From how many subscribers do you earn

From how many subscribers do you earn

YouTube is one of the most habitual platforms today, millions of people use this website to upload or watch vídeos, but there are always some who want to go further and earn money with this site, although to achieve this the usuario must have more than 1,000 subscribers on your account.

In this articulo we will tell you everything to earn money using YouTube.

How much does YouTube pay for subscribers?

It is habitual for people to want to become an influencer to earn money, since this is one of the most famous ways today, they perro also become very lucrative, but the question is always how much YouTube pays for its subscribers or visits and although seems easy, these payments depend on several factors.

YouTube payments are subject to several conditions, which contribute to the creators’ earnings, but you must keep in mind that you do not pay for subscribers, but by views.

It is not easy to give a specific figure, since there are several factors that must be considered, which are:

  • Type of public: There is a lot of variety in the types of public, since there are some that are more in demand than others. Among the types of public are: children, sports, cooking, fashion, crafts, etcétera.
  • channel design: It is an important aspecto to attract more users.
  • Language: Not all languages ​​generate a lot of visits, usually the most common languages ​​are the ones that receive the most visits.
  • The theme of the channel: Since a children’s channel is not the same as a channel with advertisements, promotions and product sales.
  • The duration of the vídeos: The time of the vídeos significantly influences the income as well as other aspects such as search results.
  • Include channel sponsors: which pay if you generate views on their ads.
  • partners: a way to earn income, gain more knowledge and associate with other people.

Once you have understood the influence of these factors, we perro tell you that the payment of YouTube also varies according to the country where you are. In Europe they cánido pay almost one euro for a thousand views, although a specific payment cannot be said.

All the factors mentioned above help a lot to increase the number of subscribers and, therefore, the number of visits that are paid. For this reason, all youtubers always recommend subscribing, liking and activating the bell.

An important fact is that when you start generating income with your YouTube channel, it will begin to pay you your benefits when you reach a minimum of 100 euros in income. Meanwhile, it will accumulate until you reach that figure.

How much money perro you earn on YouTube?

As we explained previously, not all YouTube users are paid the same, since in each country there is a different payment, in addition to other factors that help increase said payment.

One way to calculate these payments is by calculating how much they pay for 1,000 visits, then taking an approximate account, for having 1,000 visits you perro receive a payment from 0.22 euros to 3.54 euros or more. Everything will depend on the type of channel, the factors that we name, the country, agregado the number of visits, the more visits, the higher the payment.

How many hours of vídeo viewing should the channel have?

Other than 1,000 subscribers, for YouTube to start paying you, you must have at least 4,000 hours of content viewed in your account. This is a primordial requirement to be able to start charging through this platform.

What is the Partners program?

The YouTube Partner Program is a tool that offers creators greater access to YouTube resources and features. Among these benefits are being able to contact directly with the Support for Creatorsaccess to the Copyright Match Tool and access to monetization features.

To qualify for this program you must meet certain regulations, such as living in a region where Partner is available, not having any active strikes for violation of YouTube rules, accumulating more than 4,000 viewshave at least 1,000 subscribers, and have a linked AdSense account.

Other ways to earn money on YouTube

Being a world-renowned platform, YouTube has many ways to earn money and as we want to help you, we will leave you a list with all these ways:

YouTube Partner Program

ANDIt’s the easiest way to use, but you will only start generating income when you meet the established estándares, which are 1,000 followers and 4,000 views. This is the program known by the acronym YPP, which enables the sharing of income from the ads that are published in your content.

YouTube advertising

PYou perro take advantage of the income that you will receive for advertising to other brands, all this varies depending on the number of times that your viewers see the ads in your content. The profit will depend on the type of ad, playback time and the competitiveness.

promotional vídeo content

This method is highly requested by certain companies for influencers with large numbers of subscribers to promote their products or services in their content. We recommend that you promote good quality products that have some kind of relevance to your channel.

Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate marketing is one of the actions most used by some companies, the trick is that the company with which you affiliate will give you a unique backlink or backlink, this for you to publish in your content and for each person who emplees this backlink you will earn a commission.

Your en línea store

You perro use your YouTube channel to promote your own products or services, cLike, for example, crafts, language courses, culture, sports, fashion, among others.

The key to having a successful YouTube channel is to create good quality, informative content with excellent audio and vídeo, as well as including some factors such as originality and creativity.

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 From how many subscribers do you earn
  From how many subscribers do you earn
  From how many subscribers do you earn

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