Fulltip | buy and win

Fulltip | buy and win

fulltip It is an excellent application that will allow us to earn plus money while we make our purchases or recommend our products to our friends or family.

The operation is very basic, if you know cashback pages like BeRuby either aklamio You cánido get an iniciativa, since they are websites where you perro earn money in a very afín way.

Fulltip is a website that we stop recommending, since it is out of service and they do not answer messages.

Everything indicates that it has disappeared, leaving a lot of money unpaid to users.

Fulltip catches my attention for several aspects, one of which is that it perro be managed from the computer itself or from the free application for mobile devices, something that always gives you greater freedom and autonomy when working on a site.

The website in question is Spanish and although it cánido be used regardless of the country you are from, you must be aware that most of the campaigns are aimed at users residing in Spain.

In any case, you cánido register and see if there are campaigns aimed at people from your country.

Some features of Fulltip

Something really striking in this application is that we are not only going to earn money for our purchases, we are also going to do it for the purchases made by our family or friends for the fácil fact of doing so under our recommendation.

most important features

Management NetsGO Market, SL, a registered company based in La capital de españa
Pay mode Wire transfer
minimum payment From only 10 euros
platforms iOS, Android and PC Aplicación
restrictions Only for over 18 years

We have a practical example in the campaign of Bankiawhere just by opening an account and domiciling the salary you take 100 euros for the face, but the thing does not end there, since if you recommend someone to open an account with them in addition to taking 100 euros, you will pocket nothing more and nothing less than 20.

What’s cool?

How to open an account in Fulltip

I repeat myself more than gazpacho, but at the risk of being tiresome I remind you that all the pages that we advertise on the blog are free to register, therefore Fulltip was not going to be different.

What you have to do is access the web and download the application on your móvil, but if you don’t have space or don’t feel like it, you cánido register for the web version and work on it without any problem.

Although it is true that the mobile application is much more complete, clean and attractive.

We are simply going to register, we are only going to need an correo electrónico or a Fb or Google plus account.

Then we will have to verify our phone number, where they will send us a code that we must entrar on the web.

Verify your phone number

Once this step is completed, we will have to go to our correo electrónico and clic on a validation backlink that Fulltip will send us, when you do, you will be able to access your account and start earning money.

When you are inside your account search PROMOTIONS in the menu and entrar this code ELRE-NDI, when you do you will receive €1 free in your account.

Start earning money using Fulltip

Although if you have followed my recommendations you will already have your first euro, this is just the consejo of the iceberg, and that is that in Fulltip we perro earn quite respectable amounts.

What we are going to have to do for this is to search for the campaigns according to their categories and choose the ones that suit us best.

For example, one that fits well with the theme of your website, if you have it, in my case it would be “Finance”.

Example of active campaigns

Well, it really doesn’t matter the theme of your site or if you have it or not, since there are many campaigns that may interest you personally or, failing that, a family member.

And it is that who has not ever needed to take out insurance, ask for a loan, hire ADSL or buy an electronic product? Nowadays most of our purchases are made using the Internet, so I advise you to go through Fulltip first, maybe you will get a good gift for buying something that you need.

All you have to do is complete some of the campaigns yourself or recommend them through a unique backlink that they will give you to share.

When you have completed the registration or what is required in the campaign, the corresponding commission will be credited to your Fulltip account.

There are really attractive campaigns, such as the aforementioned Bankia one where you earn €100 for opening a payroll account or €30 for contract the fiber of Orange or the 90 euros to ask for a loan in Moneymas.

How to earn money by inviting friends

Another of the many strengths that Fulltip has is its affiliate or referral program.

And it is that at this time you perro earn up to €100 inviting people to join the aplicación.

For each registered friend who enters your code, you will earn €1, and the best thing is that your friend will also receive the same commission.

At the moment the cap is 100 friends, although it is possible that this restriction will be removed over time.

Offers Fulltip services

Remember that in Fulltip you also earn money for recommending products to your friends, if you hear someone talk about hiring a service you have to be alert and offer them a Fulltip campaign, the 2 of you will earn money.

To get your code and publish it and thereby attract future users, you must go to the menu, right where it says “Invite friends”.

Request a payment in Fulltip

In order to request a payment in Fulltip, we must first reach the minimum payment required, which is €10.

By completing any campaign we will have already exceeded that minimum by far.

We just go to the menu and clic on «My activity»there we will see all the money that we have accumulated in the application, along with the button to request the payment.

Request payment when exceeding €10

Remember that before requesting it you must have filled in the information with your bank account number, which is where we are going to receive that money.

Payments take 1 to 5 business days to process, which usually takes any regular bank transfer, day up , day below.

Final opinion on Fulltip

It seems to me that we are facing a spectacular application, where we will be able to earn large commissions for our purchases or for the fácil fact of recommending it.

Well worked, it perro occupy a prominent place in our business portfolio, since it has really attractive offers, in addition, they are continually adding new ones, so it is difficult not to find an interesting one.

I am sure that you will love it, since it has a web version and its own application, which greatly facilitates things when working on it.

There are many cashback websites, but certainly only Fulltip offers us this additional advantage.

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 Fulltip |  buy and win
  Fulltip |  buy and win
  Fulltip |  buy and win

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