Freebitcoin: what is it and how does it work? win

Freebitcoin: what is it and how does it work? win

bitcoin is a faucet to earn bitcoin that will pay us fractions of this cryptocurrency every hour.

We will not have to do anything but wait for its counter to reset and collect our satoshis.

But Frebitcoin is something more than that, it has been paying since 2013 and today we cánido say that it is one of the best options for earn bitcoin.

If you keep reading you will find the best option to earn bitcoin with freebitcoin spanish.

One of the faucets that work best in this world of cryptocurrencies.

You are going to learn to configure free bitcoin in order to get the most out of it.

Do you dare to win free bitcoins? Well keep reading!!

Sign up for Freebitcoin

To start accumulating satoshis in bitcoin you have to be registered.

You have to fill out a small form with an dirección de correo electrónico, password and the bitcoin address where we will receive the payments.

Something very fácil.

You perro register in two ways, by clicking here or by clicking on the following banner:

When you do, you must go to the dirección de correo electrónico that you have put in the registry to confirm it.

Once this little management is done, you will have your account.

As you perro see, the process couldn’t be easier and once this is done, you will be able to earn bitcoin from home.

How does Freebitcoin work?

The page bitcoin It has a very fácil operation, the biggest source of profit on this page is solving a small captchat every 60 minutes.

What has always been called a bitcoin faucet.

We will have several ways to earn satoshis in an easy and fácil way.

You perro access all of them at the top of the menu

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The first tab we find is FreeBTC, is the faucet itself, which gives the page its name.

In this section we cánido claim satoshis every hour.

When the counter reaches zero, we will have to solve a small captchat and give “roll”.

Depending on the number that comes out, we will have one prize or another, according to the following table.

If you get 10,000, the prize will be very substantial, you have to try your luck every 60 minutes.

In addition to the satoshis, you will win two lottery spins and 2 point reward.

Now I explain to you what each thing is for.

Another important tab is Multipli BTC.

It is the next tab that we find in the panel.

Here we perro bet from 1 satohsi to 2 bitcoin.

there is none free bitcoin strategy to win, just trust luck.

If we get it right, we double our prize.

The game consists of guessing if the number that will appear is less than or greater than a certain number.

The other option is to bet on 8888 and win the free bitcoin bonuses or jackpot.

We cánido also play automatically.

Earn more in Freebitcoin

Another way to earn bitcoin is the freebitcoin lottery.

It will be played every Sunday with the tiques we have obtained each time we use the faucet.

They will usually give us two tiques per roll.

In the section “lottery” we will be able to see the time left for the lottery and the prizes we cánido win.

Every Sunday we will have 10 winners.

In this section you will be able to see the shares you have and we will also have the opportunity to buy more shares for a few satoshis.

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As for the “rewards points“We cánido use them to purchase different electrical products, gifts or satoshis (with a minimum of 100,000).

The products that you cánido win will appear in this section.

We have many to choose from!

we will win a 4.08% per year of the amount in bitcoin that we maintain (once the minimum of 300,000 sathoses has been reached).

There is no maximum time to withdraw it, you cánido have it for as long as you want, as a checking account, the platform will pay us interest daily, at a rate of 0.0109589% per day and round it to the nearest satoshi.

referral system

One of the strong points of this type of pages (the free family) are referrals.

We will be able to invite all the friends we want, and we will earn a percentage of their earnings depending on the section.

Therefore, if you have a blog or are active on popular networks, I suggest you share your referral backlink with all your followers.

You will see that the profits increase significantly with a greater number of referrals than doing it individually.

Here I leave you the percentages of benefits that we will obtain from our referrals.

  • We will earn 50% of + 1 lottery ticket +1 RP each time a referral claims in the faucet
  • 0.25% of what was played in “Multiply BTC”, regardless of whether our referral wins or loses
  • 0.25% of the interests generated by the bitcoins that our referrals maintain on the platform

In the referrals section there is an option that will allow us to share part of the profits they generate with our referrals.

Either depending on what your activity, whether historical or since the last payment.

We cánido do all this to benefit our most active referrals and thus encourage them to generate more income for us.

freebitcoin Opinions

This page is highly recommended for earn bitcoin.

If you get a large network of referrals, you will see that your earnings increase significantly compared to working individually.

You cánido get up to 50% of the benefits that your referrals get.

In short, we have very little to lose and much to gain.

Seeing the price that bitcoin has, presumably it will rise in the coming months, therefore, all we perro earn is good.

Don’t think about it anymore and start earn bitcoin for free with this bitcoin faucet.

Here’s the registration backlink so you cánido start earning too.

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 Freebitcoin: what is it and how does it work?  win
  Freebitcoin: what is it and how does it work?  win
  Freebitcoin: what is it and how does it work?  win

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