Gamee APP | Play and win FREE MONEY for

Gamee APP | Play and win FREE MONEY for

game aplicación is a mobile application in which we cánido earn money for playing. As we will review throughout this guide, in Gamee Aplicación there are different ways to generate profits. The most productive of all is a roulette wheel in which we cánido get free spins every day and get both prizes in dollars and prizes in tiques, which indirectly also allow us to earn money. Additionally, we also have the opportunity to get more tiques by playing mini-games, watching vídeos, completing offers and inviting our friends. In addition, there is a plus in which, if we are active and play every day, at the end of the week a roulette wheel is unlocked in which we perro only win real money prizes. It looks good right? Well without further ado, let’s see how Gamee Juegos works and how we perro earn money.

What is Gamee Aplicación

Gamee is a website and game aplicación where we cánido earn money with Paypal while having fun. For information, it should be noted that Gamee belongs to the company Gamee Limited, founded in 2015. One of the features that I like the most about this portal is that we cánido play vía the web, from the computer, or vía mobile through its application. Something afín to what happens with the free bet game of Betsim. So, either one way or another, we perro accumulate profits whenever we want, from anywhere and at any time.

Gamee is completely free to play and allows registration to users from all over the world.

Registration in Gamee Aplicación

The first of all, as usual, will be to create our own account in Gamee. My recomendation is register through the website and, later, when we already have the account created, download the aplicación on the mobile and access with the same data. To do this, if you want, you cánido clic on the button below, which will take you directly to the Gamee website.

register me in the game

Once on the page cover of the game, in the upper part on the right hand side, we will clic on “Get in”. Then it will give us the option to create an account, either using our Fb account or by providing an dirección de correo electrónico address and password. Regardless of the method we use to create the account, we must bear in mind that if we download the application later, we will have to access using the same method that we have used during registration. Either with Fb or with an correo electrónico. If we do not do so, we will be creating two different accounts and the money we earn in one will not accumulate in the other.

How Game Aplicación works

Now that we have our new Gamee Aplicación account, we cánido access the site and start playing. Before going into the matter and talking in detail about the different ways that they make available to us to earn money, we are going to see a brief explanation of the five main sections that the site has. This will help us to situate ourselves a little better and more easily locate where the games are, the lotteries, where we cánido see the users who have obtained the most money, what we get with the tiques, how to withdraw the winnings through Paypal, etcétera.

Play » The most recurring section to earn money in which both roulette and mini-games are found.

Awards » Here are the hourly and daily lotteries in which, if we are lucky, we cánido win $5, $10, $100 and even $1000 depending on the day.

best offers » Wall of offers in which we perro get more tiques, which in turn will allow us to choose to win more dollars.

Winners » Purely informative section in which a classification appears with the users who have earned the most money playing in Gamee Aplicación.

Withdraw » From here we perro withdraw the money we earn through Paypal.

In Gamee there is a system of usuario levels in which, as we go up in level, the tiques we get are multiplied for each action we take.

How to earn money playing in Gamee

As we have seen previously, in Gamee Aplicación we cánido get two types of rewards: money and tiques. Whether we get some rewards or others will depend on our activity: if we play roulette or mini-games, if we participate in the lottery, or if we complete offers and surveys.

conventional roulette

If we access the section of “Play” We will find, first of all, an image like the one shown in the following image capture. As we cánido see, there is a text in which they tell us that, at the moment, we have two free spins on roulette. To use them, all you have to do is clic on the image and the roulette wheel will open. And once inside, we perro consume the rolls by clicking on «Spin».

By default, Gamee Aplicación gives us two roulette spins every hour. However, we perro get more additional spins by watching ads. For each advertisement we will obtain two plus spins.

at roulette we cánido win both tiques and real money. In the following image you cánido see the types of prizes and the amounts of money and tiques that we perro get. Whether we get some prizes or others will depend on oportunidad… although of course, the more spins we make, the more likely we will be to win money prizeswhich in the end are the ones that interest us the most.

