Freecash: How to earn money doing tasks

Freecash: How to earn money doing tasks

Freecash: How to earn money doing fácil tasks en línea since this page offers you several opportunities to generate income.

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Freecash: How to earn money doing fácil tasks en línea is actually a site that works anywhere in the world.

Also formerly known as Freeskins or is one of the most habitual deal wall and payout websites out there and a choice for earn a good amount of free money.

It offers variable withdrawal options and many surveys to help you grow money.

But let’s face it: easy money usually comes with high risk.

Next we will see the step by step of this fácil method to start generating income easily just by performing fácil tasks.

The page that we are going to be using is:

What is Freecash?

Freecash is a fully secure and legal offer wall and payment site that offers several payment options and a really attractive currency exchange rate compared to its competitors.

It is a site that offers different alternatives to generate money in a fácil way, such as:

  • Watch vídeos
  • complete offers
  • free en línea surveys
  • Play
  • Daily and monthly contests
  • Referral program.

How to register in Freecash?

To register in freecash it is only a matter of going to “Register” that is located in the upper right part of the page and we will get the format that we must fill out with the required data, such as:

  • Correo electrónico
  • Usuario
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Accept the terms and conditions

Although you also have the option of registering directly with our Google plus or Steam account and they give us a plus of 10 coins when you log in.

Methods to earn money available in Freecash:

Freecash is coincidente with 7 Offer Walls sites and 4 surveys where you have hundreds of tasks for which you perro get money.

And really, there are countless ways to increase your capital from Freecash, and we would give it 5 stars if it weren’t for the fact that quite a few paid tasks and surveys are region locked.

You will earn profit on completing a series of activities but the number of points you’ll earn for each category variesfor example:

  • You perro play en línea games, share your opinion on consumer products or even try new services from your offer wall to collect points.
  • Your account is credited immediately every time you successfully complete an activity.

    Its partners are companies like CPX Research, which pay promptly.

  • The options on their offer wall are from reputable providers, and sometimes you have to make a small payment to participate in these.
  • In most cases, your payment will be refunded or the amount obtained from the offer will allow you to make a profit, for example, AdGate Media is one of their partners.

    AdGem offers are also available.

    These pay well and you cánido trust them to give you your cash as promised.

  • All members perro start earning from the moment they sign up.
  • Whether you download the aplicación using a QR code or vía the backlink on the site, you cánido earn points by leaving a positive review on the Google plus Play Store.
  • Of course, it’s better to only leave a 5-star review if you really like the aplicación.
  • After leaving your review on Google plus Play, log in to the aplicación and you will get 150 points.

    These will be credited to your account after you claim them in the Rewards window.

  • Members who spend time on the platform have said that they have been able to earn a few bucks every day.

    They are pleased with the earning potential of this aplicación and some have received payouts of over $100.

  • Climb the leaderboard for plus bonuses with Freecash
  • You cánido also earn in Freecash by referring others to the site.

    Your referral will instantly get 100 coins when they join using your referral code.

    Also, you will get 5% of what they earn on the site.

Leaderboard Contests:

You cánido earn a plus if you reach the top.

The first 250 users will receive a plus every day.

They share a $500 prize.

The person at the top of the leader board gets the most coins as a plus and this is added to their winnings for the day.

There is also another contest each that emplees the same rules as the previous one, in which a reward of $2,500 is shared among the first 250 users.

Usuario experience:

we have to say that the process of earning cash incredibly easy and enjoyable.

Usually, surveys are associated with some weird popups, but this is not the case with Freecash.

You cánido really see the professionalism of the creators of this service and their concern to make the usuario feel safe.

In general, we recommend reading the Terms of Service before using the site, as there are some things that cánido get you banned for, and are quite counterintuitive (like VPN and multitasking).

We perro’t blame Freecash for having their own rules, and you’ll have an exceptional experience on the Offer Wall website and some plus cash if you follow them.


Fenezca, but what if you have a problem, like withdrawing your money? You don’t have to worry because Freecash support has you covered!

Their live support works 24/7and you cánido contact a real human being, not a bot like other gpt sites.

If you’re having trouble getting help vía live chat, you perro always contact them on their correo electrónico at [email protected] or on Discord.

