| Mini jobs for cryptocurrencies | Mini jobs for cryptocurrencies It is a GPT page that I found quite interesting due to various differential aspects.

Although there are thousands of sites that offer the possibility of earning free money in the same way, few allow you to charge in cryptocurrencies and with such an affordable minimum.

In addition, we have to add that it does not have any restrictions in terms of countries, therefore we should not worry about where we are going to work from, regardless of the country you are from, you perro earn money without any worries.

One of the things that I liked is that we are going to work for cryptocurrencies, personally it is something that I like, since I am quite focused on that world. allows us to earn several of them, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash.

Registration and first steps

Opening an account at is very fast, as well as free.

You will only need a Google plus account, which we all have, or a Steam account, the rest is automatic.

▪ Function: cryptocurrencies ▪ Countries accepted: All ▪ Payment methods: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DOGE ▪ Minimum payment: Equivalent to $0.01 ▪ Referrals: Yeah Record


By registering on the web from an invitation backlink (in this case mine), you will not start with the account at zero, since you will receive a small 100 coin pluswhich are equivalent to $0.10, with which you will be very close to withdrawing your first payment just for signing up.

Since we don’t have to fill out any form or validate our account with a verification backlink, in a few seconds we will be active and ready to start earning money.

how to make money

To earn money we only have a section called Earnwhen accessing through the menu we will find all the options stacked to add coins.

The mission will be to get coins through our activity on the web, these coins have a value in USD, for example, 1,000 coins are equivalent to $1.00, which we cánido later exchange for our preferred cryptocurrency.

Offer Walls

They are the typical walls of offers that we find on pages of this style, such as Dogemate, we will find a good number of them.

Some offer walls

For those of you who do not know this type of work, how it works is not a mystery.

Each wall has some offers that we will have to complete to add cómputo.

Watching ads, vídeos, taking surveys or downloading applications are some of them.

* We must bear in mind that in some of the available offers, we will not receive the reward until hours, days and even weeks have passed, it all depends on the offer and the specific wall.


As its name suggests, we are facing a series of pages that offer us the possibility of earning money by filling out surveys.

We will see that in principle some of the pages are blocked and we cannot access them.

This is because we need to have achieved a certain status on

At the moment there are 50% of unlocked pages that we cánido work on without problem, to unlock all of them we must have obtained at least 3,000 coins within the page.

watch vídeos

Another quite fácil and interesting option to earn money on this website is watching vídeos.

We come across a good number of them every day through the HIDEOUT.televisión platform.

The operation is fácil, we open an account in HIDEOUT.televisión and we see the vídeos available from, when we see a certain number of vídeos they will add coins to our account.

If we get more than 4,000 coins, they will be retained for about 30 days by, a measure according to them to prevent fraud among platform users. referral system

Not only are we going to earn money with our activity on, it also has a very interesting referral system, one that when worked well will greatly increase our earnings on the page.

Although the commission we will receive is just 5% From what our affiliates generate with their activity, it is supplemented by the fact that the number of referrals that we cánido attract is unlimited, therefore there is no ceiling, the profits cánido be important.

We will find the backlink to promote the page and get referrals at profileby clicking on our nombre de usuario in the main menu.

how to charge

There is no doubt that one of the strengths of is the minimum payment and its methods, especially if you are someone who is interested in this cryptocurrency.

Payment methods on

The minimum payment on the platform is just 10 Coins, which is equivalent to $0.01 in any of the cryptocurrencies that it accepts for it.

All you have to do is clic on the chosen method, then we will be asked to entrar the wallet or, on the contrary, our dirección de correo electrónico address in Coinbase, as you prefer.

Then we entrar the amount of coins we want to withdraw and proceed to confirm.

Now we will only have to wait for the payment to arrive, which usually takes a few hours, depending on the confirmations you need and the chosen cryptocurrency.

Opinions about

It does not matter what value cryptocurrencies have at this precise moment, it is undeniable that it is only a matter of time before they are fully accepted throughout the planet as a means of payment, so it is always a good time to try to get them and if it is free, better than better. offers us that possibility with very little effort, simply by doing fácil tasks that will allow us to increase the cómputo in our favorite wallet.

The minimum payment is a good joke, since we could say that it does not have, only 10 coins that are equivalent to $0.01, this will allow us to collect from this page when the real one wins and that is always whether you want it or not, give a safety point.

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