Earn up to $300 tokens every Earn up to $300 tokens every Earn up to $300 tokens every hour in free Bitcoin.

You don’t have to wait to get paid as payments are instant once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

Keep reading! Earn up to $300 tokens every hour in free Bitcoin.

This is one of the highest paying faucets, which was officially launched and established in June 2018.

Its success in paying out higher amounts of free Bitcoins over several months makes it a standout faucet.

We continue to bring new businesses to earn money from home and without having to spend a single penny from our pockets, we have a new faucet where we will earn free Bitcoinsthis business is called Freebitcoin-io.

It is very afín in its name and operation to Freebitcoin, this faucet belongs to the same family as Coinfaucet and FreeCardano and is called Freebitcoin-io, all of them are the same in operation and have the same owner in charge.

What is

Freebitcoin-io is a faucet platform where let’s earn Bitcoin on your tap every 60 minutesIt is a roll where we are going to receive a number and depending on what comes out, we will win, a website that has been in existence for practically a year and where you cánido earn money without investment.

It is structured in such a way that we perro earn more Bitcoins compared to other faucet techniques.

The main method behind the free Bitcoin faucet is that we roll a afirma at the table.

The number we get on the afirma is the number of bitcoins we win.

The reason why everyone loves this amazing faucet is that we perro multiply the value of the joker along with the number of afirma we roll on the table and get its resulting equivalent number of bitcoins.

It perro range from $0.0003 to as high as $300, creating a huge difference in the game.

In addition, we cánido get new rewards every hour as per our wish, what drives this faucet is its time limitation that perro provide us with a large amount of Bitcoin per withdrawal.

It gives investors the oportunidad to win Bitcoins and participate in weekly lottery draws.

we cánido accumulate “Satoshi” plus (the smallest unit of Bitcoin; like a penny) or Bitcoin by solving lots of captchas and all.

Due to its low graphical usuario interfaz, it is not as habitual among users as compared to other Bitcoin faucets.

There is also a feature that perro help us multiply our Bitcoin earned by playing the HI-LO game, which perro give us a jackpot.

It’s as if we could increase our earned bitcoins up to 4,750 times!

The sky is the limit.

You don’t have to wait 1 hour to get free Bitcoin! Follow them on Twitter to get free promo codes that will allow you to get plus spins without waiting, this will increase your chances of winning more and that is why FreeBitcoin.IO is 100% unique.

Some of the platforms with which has participation are the following, such as:

  • Binance
  • Freecardano
  • ethereum
  • tron
  • dash
  • Shiba Inu
  • Litecoin
  • Neo
  • free team
  • freetether
  • Doge
  • Coinfaucet

How does work?

To generate profits in Freebitcoin-io it is very fácil since we will only spend a few seconds to complete the work, every 60 minutes we have a free Roll (it perro be more) and They are going to give us a portion of the Bitcoin that will be added to our cómputo instantly.

As I have already said, it is a page almost traced to the well-known Freebitcoin with its Roll, we have various ranges of numbers and depending on the result that comes out, it will distribute more or less amount of Bitcoin to us. The most habitual thing that most of the time we get the lowest prize but with a little luck you perro generate more.

Free Rolls – Claim plus free Bitcoin

Have several plus Bitcoin claims every dayIt is a great opportunity to earn more money, it is very easy to activate, in total there would be 8 spins to the faucet plus every day for free.

Twitter code

The web administrators from their official Twitter publish a daily mensaje de Twitter or most days with a code to be able to make an plus claim.

As fácil as clicking on the Twitter logotipo, looking for the code in one of its publicaciones de Twitter and redeeming it in Freebitcoin-io, the counter is automatically reset to 0 and we cánido immediately claim again for free to continue earning more Bitcoins. Features:

  • Bitcoin cánido be redeemed every hour
  • Requires only a minimum of $1 to initiate a withdrawal
  • Instant withdrawal and payment
  • Officially accepted in all countries

Methodology to earn in

  1. Sign up to play.
  2. Fill in your details (dirección de correo electrónico address and password).
  3. Solve the captcha and start rolling.
  4. Focus on your game page and multiply your BTC so that we cánido increase our earnings.
  5. Finally, take a look at their referral program so that we too perro earn commission by referring new users to this faucet.
  6. It also gives you the option of making free en línea surveys although to receive more you must complete your profile and complete offers

How to earn Bitcoin with

Earning BTC with is quite fácil but we not only have the main option but we also have others such as surveys and shortlinks so that we cánido get free spins on roulette with up to 9 additional opportunities per day.

So we perro summarize that in we have three methods to get BTC:

  • Roulette with spin every 1 hour: This roulette is the main source of BTC on this website and from where we will obtain most of our profits, being from $0.0006 to $300, thus giving great profits if we manage to get the biggest prize.
  • Free spins: These are achieved through a shortlink that we will have to complete once every 24 hours at most so that they give us a total of up to 9 free spins, one for each backlink that is proposed to us.
  • Surveys:It is rare they are available but for certain countries they are more available than for others, completing them will directly provide us with rewards on the web but so far we have not been able to get one coincidente with our country of residence.

How to withdraw my Bitcoin to my wallet?

It is fácil but we have to have a survey, the minimum withdrawal that is the minimum that we will need to be able to withdraw our money from the platform to our wallet is currently 20,000 Satoshi, which would be the equivalent of 0.0002 BTC, something that is a fairly high amount for what that it will depend on our luck that we get it more or less quickly. referral system:

They will earn 50% of what their referrals generate and will be incentivized to participate, so bring as many friends as you perro.

Pros and cons of



Up to $300 per hour in Bitcoin cánido be redeemed for free.2.

It has a ‘rolling afirma’ type environment where you cánido roll for a random result.3.

We only require a minimum of $1 to initiate a withdrawal.4.

It has less amount of ads and redirects.5.

Instant withdrawal and payment.6.

All countries officially accept it.



There is only one main way to get free Bitcoin on the site.2.

It was implemented in the second half of 2018, so they don’t have a long history like others.3.

UI/flow perro be improved.


Based on our experience, we have found that is mostly a legit form of faucet and probably fair.

You should spend more time if you want to earn a lot in the long run.

Also, ads and pop-ups are removed here, giving it an edge over other Bitcoin faucets.

They also keep regular payments on this faucet, which helps to maintain harmony between the usuario and the faucet.

Thus, it brings satisfaction to the users who are playing with their hard-earned money.

The only issue regarding this faucet is its boring usuario interfaz compared to other faucets.

Also, there are great affiliate programs on the faucet that help us earn 50% commission on what our referred usuario earns.

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