Gamee APP | free games and earn money

Gamee APP | free games and earn money

The application game aplicación It is quite a complete application that will allow us to earn money for playing to different mini-games, by spinning the wheel, watching vídeos and trying and downloading other applications.

Although it is true that I have discovered it recently, it has been working for years.

In the years that it has been on Google plus Play and the Aplicación Store, it has already had more than 6 million downloads and has an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars in its more than 30,000 reviews.

The gamee aplicación It is very well programmed, all this to have an excellent usuario experience.

They are going to offer us really fun and entertaining games with which we will end up hooked on them.

You will also find multiplayer tournaments where you will be able to compete with other users of the application.

The purpose of all this is to win tiques that you cánido exchange for real money.

If you continue reading I will explain how it works game aplicación, ways to earn money and all its features.

If you like to play games with your mobile and also, you perro take a little more money, keep reading.

Download Gamee Aplicación and start with $0.10 and 500 tiques

The application gamee It is valid for any usuario, regardless of their country of residence.

It is also available on any device, be it android or iOS.

Unlike many other aplicaciones to earn moneythrough your computer you perro access and use Gamee.

To create an account is very fácil, you simply have to entrar your first and last name along with your correo electrónico address and then entrar a password.

If you want to be faster, you perro register through your Fb profile.

If you want to register through my registration backlink, you will start with $0.10 and you will get 500 tiques.

If you do it through the backlink below, you will not have to entrar any code, if, on the contrary, you do it through your dirección de correo electrónico and then it asks you for a code, you cánido put this 7r40as9i.

Shortly after this, you will receive an correo electrónico at the correo electrónico you registered with.

You will have to verify it and activate your account in game aplicación.

Although as I said before, you perro use it in your browser, you perro only use certain features.

Some, which are important, are only available if you access the aplicación.

I personally have registered directly from the application and verified from the computer, but you perro do it however you want.

Earn money in Gamee Aplicación

The operation of the application is extremely fácil.

The main form of earn money is to play games in various modalities, but there are other ways to win it.

You will be able to participate in tournaments and level up, unlock achievements and meet objectives.

With all these actions that I mention, you will be able to get tiques that will serve you to exchange them, either for real money, or to participate in the weekly draw with cash prizes up to $1,000.

Keep reading that I am going to explain all the ways you have to earn money in game aplicación.


Once you have downloaded the aplicación, you must go to roulette.

There you must clic on “More Spins”.

This roulette is going to be unlocked every four hours and it is going to allow us to receive real money, also physical prizes or tiques.

If you want to get additional spins you must watch vídeos of more or less 30 seconds.

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Must be constant in roulette spins, before spinning it, there will be a counter that goes from 1 to 7.

If you spin the wheel daily for 7 consecutive days, on the seventh day you will have a special spin on a wheel with cash in all its spaces.

There you will entrar you cánido win from $0.10 to $20.


game aplicación It collects a wide variety of action, adventure, racing, classic, sports, strategy and skill games in which you have to play against the other rivals that have already participated.

Each usuario will be registered in a top and when the term ends, the tiques will be distributed to the classified jugadores.

games for you

In this section (you perro see it in the games section, just below “tournaments“) we find many other mini-games to win tiques.

In each game we will have several opportunities and in between you will be able to watch vídeos to get more lives or receive twice as many tiques.

Without a doubt, in these mini-games the best way to get plus tiques is by exhausting the lives of a game and clic on the green button that says “get plus life” (get plus life).

This way you will get an plus life and have a better oportunidad of receiving tiques.

Other ways to earn money in Gamee Aplicación

In the “rewards” section you will see more ways to earn money with Gamee Aplicación.

In this section you will see other ways to earn money in this application.

Here they will not be games, but rather raffles, sometimes weekly and other times daily.

Keep reading that I explain.

weekly jackpot

Every Sunday at 18:00 (UTC) the weekly jackpot draw will take place.

Whoever wins will take $1,000 that will go directly to his main cómputo that he cánido withdraw whenever he wants.

In addition to the main prize, there are more than 100 additional prize ranging from $100 to $0.25.

They will be drawn randomly among all users who have participated in the weekly draw.

To participate, you won’t have to do anything, the tiques that you do not redeem from your account on Sunday at 6:00 p.m.

will be automatically exchanged for shares in the Jackpot.

The more tiques you have, the more chances of winning you will have.

If you do not want the tiques to be used for entries, you must exchange your tiques for dollars before the draw time (10,000 tiques equals $0.10).

lucky game

Through these raffles you perro win from $5 to $1000.

You perro also win physical prizes such as Iphone.

By the mere fact of watching short vídeos, you will be rewarded with numbers to entrar these two raffles.

The draws are daily and there are several draws a day, you will be able to watch the necessary vídeos until completing the maximum numbers that must be had to entrar the draw.

For the $5 draw you cánido get up to six numbers.

For the $1,000 draw you cánido get up to eight numbers.

The draws are several times a day, you only have to look at the application when the timer that has each draw marks zero.

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daily top

In this daily classification, a certain amount of dollars will be distributed (it varies every day) to the 50 users who have obtained the most tiques that day.

The amounts to be distributed will vary according to the day, therefore we cannot say what fixed amount will be distributed each day.

This classification is daily.

Mine your own cryptocurrency

Until October 20, 2021 you perro receive the GMEE token for free thanks to an external application (this).

The aplicación is available for both iOS and Android.

You must register in it through gmail or your fb account.

To start mining you must put the code MiguelAngelLoroGomez.

You will be able to claim tokens every 24 hours.

The Arc8 token will be launched in a few weeks and is already listed on various exchanges for purchase and sale.

You cánido learn a little more about him at coinmarketacap.

System of achievements and objectives

Inside the profile in game aplicación you will find a section called “achievements” (or achievements).

In this section you will see a series of medals and emblems that you cánido get by performing different types of actions within the application such as daily login, playing games, winning tournaments, inviting friends and many more.

Almost any action is rewarded.

As you unlock achievements and meet objectives, you will receive medals that will also give you many plus tiques.

System of referrals

Like most aplicaciones, this one also has a good referral system.

You cánido earn money and tiques thanks to its invitation system.

You will receive three rewards for each usuario who downloads the application and emplees your invitation code.

Here I explain the three types of rewards that we will receive:

  • You will receive $0.10 in your account
  • You will get 500 tiques for each guest (you cánido multiply it by 2 if you watch a vídeo)
  • You will get 10% of all the tiques that your guests get in Gamee.

Minimum payment in Gamee Aplicación

To request a cómputo withdrawal it will be necessary to have at least $10 in your account.

You will be able to receive the money in your Paypal account in an approximate period (according to what they say) of about 14 business days, but it could take longer depending on the country.

As a memory, I tell you that the three main ways to get cash in Gamee:

  • playing roulette every 4 hours, which will hide direct money prizes
  • exchange tiques for dollars
  • inviting other people

Gamee Aplicación reviews

As you have seen, Gamee is a very complete and fun platform.

You perro earn money by playing fun mini-games from any device and above all, 100% free.

I like both the application (it’s what I use the most) and the web a lot, I think that it is currently one of the best applications that exist to earn money.

If after all this, you still have any questions about how it works, you cánido write to technical support without any problem. hello@gamee.comthat they will attend us without problems.

For my part, nothing more to add, I have tried to explain everything in the clearest and most precise way possible.

If even after reading it, you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Regards and until next time!!

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 Gamee APP |  free games and earn money
  Gamee APP |  free games and earn money
  Gamee APP |  free games and earn money

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