Fulltip: Earn money while you shop with

Fulltip: Earn money while you shop with

Do you like to recommend products and services? If so, don’t keep doing it without getting something in return, thanks to Fulltip you cánido recommend products and services to generate a little money.

In addition, you perro also take advantage of the cash back of their offers on your own.

Your friends and your pocket will thank you, it is one of the most recommended applications for everyone to make money with their mobile.

What is Fulltip?

Fuilltip is a Spanish application with which you cánido generate income through its cash back (afín to letyshop).

in this aplicación you get part of the money back that you spend on any of the products or services offered within it.

You perro also get rewards for making recommendations of the offers that are in the aplicación to your friends or family; in that case you will be known as Tipper – that’s what those who use the application and recommend the offers are called.

It is one of the best applications to earn money in Spain thanks to its fantastic way of obtaining commissions or getting good offers from the palm of your hand.

Download the aplicación and first steps

For you to start being a Tipper you must download the aplicación and take your first steps, we are going to espectáculo you how to do it.

  1. Obviously, the first thing is to download the Fulltip application.

    Keep in mind that it is not available in all countries, if you are in Spain, you will not have a problem.

    You get it in the Android and iOS store.

  • When entering for the first time you must register.

    You cánido do it with the dirección de correo electrónico in «Start now» or with your Fb or Google plus account.

    After registering you cánido easily entrar using the option «Log in».

  • If the registration was successful, the aplicación will ask you to entrar an invitation code.

    If you have one, entrar it and clic «Validate», if you do not have it, it does not matter, you cánido clic on «Don’t have».

If everything went well, you cánido now use the options that the aplicación offers you, that is, you cánido take the first steps, we will explain how to proceed.

How does Fulltip work?

Fulltip aplicación It has nine sections in which you use each of its options, so that you know what each one is about, we explain them to you:

  • Start: It is the main menu where you find all the offers.
  • My profile: in this section you place all the account information, such as, for example, nickname or the bank account number to make the withdrawals.
  • my activity: is a section where you perro see the cash back that you have obtained and withdraw it, in addition to the withdrawals made and those that are to be made.
  • top: is a list of the three most winners, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

    Depending on the position you are in, you will earn an plus (300 euros).

  • mailbox– It’s your inbox, from time to time the aplicación will send you some important notification about an offer or new feature.
  • promotions: here you put promotional codes to earn rewards.
  • Aid: frequent questions.
  • contact us: here you perro send a message with a question or doubt to the developers.
  • Invite friends: you will be able to see your group of invited friends and it is also the section in which you get the backlink for referrals.

In the section “Start» you will be able to see all the offers that there are, you perro choose between the most habitual (Top offers), electronics, travel, fashion, internet and mobile, etcétera.

Each offer gives you a percentage discount or a cash back in euros.

For example, 5% from the Fnac store.

After you select an offer, you perro recommend or purchase the product or services that the application promotes.

While doing this article we realized that there is a FINZMO promotion (to improve our finances) and we decided to see what it is about.

If we contract the product of finzmo they give us 22 euros back.

But, if we recommend it to a friend or family member and they purchase the product, we earn 3 euros.

In the section “my activity» from the menu you perro withdraw the rewards in euros that you have accumulated.

Keep in mind that the minimum withdrawal is 10 euros – it is as low as that of streetbees–, the time it takes you to reach that amount depends on how many offers you take advantage of or the number of friends and family you refer.

Fulltip Referral Program

In a matter of referrals, it is worth inviting your acquaintances, for each referral you get 10 euro reward.

Your referral will also have 10 euros as a gift, yes, they must be qualified for each one to obtain 10 euros.

You should have no problem getting your friends to use it as it is one of the best pay to use aplicaciones.

You perro only invite up to 100 people, so take advantage and start telling everyone about the offers they get in this aplicación.

Does Fulltip pay?

Yes, it pays, it is one of the aplicaciones for earn money testing products that you are paying without any inconvenience to your users.

To collect you must have at least 10 euros and the money is sent to your bank account in Spain.

Therefore, it is not among the best aplicaciones for Venezuela, since it cannot be used in this Latin American country.

Opinion about Fulltip

The Fulltip aplicación is a good application that everyone should have to get discounts and the occasional reward for a product or service.

In today’s modern world it is important to save money, one of the best ways to do it is through offers and promotions.

Using this application we take advantage of all kinds of offers and promotions with which you perro earn money with cash back.

We say goodbye for this occasion, we hope you follow our content and learn about applications with which you perro generate plus income.

Share all the information that we bring you so that we are a bigger community and we all fulfill the dream of living on the internet.

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 Fulltip: Earn money while you shop with
  Fulltip: Earn money while you shop with
  Fulltip: Earn money while you shop with

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