate about vídeo games, you will like these types of tasks. You perro earn GA for writing about games and showing others your knowledge!

The articles you write must meet certain minimum requirements before being published; Minimum of 2,500 words, avoid offensive or profane words, the article must be original and written by you, not include backlinks or advertising, etcétera…

Valuing elementos:

Accumulate gems by rating elementos from other users. You will receive 5 GA for leaving a full review. It is a fácil and fast way to get Soul Gems.

Using televisión Zone:

View ads and get free GA. You simply have to view the ad, clic on it and claim your reward.

Creating a promotional vídeo:

Through a Youtube channel with a theme afín to Gamehag you cánido get GA for uploading a vídeo talking about the platform.

The GA you will receive will depend on the subscribers you have (you must connect your Youtube account to Gamehag). Approximately for 15,000 subscribers, you will receive about 5,000 GA (equivalent to about €8).

Inviting your friends:

You have a lot of friends, or you have a popular network or a website/blog with a lot of followers and you think they might be interested in Gamehag, don’t miss this opportunity to get free Soul Gems.

You will receive 200 GA for each active referral you get. By active referral is understood that usuario who creates his account, confirms his Dirección de correo electrónico and gets at least 500 Soul Gems with his activity.

In addition, you will get an plus plus as you reach one of the 5 levels that make up the Gamehag invitation system.

  • First Level – 250 plus for inviting 10 users.
  • Second Level – 500 plus for inviting 30 users.
  • Third Level – 500 plus for inviting 50 users.
  • Fourth Level – 1,250 plus for inviting 100 users.
  • Fifth Level – 10,000 plus for inviting 500 users.

Doing daily login:

Log into your account daily and get 5 GA every day you log in consecutively. Also, if they do it for 7 days, you will receive a free weekly chest. Do not forget!

Using promotional codes:

From time to time, on Gamehag’s official popular networks and on its Discord channel they usually publish codes that you cánido redeem and get GA for free.

Player Top:

Gamehag rewards the 3 users who get the most Soul Gems every 24 hours. Prizes are 1,000 GA for first place, 500 GA for second, and 300 GA for third. Do you see yourself capable of being in the TOP 3?

Gamehag VIP Subscription:

Gamehag has a VIP subscription whose cost is €3 per month and the advantages it offers are the following:

  1. +10% plus on Soul Gems collected.
  2. Free chests every month equivalent to 10,210 Gems.
  3. Cheaper prizes.

In addition, for each month that you buy the VIP subscription you will go up ranks. The higher your VIP rank, the better rewards you will receive in the monthly chests you receive.

The VIP subscription is completely optional, but if you are a very active usuario, it may be worth paying €3.00 per month and getting +10% in gems during that month, as well as reducing the cost of the prizes to redeem, etcétera…

Prizes and gifts available to redeem the soul gems

Soul Gems are the “currency” that users receive when they complete tasks in Gamehag and are used to exchange them for different prizes that perro be chosen from a wide variety.

They are an amulet that has a lot of protection power, with which it is prevented witches become extinct, and they are a creation of the Council of Witches, who used the spirits of their ancestors to make them.

The prizes for which soul gems cánido be exchanged are, for example:

  1. game keys
  2. Skins CS:GO
  3. Riot Points

Yes, Gamehag perro be used from the mobile phone, since the page has its own application, with which they help their users to earn the necessary points while playing.

The official Gamehag site is designed to be used on mobile phones and tabletas, so that users perro keep abreast of all the news that other Gamehag users share on the forums, regardless of whether they are en línea. traveling, on vacation or anywhere other than your home.

In addition to completing tasks, Soul Gems perro be obtained by writing on the Gamehag forums. When writing on the forums, you gain experience to level up: each time a usuario levels up, they are rewarded with a number of Soul Gems.

There is a limit on the forums, which prevents users from writing more than ten comments per day, in order to prevent contenido publicitario.

