From which sites perro you Withdraw Money with

From which sites perro you Withdraw Money with

He ID or also known as National Identity Document, is the mechanism that accredits its owner as a Spanish citizen, and also allows him to carry out multiple activities, among them is to take money out.

This is possible thanks to the electronic version, which allows the storage of information for later use. In this article we will talk about the sites where this function is enabled, if you are interested we invite you to read it.

Cánido you withdraw money with your DNI at an ATM?

Yes, it is possible as long as the bank you use gives you the option of being able to backlink your account to your ID.

In fact, there are already many ATMs that have a slot enabled to insert this document, with the purpose of making this and many other transactions. The following are banks that offer this function.

Withdraw money with DNI la Caixa

La Caixa has been allowing its customers for some time now make withdrawals using the electronic ID. The process is afín to that done with a conventional card, the only difference is that the PIN is not used with identification, but a code of up to 8 digits issued by the bank.

If you are a client of this entity and want to enjoy this privilege, you must go to one of its branches, for the account linking process to be carried out, and the bank to provide you with the code that you must use at the ATM, when you go to carry out the transaction.

Withdraw money with ID Santander

The process is afín to the previous case, as long as your account is linked to your ID and you have the code that the ATM requests to make the respective withdrawal, you don’t have to worry, you cánido have cash when you need it.

Remember to insert the document in the corresponding slot, and in the correct way so that your ID be read without problems, otherwise the process will not be carried out.

He electronic ID It offers you many benefits, in this articulo you discovered one of them, if you have the possibilities to enjoy it, do not hesitate, follow the instructions and simplify the management of your finances.

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 From which sites perro you Withdraw Money with
  From which sites perro you Withdraw Money with
  From which sites perro you Withdraw Money with

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