Full Omio review: Will it still be a

Full Omio review: Will it still be a

Figuring out how to get from one place to another when you travel is a huge hassle.

Especially when you are in a foreign country with a language barrier, booking a ticket en línea or in person becomes complicated and stressful.

That’s why dedicated booking services have been coming up with a way to book these travel tiques en línea well in advance to disminuye the hassle of booking in person.

These services help you book the tiques you need,sometimes even at a discounted price!

We have previously reviewed services such as Busbud or Busabout, which allow you to book ómnibus tiques, hop-on hop-off style, all over Europe.

But what if you want to compare different ticket prices? Today, we will be reviewing a German travel booking and comparison site dedicated to booking autobuses, trains and flights: Omio.

First,what exactly is Omio?

Omio, formerly known as GoEuro, is an en línea travel booking site based in Germany.

Omio specializes in booking modes of transport for your trips and taking care of your train, flight and autobús tiques.

It aggregates travel information from multiple websites and companies, so you only need to log in to one website or aplicación to see all your route options.

Omio calculates travel time and cost by comparing and combining air, autobús, ferry and train travel.

Omio does not operate its own flights, trains or autobuses and currently only covers Europe, the US and Canada.

How does Omo work?

Omio emplees advanced mapping technology to locate the nearest airport, train or colectivo station to your chosen location.

For example, suppose you want to travel to a destination from a foreign location that you are not familiar with.

In that case, all you’ll need to do is entrar where you are currently on Omio.

Omio will provide you with all the nearby transportation hubs to take me to my chosen destination and how far they are from me.

Omio cánido also mezcle different forms of transportation for your selected route, so you perro weigh all the options in terms of travel time and cost.

It tells you which routes are the cheapest and fastest and how many changes are required – all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Once you’ve selected a route, you cánido buy your ticket on Omio or vía a backlink on the travel company’s page.

Is Omio free?

Omio is completely free to use, but you pay a small service fee when you make a reservation.

This is afín to many en línea booking services that only charge you a small transaction fee when you make a purchase.

Image courtesy of Omio

Benefits of using Omio

Perfect booking experience

For an aplicación that helps you book transportation tiques, Omio is super convenient and hassle-free! It’s all in English in one place (or in one of 20 other available languages ​​if English isn’t your preferred option).

If you’re traveling across Europe, figuring out each country’s train ticket booking system perro quickly become a nightmare.

Especially booking transport that crosses borders perro sometimes be difficult and intimidating.

Add to that potential language issues, and you’ll quickly become overwhelmed.

Omio makes booking cross-border travel the easiest thing to do.

Book early with Omio train or Omio flight tiques to avoid the stress of buying last-minute tiques during your trip!

Fun and elegant interfaz

The website and aplicación have a very fun and slick interfaz that is easy to use.

You don’t waste time figuring out what you need or how to proceed to the next step.

In general, the appearance of Omio is very modern and aesthetically pleasing.

Image courtesy of Omio

Multimode Travel Comparison

Our default mode is often to start comparing flight prices immediately when planning a trip.

However, very often other modes of transport such as trains are not only cheaper but more comfortable.

Omio helps you make that comparison instantly by showing you all the transportation options.

Especially when trying to disminuye our carbon footprint, having access to information on alternative modes of transport is one of Omio’s key features.

Another unique point about Omio is that it covers over 700 ferry routes in Italy, Spain, Greece and the UK.

If you’ve ever spent a summer vacation island hopping in southern Europe, this puts Omio in a class of its own..

Photo by Zhang Fengsheng on Unsplash

A useful information center

If you look at the Omio website, you will find Information about different destinations and travel consejos.

For example, suppose you want to learn more about how public transport is organized in Germany.

Omio will give you a breakdown of the country’s autobuses, trains, and airports.

Again, Omio gives you the feeling of a company looking to provide value to help travelers rather than simply acting as a middleman.

Your tiques are in one place.

The Omio aplicación not only allows you to save your tiques in one place, but you perro also use it to check in whenever possible.

The aplicación also has station locators and provides you with live travel updates.

This makes Omio a great travel resource throughout your trip.

useful plugins

Omio strives to be the one-stop-shop for all your travel needs.

When you book your ticket, Omio will display suggestions related to your destination.

For example, they have partnered with Booking.com for their accommodation needs.

While booking accommodation as an add-on isn’t revolutionary, the way it’s integrated into the aplicación makes for a fantastic usuario experience.

More than just accommodation, it also espectáculos you GetYourGuide experiences.

Even if you don’t plan on using GetYourGuide, I like that you perro use it as a starting point to research the attractions at your destination right from the aplicación.

We recently reviewed GetYourGuide if you’re curious if it’s a trustworthy company.

Image courtesy of Omio

Disadvantages of Omio

Less flexibility when looking for flights

Omio lacks the flexibility of aplicaciones like Skyscanner or Momondo that are only geared towards flights.

On Skyscanner, you perro search by month, for example, to get an overview of the cheapest options during that period.

On Omio, you need to fill in your specific dates.

This inconvenience is only relevant if you have the flexibility to travel at any time, allowing you to take advantage of the flight on days with cheaper options.

Limited or no coverage in unpopular destinations

Omio’s coverage isn’t great if you’re traveling to slightly less habitual places in Europe.

But, you perro be sure that all travel routes are sufficiently covered in habitual Western European destinations such as Spain and Germany.

However, travelers have complained that routes and tour companies are left out for countries in the Balkans, for example.

This is not necessarily a problem if you know where to book elsewhere.

Still, it cánido erroneously give the impression that other paths are simply not available.

Not all routes are shown to habitual destinations like Croatia, as some regional ómnibus companies are left out.

Omio isn’t the best tool for even more offbeat options like Georgia, either.

If you are traveling to South East Asia, you are better off checking out as Traveloka.

Is Omio legit?

Omio is a safe and trustworthy company, so you cánido go ahead and use it without worry.

It’s been around since 2013, and today Omio has over 1,000 travel partners across trains, autobuses, ferries, flights, and airport transfers.

Omio has over $400 million raised in funding, so it’s not just another overnight flight company to make a quick buck.

Rome2rio and Busradar are part of the Omio family.

To end

Omio is a fantastic travel aplicación that every savvy traveler should have in their armamento when planning trips.

However, you should be aware of its limitations depending on the country you are traveling to and whether Omio has coverage.

It’s also the aplicación to consider if you’re trying to green your travels by opting for public transportation.

While public transportation options may be a bit more expensive at first glance, most of the time it’s much more comfortable and less stressful.

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 Full Omio review: Will it still be a
  Full Omio review: Will it still be a
  Full Omio review: Will it still be a

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