Premium Roulette

apart from roulette “conventional”in Gamee there is also a roulette “Premium”in which all the prizes that we cánido get are money. In other words, all ticket rewards are eliminated and only prizes in dollars remain. Every seven days we perro get a spin at roulette “Premium”. To unlock it and get that roll we will only have to access every day consecutively in Gamee and make at least one daily spin on roulette “conventional”. In this way, on the seventh day, they will reward our fidelity with a plus of a spin on roulette “Premium”.

At the top of the wheel “conventional” we cánido see what day we are. For example, the three screenshots that I have posted above refer to the first, second, and fourth days. And in the image below it cánido already be seen that we have reached the seventh day and the money roulette has been unlocked, which I have mentioned as roulette “Premium” to differentiate it from common roulette.

at roulette “Premium” we cánido get a prize of up to $2, with the guaranteed minimum prize being $0.10.

Games – Finish the missions

Another of the ways in which we perro earn money in Gamee Aplicación is playing the mini-games. In this case, we will obtain tiques for each mission we complete. For example, in the screenshot below we cánido see the three missions that I have active at this moment. In the first game I get 102 tiques if I survive for 20 seconds playing a game. The second mission is to get 100 points, which will give me 85 tiques. And the third mission is about reaching level 5, for which you will give me 68 tiques. alsoAlso, if I complete all three missions, I will receive an additional reward of 170 tiques.

Depending on our usuario level we will receive more tiques than those indicated. At level one they are multiplied by 1.1. At level two they are multiplied by 1.2. At level three they are multiplied by 1.3. And so on.

A very important fact that we must consider is that in Gamee, unlike what happens in the game aplicación BigTime, tiques cannot be exchanged for money. In Gamee Aplicación there is a daily contest in which the 50 users with the most tiques get real money rewards. So the more tiques we get, the more likely we will be to be well classified and win a prize in dollars. This classification (and the position we occupy) cánido be found in the section on “Awards” where says “to distribute today”.

Offers specials

Gamee’s special offers will serve to get more tiques and climb positions in the daily top. They mainly consist of downloading and testing game applications. As a general rule, these types of offers require us to download an application and fulfill a certain objective. If we meet the conditions within the indicated period, they will reward us with a good handful of tiques. As in the previous case, with the mini-games, the higher our usuario level is, the higher the multiplier will be and, as a consequence, the more tiques we will receive.


In the tournaments we will get tiques for playing the mini-games, but this time competing against other users for a common pot. The mini-games are the same as in the section of “Finish the missions” but, instead of playing to complete a mission, we will have to get more points than the rest of the users who participate in the competition. The usuario who gets the most points wins the pot with the tiques that have been accumulated.

games for you

In this section, all the games available in the Gamee Aplicación are listed. At the top of the list we will find the mini-games in which we have played the most games. The most positive thing is that each game includes four missions. And for each mission that we overcome we will receive plus tiques. In a way, this section It perro come in handy if there is a game that we are very good at since we will overcome the four missions very easily. And consequently, we will obtain tiques that will help us improve our position in the classification.

Other ways to win prizes in Gamee Aplicación

In addition to the mini-games, we cánido also get more tiques or prizes in dollars by participating in contests, in lotteries and by inviting our friends to play on Gamee Aplicación.

Lotteries to win real money

As far as Gamee lotteries are concerned, we cánido participate for free. The only condition is to view a vídeo (an advertisement), which will allow us to select a number. If one of those numbers matches the winning number, we win the prize for that lottery.

There is several lotteries throughout the day and we perro participate in all of them without any problem. There is an hourly lottery and a daily lottery. And the prizes that we perro get are variable, depending on each lottery. There are some with prizes of $10, $100 and even lotteries with prizes of up to $1000.

