Full Softr Review: Is It The Best

Full Softr Review: Is It The Best

Some website and web aplicación builders cánido be clunky and difficult to navigate, but Softr promises to be an easy-to-use, no-code option for those looking to build their own website or custom aplicaciones.

But does it deliver as promised?

In this guide, we will take a comprehensive look at Softr’s features, pricing plans, and customer support. We will also discuss some pros and cons of Softr and alternatives to consider.

So whether you’re thinking about buying Softr or just want to learn more about it, keep reading!

What is Softr?

Softr is a platform NoCode that allows you to create all kinds of applications using Google plus spreadsheets or an Airtable based database.

Whether you need a customer portal, directory, eCommerce application, or workflow management system, Softr has you covered. ohAnd the best part is that you don’t need any coding skills to use it.!

Users perro simply choose from one of hundreds of pre-built templates or blocks, and customize any element to their liking. Additionally, the Softr platform transforms your Airtable data into a fully functional web application, with memberships, payments, and business logic included.

Great customer service, zero learning curve make Softr a great tool for building your landing page, membership website, internal tools, and more.

Features of Softr

Let’s take a look at some of the prominent features of Softr.

interactive lists

Softr’s interactive lists allow you to easily display your Airtable data in a variety of ways. With easy-to-use customization options, you escoge what information to share and what to keep private. Softr also offers a variety of pre-built layouts, including list detail pages that display more comprehensive information about the list item.

Source: Softr.io

prebuilt blocks

In addition to its extensive library of templates, Softr offers 100+ pre-built blocks that cánido be quickly added to your application. These include features like usuario login, data filters, and form submission.

form builder

Softr’s form builder makes it easy to collect information from aplicación users. Customize the fields, buttons and design of your forms. Additionally, Softr automatically stores all submitted data in its Airtable database for easy access and organization.

Dynamic search, filtering and sorting

Never have trouble finding the information you need with Softr’s dynamic search, filter, and sort options. Quickly narrow down your data with adjustable filters, and easily reorganize it with drag-and-drop sorting.

restricted content

Use Softr’s restricted content feature to restrict certain parts of your aplicación so that only paid members perro access it. Customize membership options and manage all member accounts through Softr’s built-in tool. This would be a kind of Paywall.


Softr offers a wide variety of professionally designed templates that perro be used to create web applications. They are fully customizable, so you perro tailor them to your specific needs. Softr templates are easy to use and come with all the features you need to get started quickly.

Usuario groups and permissions

Manage usuario access to your Softr aplicación with customizable groups and permissions. Assign specific privileges to each group, such as editing abilities or access to closed content.


Completely customize the design of your Softr application, from background colors to fonts and button styles. And with its easy-to-use editor, anyone perro do it – no coding skills required!


Create and manage membership websites with Softr.

You perro easily add usuario accounts to your Softr project without having to integrate some third-party tool to do so.

You perro create members-only content by showing or hiding certain pages or sections of a page based on whether a usuario is logged in or their role.

You perro also easily create paid membership plans using the Stripe or PayPal integrations.

Source: Softr.io


Stripe. PayPal. gumroad. Softr integrates with all of these habitual payment platforms, making it easy for you to monetize your aplicación. In addition, Softr’s built-in profile management offers that allows its members to update their personal information and billing details.


Softr’s native SEO features help you create pages that index highly in Google plus, driving organic traffic to your website. Softr’s fast loading pages and web application speed score make your site more attractive to search algorithms, helping you rank higher in search results.


Softr integrates with a host of habitual platforms, including Mailchimp, Calendly, PayPal, Google plus Analytics, and more. This enables seamless data transfer between your aplicaciones and websites, saving you time and making it easy to manage all your en línea tools in one place.

Soft Pricing

Softr offers a free plan to get started, which includes a custom domain, unlimited aplicaciones, membership websites (5 members), Airtable integration (200 records), and live chat support.

For more features, Softr has 3 paid plans: starter, professional and business.

The plan Starter costs $24 USD per month and includes everything in the free plan agregado Softr branding, 1000 record Airtable integration, and custom code functionality.

