FreeDogecoin How does it work? earn dogecoin

FreeDogecoin How does it work? earn dogecoin

FreeDogecoin is a platform that allows you to earn free dogecoin in different ways. You cánido earn free dogecoin at FreeDogecoin through its faucet which gives you the opportunity to earn up to $150 per hour for solving a captcha. FreeDogecoin was created by programmers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer.

The FreeDogecoin platform comes operating since 2013, and it is one of the most serious pages on the Internet when it comes to earning money / dogecoin in an easy and safe way. The method used to earn dogecoin It is so fácil that anyone cánido do it.

FreeDogecoin Basics

platform management FreeDogecoin has been operating since 2013 No problems with users.
withdrawals They cánido be requested through dogecoin.
Deposits You cánido make deposits through dogecoin.
referrals It has a direct referral system, and you earn the fifty% of what your referrals earn.
Languages English, but it perro be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.
accepted countries Users from all over the world perro earn money.
Activity Faucet, Games, Lottery.
Pay? Yes, FreeDogecoin make the payments No problem.

Registration in a Dogecoin wallet

First you need to sign up for a dogecoin wallet in order to receive payments. There are many dogecoin wallets in which you cánido register, however here I leave you one of the best. The wallet in question is DogeChainand you cánido register by clicking here.

At the end of the registration they will send you an correo electrónico to your dirección de correo electrónico that will contain the ID of your wallet, which you perro use to log in.

When you log in you will find the dogecoin address provided to you by the dogecoin wallet. With this address you will be able to receive the payments that the FreeDogecoin platform sends you.

Registration and first steps in FreeDogecoin

Registration in FreeDogecoin is free and fácil, and you perro do it by clicking here. When entering you must entrar the section “sign up”, complete the data and send the information. If they send you a verification message to your correo electrónico, then you must go to the dirección de correo electrónico and verify your account, with which you will be fully registered.

Registration Form

You perro start with the registration from the following backlink: Go to FreeDogecoin.

After registration you cánido complete your profile from the section “profile”, where you perro entrar the dogecoin address that you will use to receive your earnings.

How does FreeDogecoin work?

FreeDogecoin is a faucet that allows you earn fractions of dogecoin every hour solving captchas. A faucet is a platform that pays you small fractions of cryptocurrencies from time to time to solve captchas. In addition to this, FreeDogecoin allows you to earn dogecoin with dogecoin multiplication and with referrals.

The maximum dogecoin you perro get for solving a captcha is equivalent to $150, that is to say that every hour you cánido earn this amount. You will be able to see the amount of dogecoin that you have won in the upper right part of your account, and in the “Stats” section you will be able to see the different statistics.

How to earn free dogecoin at FreeDogecoin?

You cánido earn free dogecoin at FreeDogecoin in several ways that are: solving captchas, with the multiplication of dogecoin and with the referral system. The different ways to generate income on this platform are described below:

Solve captcha

Every hour you will have the opportunity to win up to $150 by solving captcha. It is only necessary to solve a captcha, and depending on the number that is generated then you will receive a certain dogecoin amount.

The maximum profit you perro get for each resolved cptcha is $150. You cánido do this from the “Free Doge” section in your account.

dogecoin multiplication

With this form you perro bet the dogecoin that you have won for free. You will have the opportunity to win double the dogecoin you have wagered or lose everything you have wagered, and you will also be able to wager your dogecoins manually or automatically.

You perro do this from the section “Multiply DOGE”, where you must select if you want the bet to be manual or automatic and then entrar the amount of dogecoin you want to bet.

If manual You must entrar the amount of dogecoin you want to bet in the “Bet Amount” section, and to bet you must clic on “Bet Hi”. If automatic You must entrar the amount of dogecoin in the “Base Bet” section, you must entrar the number of attempts in the “Max Bet/Win” section, and to bet you must clic on “Start Coche-Bet”.


FreeDogecoin provides you with the opportunity to earn dogecoin with the referral system. The part of referrals will be presented later.

Referral system in FreeDogecoin

FreeDogecoin has a direct referral system, and you earn 50% of the dogecoin your referrals earn. at the same time you will win tiques to participate in the lottery and you will earn a reward point. You cánido see your referral backlink, the referrals you have and their statistics in the “Refer” section. Go to the ways to get referrals.

Payments in FreeDogecoin

You perro withdraw and deposit cómputo using only dogecoin. You perro withdraw your earnings to your dogecoin wallet from the “Free DOGE/ WithDraw” section, and you cánido also deposit cómputo in your account from the “Free DOGE/ Deposit” section.


FreeDogecoin is one of the internet companies most serious I have ever met, always paying on time and with one of the highest win rates per referrals. We perro see that the platform is legally registered, and has been paying its users since 2013 without any problems.

It is a platform that I highly recommend to obtain income in the short, medium and long term. So encourage yourself to undertake on this platform so reliable. According to all this we cánido say that this is a platform that will last a long time.

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 FreeDogecoin How does it work?  earn dogecoin
  FreeDogecoin How does it work?  earn dogecoin
  FreeDogecoin How does it work?  earn dogecoin

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