Future Talkers | Paid SURVEYS for everything

Future Talkers | Paid SURVEYS for everything

future talkers is a very habitual survey panel around the world, and for about three years it has entered the Hispanic market. It belongs to the company In Sites Consulting and its partner is CINT, the name with which it pays its users. Their research focus had always been on the Anglo-Saxon public, but in 2013 they launched the Future Talkers website with the intention of reaching the Hispanic public. In addition, as we will see later, at Future Talkers we cánido withdraw from €1 directly to Paypal. Which is equivalent to a survey.

future talkers it’s a survey panel in which users from all over the world perro register. No restrictions. In the same way as in Mobrog either Lifepoints.

Last update ” Due to the paucity of surveys, I stop recommending Future Talkers and I remove all backlinks from the blog.

Registration in Future Talkers

In Future Talkers, as in all survey panels, we will have to start by creating our own account. If you want, you cánido register by following this backlink, which will take you directly to the portal registration screen. It is important to highlight one fact. When creating our account in Future Talkers we will have to use the same correo electrónico that we have associated with Paypal. Since they will pay us through this correo electrónico. It is imperative that it be so.

The first thing we will find will be a screen afín to the one I espectáculo you below. We will have to entrar our personal data as they are required of us. You just have to answer and clic on next to advance to the next question. Total, It won’t take two minutes to complete everything this essential step to create our account in Future Talkers.

As soon as we have completed the four steps of the form, we will receive an correo electrónico from Future Talkers with a backlink in its content. Look closely because sometimes these correos electrónicos are filtered to the Contenido publicitario Folder. Once located, we will only have to follow the backlink to finish validating our account. Hereinafter we will have access to the panel and we will only have one thing left to start receiving paid surveys from Future Talkers.

The correo electrónico with which we register to the portal must be the same as that of Paypal.

How Future Talkers works

Once the account is verified, it will be time to access the panel. As soon as you entrar Future Talkers, a side menu will appear with four very well-defined sections:

My profile ⏩ From here we perro fill in or modify our personal data. Whether it is a password change or a change in any of the answers in our panelist profile.

My projects ⏩ In this section we will see all the history of Future Talkers surveys in which we have participated. If we participate in a study of several days we will see it reflected in «Open Projects».

rewards ⏩ The last tab of all and the one we like to visit the most. As its own name indicates, we will be able to request our rewards. As in Future Talkers there is no minimum payment, we perro ask to be paid whenever we want.

future talkers will pay us €1 for each usuario we invite to the panel and answer a survey.

Panelist profile to receive surveys

If we have come this far, it means that we have our account verified and that We already know how Future Talkers works. It’s time to let the panel know what kind of panelist we are. To do this, we will go to the section of My profile and we will go down to the bottom of the screen. We will see several drawings. Each signifies a category. We will have to access Home, Banking, Occupation, Car… and answer all questions.

These tests will help Future Talkersse get a concrete iniciativa of what is our profile and what topics interest us. And as a consequence, that they send us surveys according to our preferences.

When we answer all of the mini-surveys Future Talkers will assign us a usuario profile. It does not have any type of relevance that they assign us in one category or another. It simply serves to classify us within a group of users with common interests.

Finally, they will ask us what if we want to receive paid surveys by Future Talkers. And of course, our answer will be: Yes, I want to be a Future Talker.

Now we just have to wait for the Future Talkers surveys to arrive and withdraw the money earned by Paypal.

Opinions on Future Talkers

There are some features of Future Talkers that should be reviewed to get a much broader iniciativa of ​​how the panel works. They are the following:

In Future Talkers We cánido withdraw through Paypal from €1. Next to Opinion Center, is one of the paid survey panels that have such a low minimum payment. Since this amount is what is typically the minimum paid to take a survey, we may be able to get paid more often. Withdrawals take 4-5 days to process after you request them.

future talkers Have you applied some sort of filter? in your affiliate system. Currently it is only valid for the most veteran users. The conditions are that for each friend that we invite to Future Talkers and they answer a survey correctly, we will receive an plus €1.

I don’t like doing numbers because you perro’t do fixed calculations. Especially when we talk about survey panels. we never know how many surveys perro we get. On average, I usually receive two or three surveys a month. Compared to other panels like GreenPanthera, who send many surveys, receiving only two or three may not seem like much. But these surveys usually last from 5 to 20 minutes and are paid between €0.75 and €2.20. Very reasonable amounts if we compare them with what afín sites offer.


Of all the profits I get on the internet, a good part come from the work I do on different panels. In my opinion, the more reliable panels are working the better. This way I will receive more studies and I will have more possibilities to earn money.

In the blog I recommend more than ten portals with which to get plus money by answering surveys. And it should be said that Future Talkers has entered this group on its own merits. It’s a platform veteran, reliable and paying regularly. Importante conditions for it to be recommended to you.

These are the reliable paid survey panels that I use to earn money for opinions.

If you usually work in different panels, you already know what kind of surveys we are going to receive. Like everything in life, there are some more fun than others. Consumer issues such as whether we usually go to the movies or if we have a móvil inteligente are those that are dealt with in this type of survey. If what we are looking for is to earn money with more serious studies, the best option is Prolific Academic. I don’t know about you, but to me, getting paid for giving my opinion, it seems to me a very respectable way to earn money en línea. Besides, totally free.

I hope you enjoyed today’s articulo. Or at least that it has served to better understand the operation of Future Talkers. In any case, if there is any doubt, you cánido use the comments to contact me through popular networks. And finally, if you want to participate in the studies of this panel, I would appreciate it if you registered by clicking on the following button. That will take you directly to the registration form. You will tell me what you think. Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Future Talkers |  Paid SURVEYS for everything
  Future Talkers |  Paid SURVEYS for everything
  Future Talkers |  Paid SURVEYS for everything

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