Game Aplicación | Play and collect by Paypal

Game Aplicación | Play and collect by Paypal

Earning money playing is a reality with GAMEE APPa totally free website and mobile application that allows us to try a series of fun games and get various prizes and real money in return.

The application has been running for a few years now, in fact it has almost half a million downloads and a very positive evaluation among users.

If you are one of those who like this type of pages to earn real money, I advise you to read the article because in it we are going to explain how it works step by step.


GAMEE APP is an application and web page that will allow us to play more than 80 free en línea games and win real money that we cánido later withdraw to our Paypal account.

How to register in GAMEE APP

In GAMEE APP we have a way to start without the counter at zero and that is by registering from my backlink.

For doing so you will receive $0.10 and 1,000 tiques totally free.

It must be said that in addition to being a totally free site, it is available to users from anywhere in the world, in this sense you do not have to worry.

You only need a computer, mobile phone or tablet and a Paypal account to collect the money you earn and that’s it, it’s that fácil.

When entering the web from my backlink or after downloading the application, we will have to register, we perro do this using our Fb or Google plus accounts or through our dirección de correo electrónico (the most recommended).

After completing the registration we will receive an correo electrónico to confirm our account, in which we will see a backlink that we will have to clic, we will be directed to the web and we cánido start using GAMEE APP.

GAMEE APP operation

When we are already inside the application, the first thing will be to collect the prize you have won for registering from my invitation backlink.

For this we have to go to 2 sections in the “Play” menu option, these options are Fortune Wheel and Team Rewardswe will have to select them and watch some vídeos to receive the reward of $0.10 and 1,000 tiques, the tiques are very important, because they are the rewards we receive in all the games and then they will be used for the weekly jackpot draw where we cánido win $1,350.

get your reward

In addition to the more than 80 daily games, we will also win tiques for playing roulette several times a day or trying your luck with the lottery.

Now we are going to review one by one all the options that the application offers us to earn money daily, all of them, I repeat, for free.

Claim your rewards

In this section we will be able to claim a series of daily rewards for entering the page and doing a series of actions.

We will have the option of playing roulette through a few Spins free in exchange for watching a series of vídeos.

With roulette we are going to win tiques or real money that will be added to our account.

In the Team Reward we will ask for our daily reward for the work that our friends have done within the application.

We cánido double the reward by watching a fácil vídeo.

We also receive free rewards for having played the Lotto or Lucky Game the day before, this reward perro be in dollars if we have been awarded or in the form of free tiques for the fácil fact of participating.

Win cash in lucky games

Games of oportunidad where we opt for prizes of thousands of dollars every day.

We have 2 different options for it, Lucky Game and Lotto.

Try your luck and win thousands of dollars

We are only going to have to watch a series of vídeos and in exchange we will be getting entries for the raffles that are every few hours.

If we are awarded with the Jackpot we perro win up to $10,000 and if not, we will get tiques just for participating.

Finish all the Missions

Every few hours we will have a series of missions available to increase our ticket cómputo.

They will consist of achieving certain actions that will be required of us in the different games exposed.

By achieving these missions we will receive the corresponding tiques, in addition to unlocking rewards, which will bring us more earnings if possible.


In the tournaments section we will have a good number of games in which we will compete against other GAMEE APP users.

Depending on the position reached at the end of the game we will receive a number of tiques, it goes without saying that if we win the reward will be much higher.

We will also be unlocking level rewards for participating in tournaments, rewards in the form of thousands of tiques and a win multiplier.

games for you

This is where we are going to find more than 80 free mini-games to win thousands of tiques daily in GAMEE APP.

We perro play as many times as we want, because if you run out of lives you cánido constantly recharge them by watching a vídeo.

game examples

There are so many games and so much variety available that it perro be addictive.

I use it when I’m a little bored and it helps me progress in the application without obsessing over it.

Other ways to earn money in GAMEE APP

In GAMEE APP we perro not only get money in the daily spin, we have other options to earn much more money, although they will require perseverance and a lot of luck.

weekly jackpot

By the fácil fact of having tiques in your GAMEE APP account we will participate in a jackpot or weekly draw where we will choose to win large amounts of real money.

weekly prizes

$1,350 in free prizes are given out every week in the weekly Jackpot.

We will participate automatically, we will not have to do anything, just have tiques in our account.

The more tiques we have, the more chances of being awarded.

After the draw, your cómputo in tiques will return to zero and you will have to add it again by playing or watching vídeos in the application.

If you are not one of the lucky ones, you will at least be rewarded in free tiques and spins on the spin.

Different levels

Another way to add more and more gains in the game is to go up the level, since we have several of them.

With each level we will multiply what we receive in each action we do in the application, be it in the spin, watching vídeos or playing the games.

The win multiplier works as follows:

– Level 1 = X1.1– Level 2 = X1.2– Level 3 = X1.3– Level 4 = X1.4– Level 5= X1.5… and so on until reaching level 30 where we receive X4.0


Another interesting option is that through our activity in the GAMEE APP application we are going to unlock a series of achievements.

These achievements will be accompanied by rewards in the form of tiques, level ups and even real money.

Most of them are pretty easy to get.

Minimum payment and method

We have come here to earn money, yes, playing is fenezca but our purpose is to earn real money with it, so it is escencial to know how and where we are going to be able to withdraw the money earned in the application.

When we have a minimum of 10 dollars in our account, we perro now request the payment and we will do it using our Paypal account.

We will only have to clic on our profile and look for the option of “WITHDRAW”, there if we have reached the minimum we will have the button to do it.

We just clic and add our Paypal address, confirm the payment and wait for it to arrive.

The payment cánido take several days to appear in our Paypal, although it usually takes just a few hours, if not, we will have to be patient and trust, since the application has been paying for several years without problems.

Payment received from Gamee Aplicación

Something to keep in mind is that the cómputo has an expiration date, from the moment you register you have 365 days to withdraw the moneyAfter that time, your cómputo will be discounted according to what you have been earning each day since those 365 days.

Opinion about GAMEE APP

The truth is that there are few serious platforms where we are allowed to earn real money by playing free games and GAMEE APP is one of them.

This application has been active for many years and although there would always be things to improve, it seems to me that to be a site where only we are going to invest our time is much more than acceptable.

The possibility of having fun and at the same time adding rewards that you cánido later withdraw to your Paypal account is truly attractive.

It is increasingly difficult to add new platforms to our business portfolio.

Over time I have become more selective and only try to include serious sites that have been running smoothly for some time, which is why we include this application in the increasingly select club.

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 Game Aplicación |  Play and collect by Paypal
  Game Aplicación |  Play and collect by Paypal
  Game Aplicación |  Play and collect by Paypal

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