In the image capture above I have put, as an example, the hourly lottery with a prize of $10. As we perro see, when accessing that hourly lottery, our ticket is empty. That is, there is no number. In order to choose our numbers, we will clic on “Get Your Number” and an ad will open. For each ad we see we will get a number. Therefore, in order to complete the entire ticket and participate with the maximum number, we will have to see six ads. Which will help us to be more likely to win. After viewing each vídeo, the system will assign us a random number automatically.

When the draw of the lotteries in which we participate is carried out, we will receive a notification. It will be then when we will be able to verify if we have been the lucky ones.

Invite friends to Gamee

Finally, In Gamee you cánido also earn money and tiques for inviting to our friends. Specifically, we will receive $0.10 and 500 tiques for each person who joins Gamee using our referral backlink or our guest code. The only condition to receive these rewards is that the person we invite reaches usuario level 5. To locate our referral backlink or our code, we will clic on the image that appears to the right of the roulette with the title of “Your team”.

Gamee will also reward us with 10% of all tiques our team members get. If a guest wins 100 tiques, we will get 10 plus tiques.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice. In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest. Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research. For more information do clic here.

Gamee Aplicación pays and is reliable

Now that we know how to earn money and tiques in Gamee, it’s time to see if it pays and is reliable. And of course it pays! In fact, it’s one of the aplicaciones to earn money They pay faster. Once we complete the withdrawal form, it does not take long not an hour to send the money to our Paypal account.

The minimum amount required by Gamee Aplicación to request a payment is $10.

How to withdraw money in Gamee

The steps to follow to request a payment in Gamee are the following:

» As soon as we reach $10 in the cómputo, we will have to go to the section of “Withdraw”.

» Once there we will see a button that says “Withdraw”. Clic on it and a form will open in which we have to entrar the data requested (name and surname, postal address, etcétera.)

» To finish, we will have to check the box “I declare that the above is true”. And then they will ask us to provide our Paypal correo electrónico. From this moment the payment will be requested and, once the corresponding verifications are made, we will They will send the money to Paypal.

Main features of Gamee

Now that we know all the ins and outs of Gamee, how it works, and we’ve verified that it pays, it’s a good time to analyze its strengths and assess why it’s worth playing with this aplicación/web.

– The most important of all, from my point of view, is that Gamee is a 100% reliable and free gaming site. As I usually say with all the games that I have presented in the blog that allow us to generate profits, whether in dollars, euros or cryptocurrencies, is there a better way to earn money than playing?

– On a personal level, I am very grateful that Gamee allows us to play mini-games and roulette both from the PC and through the aplicación. I spend many hours in front of the computer and most of the time I play Gamee from the PC. However, it never hurts to have the application downloaded and take advantage of downtime to continue accumulating profits from your mobile.

– As a last note, say that in Gamee we cánido only request a withdrawal through the application. In fact, the option to withdraw money vía the web is disabled. Therefore, either at one time or another, we must download and use the mobile application.

Gamee Aplicación Reviews

Throughout the article I have already been leaving some brushstrokes of what is my opinion regarding games like Gamee, BigTime or Betsim. In general, I am very attracted to this type of games in which we cánido earn money completely free of charge. They are a fun way to make money on paypal. It must be borne in mind that when we refer to “earning money for playing”, the profits that we cánido obtain are limited. Limited in the sense that no one is going to make a living playing. Nor is he going to earn “a salary” with it. Not much less. My intention in playing these types of games is to have fun and, on the rebound, have the opportunity to win plus money. How many people spend hours and hours playing Candy Crush without getting paid a single penny? Well I prefer to play in Gamee Aplicación and receive economic rewards in return.

Anyway, I hope this guide has been helpful to you to get to know much better how Gamee Juegos works. And therefore, that you perro earn the most money. As always, if you need help with any question, I am at your disposal both in the blog comments and on popular networks. Until next time!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Gamee APP |  Play and win FREE MONEY for
  Gamee APP |  Play and win FREE MONEY for
  Gamee APP |  Play and win FREE MONEY for

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