friendz is an italian aplicación that will pay us with Amazon vouchers, gift cards for Decathlon, Zalando and Zara. friendz works based on campaigns. The campaigns are photos that you have to take, and you will have to upload them either on fb or on Instagram.

Friendz is an application created by some young Italians in 2015were the winners of the Web Marketing Festival 2015. The company went up and in 2016 they won the Wind Business Aspectowith which its creators won a month in Silicon Valley.

friendz is present for two years on Google plus PlayYou cánido download it for free from here. Or from this banner:

Once downloaded, you will need to backlink your fb account to register. If you like you cánido put a friend’s invitation code. So you will earn your first ten points. if you want to put mine is miguel224500.

Also It will ask you to fill in your profile with your name, surname, nickname for Friendz, tell something about yourself, your date of birth, telephone, and address. The address asks us to participate in activities that require the delivery of the product home.

As make money on friendz? So with the campaigns. Every week Friendz will launch new campaigns, original and fun. They will require seriousness, commitment and enthusiasm on our part. However, Not all campaigns are the same, but they are divided into three groups:

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  • public. require the posting a photo on Fb or Instaram. There are two types of campaigns:
    • fun, (addressed to all users)
    • brand and to be aimed at a specific group of userschosen by the company that created that campaign.
  • invisible. Usually, require action (For example, like, share or comment) and the upload a screenshot to the application.
  • Questionnaire. Are campaigns with immediate approvalwhere it is necessary to answer some questions to get to know yourself better or ask for an opinion.

tell you all campaigns will be approved or rejected by a team of natural personsno boots, with which, the seriousness that we have to put is maximum. Only we perro run a campaign of Fb and another from Instagram up to date.

friendz It has pretty strict rules., which I have not found in other applications, so I liked its seriousness. They are the following:

  • The content must be created by you. Photos already used for other campaigns, downloaded from the internet, stolen from other users or very afín cannot be used. Photos of stores are not acceptedand there should not be other brands in the campaigns of the brands (unless they request it)
  • He profile must be authenticnot related to activities or companies or used only for applications of this type.
  • Talking about Friendz is not allowed in photos posted through the aplicación. No reference to Friendz may be included.
  • The photo privacy must be public give it greater visibility.
  • It is not allowed to delete photos or content shared for the campaign. If it is done, the points will drop to zero.
  • The preconfigured hashtags of the campaigns cannot be deleted or modified.
  • Do not ask for likes or comments on Friendz photos and it is forbidden to register through an exchange (of favors, coupons, discounts, etcétera…)

There are a few things we should know to use the aplicación 100%:

  • The Wednesday campaign grants credits only to those with a quality higher than 2.5/5 at the time of the launch of the campaign.
  • Cánido participate in public campaigns from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m..
  • A daily campaign is usually carried out by popular network. Invisible campaigns have no limitations and perro be run at any time.
  • Cánido contact them in their Fb group (Fb Friendz from Spain).

By each campaign carried out we will receive points, and those points will make us win prizesaccording to a table:

  • With 900 points we cánido get one €5 Amazon card
  • With 1500 points we will have €10 on Amazon, Decathlon and me on Zalando
  • If we get to the 4250 points we will take one €30 gift card at Zara

Here you have the complete table:

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As you perro see, we have a choice!

friendz It also has its own referral system.. you perro invite all the friends we want, they will only have to entrar an invitation code that we provide them. If you want, you perro entrar mine. It is the following:


With this code, the sponsor will get 100 points for each invited friend who participates in a campaign within a week. But 10 points will be deducted for each invited friend who does not participate in a campaign within the first week. I orinan, please, use the aplicación, it’s worth it.


We increased our number of mobile applications, with this Italian application, and although I’m not much of a seguidor of posting things on fb (my thing is more like twitter) I perro assure you that I will, simply to get more points with this application. I encourage you to try it, since we perro win gift cards doing what others do every day. I leave you again the download backlink and my invitation code.

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A hug and until next time friends, much success!!

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