From how much money do you have to declare to

From how much money do you have to declare to

Declaring to the Treasury is one of the most important responsibilities of Spaniards, not only because failing to do so affects society, but also because there are a lot of situations in which you perro become penalized with objetivos and legal charges.

So that these things do not happen to you, in this articulo we will espectáculo you from how much money you have to declare to the Treasury and other matters of supreme importance. Continue reading so that you perro declare to the Treasury without inconveniences or objetivos.

When is it necessary to declare money?

It is always convenient to declare any amount of money to, since for this body there is no minimum amount of money that is exempt from paying taxes, so any amount must be declared, even if it is small.

The reason why you must declare the money is because it is taken as a donation, which is the action of voluntarily transferring an asset to a person, based on this the money is subject to the Inheritance tax and donationsHence the importance of knowing what it means to give or receive money to avoid possible objetivos.

It is important to clarify that banks have the obligation to notify the Treasury when they carry out any operation that exceeds €3,000 in order to avoid any suspicious movement.

How much perro I earn without having to pay taxes?

A person who generates income on their own account, all the economic benefits they obtain must declare them, since the benefits are taken as income from economic activities.

There is a limit to declare or not to the Treasury, and the amount is 1000 euros per yearthat is, if you have earnings of more than 1,000 euros, you are obliged to archivo the Income Statement.

Also, if you earn 22,000 euros per year, and if it is received by a single payer, you will be exempt from making the income statement. It is important to note that if the amount is received by several payers, the exception changes.

It is possible that you do not have to pay the declaration if you have several payers, but for this the amount must not exceed 22,000 euros per yearand that in addition the income accumulated by the payers is not greater than 1,500 euros per year.

It is appropriate to consider that the obligation to pay the tax is subject to the type of activity you carry out, for example, if you work en línea and the type of work you do.

Nowadays it is very common for people to obtain income through this route, so it is smart to find out very well if you should declare or not, according to the type of economic activity you have.

Minimum amount of income to declare to the Treasury

Not all people in the country are required to archivo an income statement, since there are several limits that must be considered and that are outside of the money received.

One of the limits is 22,000 eurosthat is, all people who receive more than this annual amount under the concept of work performance and that it has been received from a single payer are subject to making the income statement.

Those citizens who receive €22,000 per year and who have more than one additional payer and who have not received more than €1,500 per year from the hand of the second and successive payers.

It is important to take into account that when a person receives money from two or more payers and that this amount that comes from the second and successive payers does not exceed €1,500 per year.

What happens if I don’t declare?

By not declaring you run the risk of suffering sanctions and objetivos of up to 200 euros and more, however if you have a just reason why you have not paid the Treasury, for example that you did not receive any informative communication, the payment perro be lowered by 50% of payment.

It is important that you are up to date with your payments Because you cánido avoid many headaches, remember that you cannot avoid your taxes, but you perro disminuye them considerably. We hope this article has been of help to you.

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 From how much money do you have to declare to
  From how much money do you have to declare to
  From how much money do you have to declare to

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