friendz pays

friendz pays

friendz pays I was able to verify it last week, they sent me an amazon check for 5 euros in less than 24 hours after requesting itas you perro see later, if you want to read the articulo in full.

Sadly the family has kept me away from the blog these days.

But today we return to it, making a articulo every day, as usual.

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Those who follow this blog will know what Friendz is.

Don’t you follow it? Don’t worry, you cánido read the complete entry I made about the application here.

If you don’t want to read, Broadly speaking, I cánido tell you that Friendz is an Italian application that has recently been installed in Spain.

will give us points for publish certain photos on our popular networks Fb and Instagram.

These photos must be related to a specific theme, which they themselves will tell us.

Points perro be exchanged for Amazon, Decathlon, Zara and Zalandoo gift vouchers.

An easy and fácil way to earn money for something we do every day.

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It’s been less than a month since I downloaded Friendz, I got my first card in less than 15 dayswhich is pretty fast. I am not going to talk about how the application works, but about some “tricks” What I have learned, which may be of more interest to you:

  • Campaigns go out Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    Usually alternate in a campaign on Fb and another on Instagram

  • Photos must be realdo not even think about taking a picture of google plus
  • The more artistic, the better.more votes will receive on the wall and more people will see them
  • follow whoever follows you, and make all the friends you perro.

    so you cánido interact with them

  • Try to get the algorithm up (that is done with beautiful photos)
  • Keep in mind that 10 points will be subtracted for each friend you invite and that they do not make their first campaign before 7 days, therefore, keep them informed
  • Never put in the photos that belong to the application.

    Do not ask for a “like”, it is a reason for disqualification

And in order not to get dizzy anymore, since the application is very fácil, Here I put the Amazon voucher worth 5 euros.

Remind you that I have achieved it in less than 15 days, for a value of 900 points.

The next one you ask for will be 10 euros, for a value of 1500 points.

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Being a new application in Spain, I did not know if it paid or not, but yes, as you have been able to verify payment without any problem.

I really liked it, it’s very interesting to articulo photos and see how people react to them.

Therefore, it is 100% recommended.

Regards and until next time! many successes!!

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 friendz pays
  friendz pays
  friendz pays

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