Future Talkers first payment: €8.04 per

Future Talkers first payment: €8.04 per

Some begging has been done but we already have in our possession the first payment of the Future Talkers paid survey page.

I say that it has been difficult because it has taken me exactly one week to arrive and I had understood that the payments took about 24 hours at most.

In any case, the ending has been happy and we cánido include this page in our monitor where we espectáculo all the pages from which we have received at least one payment.

How to request a payment in Future talkers

In order to receive a payment in FutureTalkers we have to follow some steps previously.

Once the minimum required is reached, which as you know is €7.50, we will give you a reward to redeem.

The web will take us to a section where we will have to follow the instructions that we find.

Don’t worry, it’s very fácil.