It will take 5 minutes to answer your questions.

promotional codes and freecash bonuses:

Freecash also offers the opportunity to enjoy free bonuses using promotional codes, 50 coins for following them on Twitter and 150 coins for downloading their Android aplicación.

To claim these rewards you just have to go to “Rewards” where you cánido also put your promotional codes and claim your daily plus of 10 coins as well as your referral backlink in case you want to increase income.

Payment options in Freecash:

Thus, Freecash is the absolute king of all offer walls when it comes to withdrawal options, as you perro withdraw your cash in almost any way possible.

You cánido get cash payment through Paypal, gift cards, cryptocurrencies or game skins.

There is a total of 22 withdrawal options in Freecash (5 cash, 12 gift cards, 5 skins) to get free coins.

That being said, you cánido pretty much do anything you want with your Freecash funds, including transferring them to your bank account if you have a Visa debit card.

However, please note that the minimum amount of money you perro withdraw is different for each of these options.

Freecash allows jugadores various ways to collect your winnings and get a reward.

Thanks to the wide selection of cards and y también-wallets accepted, users will find that Freecash offers more versatility than most competing websites.

Here’s a quick list of some payout options, such as:

  1. Withdrawal of cryptocurrencies: users who have earned as little as $0.01 will be able to use this method.

    This allows users to take their earnings and convert them into the equivalent amount of a selected cryptocurrency.

    Freecash currently charges in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

  2. Payments by PayPal: In order for jugadores to be able to cash out and win real money on Paypal, users will need to earn at least 5,000 coins or $5.
  3. Withdrawal of money from Steam: If a Freecash usuario has earned at least $6 or 6,000 coins, they will be able to convert their winnings into steam credits.
  4. Amazon: Users will have to earn 5,000 coins or 5 dollars minimum.
  5. Fortnite V-Bucks Cashout: For all of you who are crazy about Fortnite, you perro also cash out your Freecash earnings directly to your fortnite account in V-Bucks.

    To do this, you will have to earn 10,000 coins or at least 10 dollars.

    As a side note: don’t use a free V Bucks generator out there, they don’t work and they are a scam.

    This however is a legitimate alternative

  6. CSGO Skin Cashout: Finally, you will be able to exchange CSGO skins for the equivalent value of the coins you have earned.

    This makes unique.

Currency exchange rate:

Regarding the exchange rates of the currencies, here the offer is really attractive since the system itself is super fácil 1000 coins are equal to one dollar 1 dollars.

For a start, you will get numerous easy tasks like “install the aplicación and use it” for 100-500 coins, but the higher your Freecash level profile is, the more rewarding tasks you will get.

The most attractive surveys are provided by RevenueWall, and you perro access them after reaching level 10.

And how much money a day perro you realistically earn with Freecash?

It depends on the time you dedicate to it, but if you do it full time, we still wouldn’t expect you to earn more than $20 a day at the start (and normally, it will be even less).

Still, for an offer wall website, this is a pretty good number.

Some even make $50 a day, but those are the veterans. You perro keep up with what other users are earning by following the Freecash leaderboards.

Freecash: is it legit or scam?

Freecash is the most legit offer wall and payment website on the market.

Although it has only been running since April 2020, it is registered as a legitimate company in Germany and has millions of users.

It’s also worth mentioning that Freecash works over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted connection, emplees trusted payment providers, and has thousands of positive reviews on Trustpilot.

It has a high usuario rate on Trustpilot.

This is a pretty good indication, considering the fact that it’s about taking surveys, which are often associated with scams, unwanted ads, or a waste of time.

In addition, Freecash also has an aplicación (the free money aplicación) in Google plus playwhere it scores even better than on Trustpilot.

The main reason for poor ratings on Trustpilot are so-called “bans for nothing”, but they are mainly for abusing VPN programa.

Using a VPN cánido give you an advantage over other users by providing access to more surveys.

Having said that, Freecash is totally safe and legit; just don’t use a VPN with it, and you should be fenezca.

Advantages and disadvantages of Freecash:


  • Good relation time/money
  • Secure surveys and offer walls
  • Fácil
  • Usuario interfaz
  • Mobile aplicación
  • Many payment options


  • Region locked tasks

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 Freecash: How to earn money doing tasks
  Freecash: How to earn money doing tasks
  Freecash: How to earn money doing tasks

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