Lastly, users perro send the gems to other Gamehag users. This action cánido be done by clicking on the Gem counter that appears on the screen, then you have to write the name of the usuario with whom you want to share the gems and the amount you want to send.

To finish, you just have to clic on the button “Send”.

Therefore, it is available for both Android and iOS, whatever your device, you will be able to do it without any problem. earn money playing en línea and get many very good prizes by carrying out different missions, for example:

  • install aplicaciones
  • Playing
  • completing free en línea surveys
  • buying an object
  • making offers

We perro also receive free chests in the prizes section and in the Giveaway section where we cánido participate for a gift card or a Random disco compacto-KEY by completing the missions indicated to us, then we must solve a captcha and thus be able to acquire the key.

What are the Chests used for in Gamehag?

Chests are Gamehag’s magical specialty. In them you will find prizes and improvements for free. There are completely free chests and chests that require Soul Gems to open them.

As for free chests, you perro find the following on a fixed basis:

  • Weekly Chest: You perro get this chest for free as long as you log in for 7 consecutive days. This chest contains runes only.
  • Monthly Chest: To receive this chest you must collect at least 1,000 Soul Gems during the current month. This chest contains random game keys.

In addition to the weekly and monthly chests, you perro find other chests (mostly themed) that you cánido also get for free, for example:

  • Steam Chest: Backlink your Steam account to Gamehag to get this chest for free. In this chest you perro find runes and/or up to 1,000 Soul Gems.
  • “Seasonal” chests: special chests that will appear on certain dates such as Christmas, Halloween, etcétera. To get this type of chest you will need to collect a certain amount of Soul Gems in a specific time.

On the other hand, if you access the ‘Awards » Chests’ section, you will see that there are a large number of different chests that you cánido get by exchanging Soul Gems. If you pass the course through each one of them you will be able to see the prizes they may contain.

We perro participate by paying a certain amount of gems in the contests where they will give us different rewards and in the prizes section you cánido get disco compacto-Keys, Robux, gift cards, a 10-dollar visa prepaid card, etcétera.

Runes? What are they for?

You perro get the runes inside the chests as I mentioned in the previous section. Through the runes, you will activate temporary benefits and advantages to your account.

For example, when I opened my welcome chest I received the rune ‘Mannaz’, which provides a plus of +40% Soul Gems for daily login for seven days.

There are many different runes, below I quote the benefits and advantages of each of them:

  1. Mannaz: +40% Soul Gems for daily login for one week.
  2. Tiwaz: +25% Soul Gems on offer walls. This plus does not apply to paid surveys.
  3. Fehu: 10% Soul Gems for in-game tasks.
  4. Algiz: +20% for daily quests for 7 days.
  5. Raido: +20% experience for 7 days.
  6. Berkana: +50% Soul Gems earned from inviting friends to Gamehag.
  7. Eihwaz – This rune blocks all ads on the site for a month.
  8. Merlin: You will get direct and preferential contact with customer service for one month.
  9. Naudiz: 10% discount on store prizes for 30 days.
  10. Saewelo: This rune allows you to create your own groups on the forum for 30 days.
  11. Ansus: +50% in Soul Gems when writing articles.
  12. Hagl: +100% plus for 24 hours when playing the minigames.

In addition to runes, in the chests you cánido get other types of special objects that will also give you bonuses and improvements to your Gamehag account: earn money and prizes by playing.

  • Delivery Broom: This broom ensures that you receive the prizes that you redeem more quickly.
  • Elixir of experience: allows you to get +50% plus experience for 30 days.
  • Memory Scroll: Allows you to add information about yourself to your profile for 30 days.
  • Magical Barrier: Provides protection against enchantments.

Tell us what you thought of this article about Gamehag: earn money and prizes by playing, which cánido serve you in your economic situation! You perro leave your comment that is important to us, do not forget to share and follow us on our popular networks.

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 Gamehag: earn money and prizes by playing
  Gamehag: earn money and prizes by playing
  Gamehag: earn money and prizes by playing

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