The plan professional costs $65 USD per month and includes everything in the Starter plan agregado 2 custom domains, 10,000 members within their membership websites, as well as the ability to transfer aplicaciones.

the business plan costs $165 USD per month and includes everything in the business plan agregado excellent customer support vía priority live chat, 100,000 members, 3 custom domains, and the ability to have 4 collaborators on your account.

Alternatives to Softr and competitors

Two habitual alternatives to Softr are Bubble and Stacker. Let’s take a look at how they compare.

Soft vs. Bubble

Softr and Bubble are web-based platforms that offer afín services. Both are tools No code that provide easy-to-use ways to build aplicaciones and websites. However, Softr is more suitable for small and medium-sized organizations, while Bubble.io is better for large enterprise organizations.

Softr is easier to use and offers more features, making it easier to build effective digital marketing tools such as aplicaciones and websites. However, Bubble is more customizable and scalable, making it more suitable for large organizations.

Both Softr and Bubble offer you free plans to create your first aplicación. Both have paid plans starting at a afín price, with Softr at $24 per month, while Bubble at $25 per month.

Softr vs. Stacker

Stacker is a very close competitor to Softr, both platforms allow you to transform your ideas into functional and easy-to-use websites and applications.

Both tools offer features like a no-code aplicación builder, gated content, usuario permissions, and data sources like Airtable and Google plus Sheets.

However, a big advantage of using Softr is its real-time data retrieval and update synchronization which Stacker doesn’t offer yet. If you are using Stacker, you will likely have a 5-10 minute delay in the data being are updated in your aplicación from a data source like Airtable.

Softr offers a free plan to get started, while Stacker only offers a 30-day free trial. Softr’s cheapest paid plan starts at just $24 per month, while Stacker’s Starter plan is considerably higher at $79 per month.

Pros and cons of Softr


  • Platform no code easy to use for building websites and aplicaciones
  • Real-time data synchronization with Airtable
  • Allow permission-based access and closed content
  • Wide range of integrations with other programa platforms
  • Affordable Pricing Options


  • Limited customization options for more advanced users
  • It is not as suitable for large business organizations as some competitors (for example, we have not been able to verify that they have any kind of booking system or integration with a third party)

How to use Softr to earn money

In order to use Softr to earn money, you will have to create and customize your own applications using the platform. This will require a good understanding of how to use Softr and its various features and tools. You should also have a clear iniciativa of ​​the type of application you want to create and what it will do. Once you have developed your application, you perro start marketing it and selling it to companies or individuals who may be interested in using it.

To effectively sell your aplicaciones, you’ll need to know the needs and requirements of your objetivo market. This may involve researching potential customers and their companies or organizations to determine what type of application would be most useful or valuable to them. You will also need to have strong marketing and sales skills to effectively promote and sell your aplicación. This may involve creating marketing materials and reaching out to potential customers through various channels, such as popular media, dirección de correo electrónico, or in-person presentations. If you understand your objetivo market and promote and sell your aplicación effectively, you will increase your chances of making money with Softr.

It must be remembered that although Softr is an application to create other aplicaciones without code, not everyone has the time and desire to learn how to use programa like this, so they will appreciate someone who not only builds it for them but does not support it in various areas. Also, if you dedicate yourself to the design of web pages, Softr cánido fall like a glove by giving you the opportunity to expand your portfolio and the type of websites that you cánido develop, it is worth trying the platform and others afín.

To end

softr is a platform not code which offers companies an easy way to create customer portals, membership websites and internal tools.

Softr offers more than 30 templates and 100 building blocks that are easy to use and customizable to your needs. 24/7 support and a wide range of integrations make Softr a wise choice for small and medium-sized organizations that want to strengthen their en línea presence.

However, it may not be the best option for larger companies looking for more advanced customization options and also for companies and individuals in Latin America, where payment gateways are usually integrated with local banks.

Overall, the Softr team has excelled in creating this all-in-one platform that offers great value, easy-to-use features, and affordable pricing.

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 Full Softr Review: Is It The Best
  Full Softr Review: Is It The Best
  Full Softr Review: Is It The Best

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